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Making Memories with Big Time Rush Concert

July 30, 2012 By · 5 Comments

Last night we took the girls to watch the Big Time Rush Concert in Noblesville, Indiana. We had a little scare when we arrived and our tickets were rejected but thanks to a few quick calls all was fixed. Phew. The girls had been excited about this for a while, both have crushes on certain members of the band. Balletgirl likes James Maslow and BabyGirl likes Logan so you can imagine when they finally appeared my eardrums felt like they would burst. But that’s what a concert is all about right? The screaming.

The first singer was Rachel Crowe (singing Mean Girls), we couldn’t get any photos of many because the sun was still up and hanging right over the theater. But the girls loved her. The music and all the kids dancing around were fun to watch and there were three giant screen tvs for the lawn crowd to watch. Rachel liked to chat with the crowd and ask them questions, she was full of energy. Next up was Cody Simpson from Australia and he sang songs from his album “Paradise.”

When Big Time Rush came on they just didn’t stay on stage, they actually walked out among the crowd and danced with them. This brought all the girls from the lawn to go running up towards the front. I loved that they played with the crowd, from the point of them actually appearing on stage to having the crowd ask them to come back out. My favorite part and my girls was when the four boys pulled crowd members from various sections (including the lawn) to come up and sing “Worldwide” with them. It was definitely a night my girls will remember for the rest of their lives, I loved watching the smiles, hearing the giggles and seeing them enjoy their very first concert.

Disclosure: I was given 4 tickets to the concert for a review/giveaway. The pictures and opinions are mine. 

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Easy Lunchbox Giveaway

July 29, 2012 By · 5 Comments

packing school lunches, bento lunch boxes, waste-free

As a mother of four I know how important it is to have not only a healthy lunch for my kids to eat at school but also one that makes it so everything can get there in one piece.
was started by Kelly Lester, a Mother who wanted to provide her children with a healthy school lunch while on a budget. Her own struggles with weight control has inspired her to teach her children healthy eating habits. She is certainly one creative lady who has given lunch boxes of the past a makeover to help make every Mother feel better about what their child eats for lunch.

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snackTAXI Reusable Snack-Sack Giveaway Blog Post

July 28, 2012 By · 2 Comments

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snackTAXI Giveaway

Sponsor – snackTAXI

Hosted by College Grad Coupons


SnackTAXI allowed College Grad Coupons to review one of their reusable sandwich bags and wanted to offer one reader the opportunity to win their very own snackTAXI reusable snack-sack!

Want to know more about snackTAXI bags?

Check out College Grad Coupons’ snackTAXI Review!

The purpose of snackTAXI is to have a reusable snack-sack that you can take anywhere. In an attempt to move away from plastic bags and to reduce the amount of waste from packing lunches, snackTAXI offers a variety of sacks, bags, and a lot more for lunch preparation! You will love all the cute designs that you can choose from that would be perfect for any gender.

I don’t know about you all but with four kids I’d love to use something they can always have at home and just wash it. I think the different colors could go great with four kids because each one can pick their own and then it would fit their personality more. Not to mention it is the perfect size for not only snacks but it would work with sandwiches too.

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This bags will help cut down on waste, dress up your daily lunch, and are the easiest thing to keep clean when it comes to reusing them – that’s one thing other reusable companies lack. A little known secret about snackTAXI, they keep their business local in Masschusetts and use their own local sewers to get their products out there! You won’t see these snackTAXI bags mass produced in another country.

If you want the chance to own your own snackTAXI snack-sack, all you have to do is complete the entries on the Rafflecopter below! All entries will be verified once a winner is chosen. You must me 18 years or older to enter this giveaway. U.S. entrants only.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. All opinions shared here are my own. The sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment and shipment. The Life of a Home Mom is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Odds of winning are based on the amount of entries received. Facebook is in no way affiliated with this giveaway or prize.

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Sweaty Bands that Stay!

July 27, 2012 By · 6 Comments

You know how it goes when you are working out, have a band in your hair and it constantly drops and you have to keep fixing it? Well that’s what I have to do, but maybe it is because I have such thick hair. Or maybe others deal with it too. No clue. But we recently tried “Sweaty Bands” the #1 fitness headband in the world’ and I must say I was rather pleased that they stayed all day in my hair, even after working out. I didn’t have to fix them either.

