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Wordless Wednesday: Weather

February 23, 2012 By · No Comments

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday. Happy WW! This is starting to turn into that perfect Spring time weather I’ve been longing for. I think I would’ve been fine with the weather if it actually snowed more but I can’t stand the back and forth.  Today was perfect, as you can see in the picture above, however the day before it was nothing but rain and now I hear we are suppose to have snow tomorrow. Joy. Joy. I am really hoping to have some nice spring weather in the next week or two and I know my daughter is too.

She’s been trying to wear her jean jacket everywhere she goes and with everything, thankfully jean jackets go with anything. Due to the weather though I’m still making her wear regular winter jackets, which I think she is getting bored of doing. This is my spirited girl that loves trends and dressing her own way so you can see why she’s ready for Spring. She wants to throw on those capri pants and march outside in her little denim jacket and whatever top she throws on top. Many believe jean jackets are only for jeans and a t-shirt but they go with dresses, skirts and professional wear.  Damart actually has a list of ways you can wear them with cute pictures, they also sell all types of clothing attire there. Either way I can’t wait for this bad winter to break and I can put up all the warm clothes.

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Life Continues On

February 20, 2012 By · No Comments

I wanted to touch-base for all those that have sent me their heartfelt emails. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since opening Pandora’s box (my file) I have had some high and low moments.  There are days that I wish I never read that file but then I know that no matter what I had to in order to answer the questions I had.  I knew my childhood had been a bad one, I never thought otherwise but I had no clue that reading that file would open up not just a few memories from that terrible time period but every single one I ever had. It appears when you have something traumatic happen to you sometimes your brain will block out those memories, however things will trigger it until it drives you nuts because you don’t know what the flashes are. But be prepared because when you finally find out what the flashes are you better be ready to handle them.

As far as what I’ve been going through I must be honest I am my normal self just a little bit sad. There are days of course when the kids are in school that I just want to cry when I know Little A is inside the living room happily watching cartoons. But there are days when I just wish I could scream at those that took part in my childhood and just ask why? I also want to thank those that helped me out, that turned themselves in or the detectives that were there every step of the way. To my family for always being there when I needed them the most. Other days I don’t think about it at all unless someone asks me about it. I can be happy and cheerful and running around with the kids like nothing ever happen. But with life, as we all know it continues on. It doesn’t stop just because you are having a moment of sadness, you must pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

I am learning how to cope with the memories that have now come back. I have also discovered a support group with others that have experienced something similar, it is amazing the things you can find online. I know, without a doubt, I will get through this and come out so much stronger than before. So please pardon me if I have moments or posts about sadness and then the following is something fun and exciting.

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The Couches are Gone

February 20, 2012 By · No Comments

Did I tell you what happened a few weeks ago when we took everything out of storage? We had to face a very hard decision, at least for me it was. Let me go back just a little, I knew we needed new furniture for all the bedrooms because when we moved from the house to the hotel we left all the beds and talked about buying new when we found a house. We recently bought each of the kids new beds and dressers but we still needed to get the couches out of storage.

The old couch

Imagine my horror when we opened up the storage unit to discover the couches (both of them) were soaked. Since we had Suede couches this can’t really be repaired and you could tell it had been like this for a few weeks at the least so they smelled. It broke my heart to have to toss them because I knew they were still in good condition minus the smell and soaked part. But knew they couldn’t be saved.  What would you have done? Currently we are in the process of looking for a new couch and love seat we just can’t agree on anything. Typical right? We’ve looked at all types too, from sectionals, to the type that you can pull a bed out, leather sofas and of course my lovely suede couches but haven’t settled on anything just yet.

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Ever Need a Mommy Card?

February 15, 2012 By · 2 Comments

With Spring just around the corner more and more people are going to be headed outdoors. Am I right? Hopefully that snow stops soon, at least for us, I’m tired of being cooped inside with a 4 year old that just wants to run. How many of you are having a hard time keeping your younger ones at home with you entertained?  The good news is that while you are out and about you may actually meet other parents you can socialize with or that you can set up playdates for your little one.

Here’s a few places you might run into other parents:

–  library
–  grocery stores
–  school event
–  park
–  movies

How many times have you went somewhere as a parent and had to write down your name and phone number/email so you could get together with another family? This hasn’t been a big deal for me because up until now if I lived near everyone they just simply came over, however I recently started going to a church where everyone I meet wants our kids to get together. This of course is a good thing but I kind of feel bad.  The first time the girls and I went we ran into at least 12 different kids that were all in my daughter’s class. BabyGirl wanted to call or hang out with everyone, this was cool to her but I knew I wouldn’t remember everyone’s names or numbers. Let alone have enough paper for everyone.

Now I always thought the town was more of a medium size but that’s a big number. I felt weird having to write my name and number on a flyer from the church. It just didn’t sit right with me. Not when I go to events and present my business card and here I was giving other moms a piece of paper I tore off the church flyer? Yes I’m sure many of you have been there and understand what I mean. How many of you were given a piece of torn paper from something and later lost it before ever contacting that person. Not to mention why do I feel I need to hand out a business card when I go to events but it is okay to hand a piece of paper with my name on it to another mother? I have heard of mommy cards just for these type of things and think the next time I go out that is what I’m going to do.

When you need new mommy cards this is a great website where you can find templates and get your cards printed quickly. Imagine handing over a card card that looks really great, polished up with your name, email, phone number and address. You may even want to put “Mommy of….” on them.

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