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SuperBowl Party 5 layer dip Recipe

January 14, 2012 By · No Comments

I was sent on another shopping mission where I got to pick one recipe to make for a SuperBowl party. What would a mom of four and a wife decide to make that her family could try out before the Superbowl? I immediately wanted a dip but the more I thought about it I didn’t just want guacamole.

I went online to look for something more and that’s when I remembered my parents use to serve this dish that had layers of beans and cheese as a dip.  Currently Marsh is doing a Guiding Stars program where it has 3 sets of stars on the labels on the shelves telling you what nutritional value that item has.

1 is good, 2 is better, 3 is best. This should help you out when it comes time to shop for your Superbowl party ideas.  The 5 layer would be what I would make but I didn’t do it like any of the recipes. I actually used the recipes but did them my own way. Here’s a quick view of the recipe with a few pictures:

1 lb hamburger meat
1/2 bag of shredded cheddar cheese
sour cream
1 can black olives
tortilla chips
taco seasonings
1 small jar of mt. olive jalapenos
1 tomato sliced/diced

Heat up the refried beans and spread them as a layer at the bottom of the dish. Now mix sour cream over the top. Fry up the hamburger with the taco seasoning and layer over the top. Sprinkle cheese over. Slice and dice jalapenos and tomato and toss over the top. Repeat each step until it is all gone. Place in your oven at 325 and heat until cheese starts to melt to your liking.

Now place it on the table with a bag of chips next to it and have at it. That’s what the kids did. It was such a hit I only had a few spoonfuls left and they ended up not wanting dinner.

Don’t forget to check out more of my photos on how I made the SuperBowl party Bean dip.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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Review: Mary Tudor by Gretchen Maurer

January 7, 2012 By · No Comments

We were recently sent a collection of books from Goosebottom books called, “The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Dastardly Dames” to review. BalletGirl was very excited to read these and I was happy to provide them to her. I mean how often do you find a series of Female leaders in books.

Mary Tudor: Bloody Mary
Author: Gretchen Maurer
Illustrated by Perer Malone
Goose Bottom Books
ISBN: 978-0-9834256-2-5
Ages 9-13

The book itself is hardcover with beautiful illustrations by Peter Malone. Each story tells the reader about that historical person in such a way they feel as if they are right there. In Mary Tudor “Bloody Mary,” author Gretchen Maurer begins by telling you about Mary’s incredibly great childhood until the day her mother gets sent to another castle where she is separated from Mary. Truth be told he wanted to marry someone else but it was condemned. Mary got really ill during this time. The story goes on to tell of the betrayal that Mary had to endured and why she turned on everyone else. Have you ever wondered why she got the name “Bloody Mary”? Was it really justified? Read the book and learn a little bit more history and think about what went on in her mind.

BalletGirl says, “it was about this one girl who has a father cheating on her mother and Mary grows to hate her half-sister Elizabeth and locks her up for a while later in life. When her mom died she wasn’t even allowed to see her mom but had to sign papers to lie about her mother just to see her dad. I liked it and think it is the best one of the series.” With that being said she is still going to review the other books for you. But as you heard this is her absolute favorite.

Disclosure: This book was sent to us to review, there was no monetary compensation.

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Monday Check-in

January 3, 2012 By · 8 Comments

As many of you know last year I began my “lifestyle change” which meant cutting a bunch of crap out of my life. Probably wondering what I cut out right? Try fraps, coffee, soda and fast food. Oh and I did all but the last one cold turkey and boy did I suffer for it in the beginning but it taught me that you can cut out all the bad in your eating/drinking habits. Some of you will say that I must not have had a habit, but the truth was I was drinking I don’t even remember how many sodas or cups of coffee a day but I do remember drinking 3-5 (depending on how much I had on hand) of Starbucks Fraps a day. How did I do it? I replaced all of them with either tea or water. I even tried making flavored water, my favorite was Cucumber water.

One year difference

Every day I would report back on Twitter or Facebook on what I was eating, the beginning was mostly salads, smoothies and Lean Cuisine meals. Every Monday I would post a weekly photo update, which I will do here as well for 2012. Last year I had lost 35lbs by the end of summer, but by the end of the year I would only walk out of 2011 with minus 25. I’m still happy though, looking at the picture I can see that I did good, that even if it wasn’t what my goal had been I had tried hard. Last year was a horrible year for us, first there were a lot of issues going on in the home then we were kicked out of our home and moved into a hotel for almost 6 months. We had moved into the hotel by the end of the summer and that is basically when I began putting the weight back on. So my goal, now that we are in an apartment and have a gym membership is to kick butt and get into the shape I desire.

Do you have any weight goals? Now I haven’t found my weight scale, but I will be looking hard this week and once I do I’ll update this and post a new post with my measurements. I do believe I am roughly at 200lbs, my goal is to get to 175-165lbs which would mean losing an additional 25-35lbs in 2012. Before anyone attacks me I lost that much weight last year and I was healthy.

– continue to lose weight (25-35lbs in the year which is 2lbs per month)
– lose more inches I want to get on the right path
– run 2 5ks
– eat better & drink more water
– Cut back on the sugar, instead use Truvia
– Make the gym a daily ritual (minus weekends)

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