Many sweat bands I’ve used are big and bulky and constantly pop up. Experience that? But these are trendy (very cute) and thin. They have an elastic strap at the bottom that keeps it on your head securely. I got one of the animal prints (giraffe) and BalletGirl got the polkadots (pink big balls). The part that rests on your head has velvet so it isn’t scratchy and won’t pull on your hair. My daughter, BalletGirl (age 12) loves the one she was sent but now my younger daughter wants one of her own. They aren’t just using these for working out, but as hair accessories. So whether you work out or not these are definitely something trendy and helpful to purchase. Oh and the beauty is they are handwash-drip dry so at least they can still be clean. Do NOT put them in the washer though.

Sweatybands come in a variety of different colors and designs, prices range from $10-$18.

Note: At this time we cannot do the giveaway, keep watching as there will be one in the future.  Sorry to those that entered.   

Disclosure: We were sent Sweaty Bands to review, there was no other form of compensation. Opinions are mine alone.

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Herr’s Chips Review & Giveaway

July 27, 2012 By · 149 Comments

My family loves eating chips, they are perfect to take on road trips (if you don’t mind the mess afterwards), picnics/BBQs, or just to eat as a snack or a side for dinner. BalletGirl had her birthday party at the park this past weekend and we took a box of chips that Herr’s Chips sent to us.  We were sent a box of chips to try out and I must say some were favorites we had seen or tried before but others we had never seen before and probably would not have picked them up.  Baked potato crisps cheddar & sour cream, Sourdough special low fat pretzels, Heinz Ketchup potato chips, Sour Cream & Onion flavored, Lattice Cut and Kettle Cooked loaded potato.

Jim Herr first purchased his potato chip idea back in 1946, they would go through a fire and come back on top.  1956 they had a growing customer base and a few years later they would experiment with seasonings. They’ve continued flavoring chips, designing the appearance ever since and now they have 340 items including potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, cheese curls, popcorn, crackers, nuts, pork rinds, onion rings and meat sticks.

The Lattice Cut potato chips classic kettle cooked in sea salt were the girls absolute favorite, in fact they all kept it between them at the party and brought barely any home.  When asked to describe them BalletGirl said, ” It tastes like a regular, salty potato chip but it has crisscrosses in it.” This would be great with a ranch dip, which of course I did not think of bringing to the party. Retail price is $3.49 per bag.

Sour Cream & Onion flavored were a definite favorite among the boys, in fact Little A still munches on them throughout the day. He even tried telling his siblings that they could not have them because they had his name on the bag. Yes, he did write his name on it.  You can definitely taste the sour cream in each bite, which I love. It isn’t too strong but just right. These are baked in vegetable oil though for those that may not be able to eat them. $4.29 per bag

Sourdough specials low fat pretzels were another favorite of all of them. They are actually a big size compared to other pretzels we have bought in the past. Take a peek at the picture above. These are all natural, wheat flour,  have salt on the outside (all over) so these aren’t those unsalted pretzels and while there is still salt in the bag a majority of ours were on the pretzels.  $3.29

The Ketchup chip, tasted to us like dried out french fries that had ketchup on them. None of the kids liked the Fire roasted sweet corn because they could taste too much of the corn. I on the other hand actually liked it, to me it reminded me of biting into a grilled corn at a BBQ. This one I had not took on the picnic but think it would’ve made the better bet as the kids would have liked it more with a BBQ going. As a snack this was not for them, granted I could munch on them at the desk. Shhhhh. So as you can see each person has their own taste and depending if you like salty, pretzels, sour, sweet, etc will determine which your favorite is. The best part is that Herr’s is giving away a sampling of these to one lucky reader.  Means you get to try all of them and see which are your favorite and which are not. There was a tie between sour cream & onion & lattice chips.

Herrs Giveaway

PRIZE: A Herr’s delivery truck shaped box with 42 1oz. Assorted bags

Deadline: August 10, 2012.

The Life of a Home Mom is not responsible for shipping the prize. The winner will have 24 hours to respond before a new one is contacted. US Only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: The Life of a Home Mom was given a box of chips to sample for the review. There was no other compensation. The opinions are ours alone.

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