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About Eliza Ferree

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The Life of a Home MomI’m Elizabeth Ferree, wife and mother to five children. I began “The Life as a Home Mom” as a way to show you the bumps, bruises and laughter of parenthood, along with a few tips/reviews and giveaways. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2012 in Indiana. My dream job (besides being home with my children which I have for the past 20 years) would be a job in social media and/or public relations.

Other Writing I’ve done:

I’ve been a freelance writer for the past 10 years and have worked as a ghost writer/interviewer/reviewer/blogger during that time. Below is a short list of places I’ve wrote for with a link to some of the articles.  Keep in mind not all of these links work, the sites have either went down or changed owners over the years:

WritersExchange: Reviewer/Interviewer
Writerspace: Interviewer under Eliza Ferree
MomGadget: Reviewer (MomGadget Eliza)
451press: TomCruiseWatch, GwenStefani, ReviewingToys, TV, etc
b5media: Babylune and the Parenting Blog
Today.com: CelebChitchat
GadaboutMedia: Entertainment/celeb

In the past I’ve written SEO articles, been a ghost writer, short description pieces, etc. If you’ve got any questions feel free to contact me using the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

About the Kid Reviewers:


SoccerBoy: The Life of a Home Mom

–  AntonioMichael, aka SoccerBoy, is a young adult: 20 and loves books, video games, board games, fitness, music and movies. (especially end of the world type) I’m very proud to announce that he recently joined the military (Army) and is proudly serving our country. I’m an extremely proud momma who wishes the very best for her boy. He recently wrote to tell me he is still very happy to review any items for the blog.

BalletGirl: The Life of a Home Mom

–  BalletGirl is a teen girl: 16 (17 this summer) and loves motivational speakers, movies (romantic comedies, horror and chicky stuff). She also loves jewelry, make-up, fingernail polish, hair accessories, fashion, and art stuff.  Currently trying to plan her upcoming Senior year. When she isn’t at home watching speeches/movies you can find her working at her part-time job.

BabyGirl: The Life of a Home Mom

–  Babygirl hit her teen years: She is 13 years old (14 this summer) and loves being the Princess. Is currently finishing her 7th-grade year (aka Jr. High) She loves doing crafts, reading, Star Wars anything and pinning items on pinterest.  Her current love is Nightmare before Christmas and loves the color black.

Little A: The Life of a Home Mom

–  Little A is 10, he’s my little dare devil and loves anything that’ll be rough, tough and dirty. Legoes, Skylanders, playing cards, models (cars, trucks, building), etc. Don’t get me wrong though he also loves his video games. From Minecraft to Pokemon. Currently reading the “Amulet” book series.

Nicoli: The Life of a Home Mom
– Nicoli is my youngest, currently, he is 4 years old and loves anything to do with puzzles. He loves building towers with blocks, movies, just about anything he can figure out will stack. Nicoli will sit with a book and read it page by page or at least it sounds like he is. Currently, he has an obsession with Kindle as he loves watching kid videos and puzzles.

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