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5 Bicycle Safety Rules for Summer

May 24, 2017 By · No Comments

bike safety

Every summer a child is brought to an emergency room due to a bicycle accident, some because the child didn’t wear a helmet, others because their shoelace got stuck in the wheel and they crashed. This summer before your child hops on that bicycle he/she got over winter break make sure they know these four rules.

Bicycle Safety Rules

Here are some simple rules to keep your children safe on their bikes are:

1. Helmets are a MUST! While a nurse loves to help children, honestly they hate seeing one hurting. Make sure your child wears a helmet this summer.

2.  Teach your child the hand signals. Teaching your child the hand signals will help when they approach traffic or turns. This will also allow the traffic to know what your child is about to do on his/her bike.

3.  Make sure your child lets you know where they are going at all times. If things do change have them stop by or text letting you know where they will be.

4.  Ride on a path instead of the road. If at all possible a bike path is best since it keeps traffic away from your child. Show your child all the bike paths in the area and make a picnic lunch out of it.

5.  Before you allow your child to leave the house on his/her bike make sure they know the rules of the road. Quickly go over that the MUST look both ways before crossing a street. To use a crosswalk if one is nearby and to always.

Tips for Helmet Safety:

Sadly many will either not wear a helmet or just grab any out of a closet. Chances are if it is used it can be worn out, the wrong size or broken. Here are two ways to ensure helmet safety.

  •  Make sure the helmet fits perfectly on the head
  • Keep the helmet fastened. Don’t unlock it the moment you ride out of sight.

Bike Safety

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