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First time Shooting a gun

March 23, 2012 By · 1 Comment

As you know when I was in Florida I shot my first gun. So I thought it would be fun to share the videos with you. Below is a few videos of me shooting and you will notice at first I had absolutely no clue and then I caught on. Enjoy!

Hope you had a great time watching one of the things I did while I was down in Florida. I must say it was a very peaceful atmosphere and a ton of fun.

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Wordless Wednesday: A New Me

March 21, 2012 By · 2 Comments

While in Florida I frosted my hair which do you like? 🙂



Don’t forget to leave your link. Happy WW!

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My Trip to Florida

March 21, 2012 By · 1 Comment

As many of you know my life has been a bit out of sorts, okay well I have. Upon opening Pandora’s Box I went into a depression. I no longer knew how to feel about things I have discovered about when I was a child. The memories I had blocked were so locked that I did not remember them all until I read the file, upon reading the file it opened up so many memories, more than what was in the file even. So I was struggling, which felt in a lot of ways like drowning. It was like this huge sadness moved over me and I just couldn’t figure out how to get out. Thankfully that plane trip I never made last year was coming up and I went to see a girlfriend and her family instead. She knows a lot about my past and I had been telling her about things I had learned. I couldn’t wait to go see her. This would be a lot of 1sts for me though. I had never took time for myself, never flew by myself and definitely never stayed away from my kids.

Ready for the trip? Okay first I was stopped at security check because ….. I had a pocket knife in my purse. POINTER do NOT bring one with you. I always carry one but I never use it. I got the purse back in September and the knife at the same time, it went to the bottom of my purse and I forgot about it. EEeeek. That took a while to explain but then I went on to the plane. Did I ever tell ya I am afraid of heights, bridges or going over water? No one informed me there was water all over the place in Baltimore/Washington DC. Talk about freaking out. I was fine over all the land until it became water. haha. I was so happy to finally land in Florida. BTW Florida looks very swampy/muddy from the air, not a good sight to see for me. But the ground was very lovely.

I saw my girlfriend, Julia and her husband Steve waiting at baggage. Actually we all ran up to each other. So what all did I do there? Well I will briefly tell you but then I will just bombard ya with photos. 🙂 I shot a gun. Ack! I know, little ole me with a shotgun in her hand. I actually hit the target too, as well as shot up the tree. I chased little piggies, rode a horse, watched Julia’s daughter herd cattle, skipped watching them get their balls cut off, frosted my hair to blonde streaks and had a really great time. The farm life is a life I could totally do and now I know it for sure. Okay have fun with the photos.

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Guest post: Looking for Storage Space for your Car?

March 2, 2012 By · No Comments

With all the stuff through the years that you have accumulated, chances are you no space in your garage for the one thing that is meant to be in there. Your car. Am I right? I’ve seen so many people that have garages but can’t park their cars in them because of all the stuff they already have in them. But leaving it outside can damage it. Well here is an idea that might work for you.

It is no longer very uncommon to find a household owning more than one car per time. Kids these days get their driver’s license as young as 16, and as they start going off to college, the number of cars in each house could very well multiply. Whilst this could be equated to independence on both the part of parent and child, seeking appropriate space for car storage has been presented as a very realistic problem for modern households these days. Garages at home are no longer large enough to accommodate the growing number of cars in the house therefore necessitating the need to expand storage space to somewhere beyond the lawn. This is where storage services such as Uncle Bob’s auto storage steps in to help solve the problem.

Providing a safe and spacious environment, there are a huge number of these storage spaces for rent if you’re looking for somewhere safe to store your vehicle once you’ve run out of space. Besides that, this solution is not only convenient for domestic households, it’s also suitable if you’re in transition from one place to another and need somewhere to temporarily store your vehicle. The company has a large variety of storage space units from which to choose from and this range from units that are large enough to house an RV vehicle to something cozy enough to store a bike. This makes it easy for you to select a unit that will meet your needs without having to just settle for one space and pay extra for a space that might end up being too large for your requirements. As these spaces are spread out across the country, you’ll be able to find something near you should the need for extra storage arise.

This is a sponsored post.

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