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Crystal Deodorant Reviewed by a Tween

October 30, 2011 By · 2 Comments

We recently went grocery shopping but this time a special item was on the list: Deodorant. But this wasn’t just any deodorant or even for me, the hubby or SoccerBoy…this time it was for BalletGirl. She’s 11 and getting to wear she sweats up a storm and is kind of shy about it. I say kind of because really it depends on who is nearby if she’ll let ya know “her pits stink or not.” haha. I have to love her no fear attitude, but there are certain people she would die if they ever mentioned her pits or even she stunk. Who is that? Her peers, peers and the opposite sex unless of course it is her family then she just don’t care. When it comes to family she’s more about competing who stinks the worst. But that is just at home and never in the general public unless you count inside our van. Oh and she doesn’t like the deodorant that leaves the white streaks, so off to Walmart I go.

So we’ve decided to try out some new stuff: Crystal body deodorant roll-on. First they do not leave that horrid white residue that regular deodorants do. Which means not everyone has to know you are wearing it. A bit more about it the Crystal Deodorant is an all natural protection, has no aluminium, no chlorohydrate, is hypoallergenic and paraben free. Honestly I do not smell anything and as for BalletGirl.


BalletGirl: If anything it smells like water and it is really easy to roll on. It is moist and makes it slimey at first but I like it. Most deodorants are powdery and leave a mess behind and this one leaves no mess. My regular one broke one time when I opened it and it went everywhere. I like this one.

So much better!

As I stated we did test this out. First she used it Friday morning when she went to school, this is normally one of the times she is most shy about the way she looks and smells so it is very important. When she came home she said no one commented, which was great. Saturday we went to a Halloween party and she was running around everywhere, we put the Crystal deodorant on before going in and she lasted throughout it. Today she tried again, she is definitely making it a routine thing. I even did the smell test and she stunk before but not after she put it on. Thank goodness. Want to read some more reviews, go on twitter and follow the hashtag #Crystalrollon

Oh and before you head to Walmart to get it for yourself or your tween you may want to print off the $1 coupon over at Crystal. Hey, every little bit saved helps right? Currently it is $3.48 which will make it $2.48 cheaper than a lot of them out there.

I reviewed the Crystal Deodorant free of charge by participating in #CBias blogger program, all opinions and pictures are my own. I will have a chance to win a gift card for writing this post.

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Wordless Wednesday: The House

October 26, 2011 By · 2 Comments

This is a picture of a house I drive by every day, for the longest time it was up for sale and then auction. I don’t know anymore if it still is, the signs are down but there is just something about that house. Ever get that feeling?

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Mamavation Monday Done on Thursday!

October 20, 2011 By · No Comments

I know I’m late but I have had so much going on. Last week was all that dental work, which means Monday I was playing College homework catch up. You can imagine how that goes with kids in school and driving them back and forth. So I didn’t post my Mamavation post, however I did take some wonderful pictures. Now I had decided not to look at the scale for the entire month, but I just did and this has been the craziest last few months where I go back up to 200 and back down to 190 but I never break either. I’d love to see the 180s and that is my goal, originally I said I’d lose 75lbs by the end of the year. Honestly I don’t see that happening any longer, but I’m not going to stop, I do still want to get in shape and lose the weight so I’m just going to keep on going.

I’m 199, even though that is close to what I ended the Mamavation Campaign at I’m still proud of the number. I must admit I am shocked that it wasn’t lower because the fact I could only eat tiny pieces of food. But the catch was when we discovered I could eat beans and rice we ate out at Qdoba’s. Hopefully once all this dental work is done I can eat right once again and begin exercising again. In the meantime, I’m still staying away from sodas, fraps and coffees. 🙂

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It was one Crazy Week last week!

October 20, 2011 By · No Comments

We bought a van! That’s right we now have room for everyone in the family plus one more. So if I were to carpool this would be an awesome feature, but I don’t but it also means the kids can relax and not be squished together. So far they are loving it. Oh the van? It is a Dodge Caravan, the back windows (kids’) even roll down which is cool plus it has those hiding storage things below the kids feet and they’ve already stocked it up with reading material and movies for when we bring the dvd player with us. They….and I, am loving the van. No, it wasn’t what the hubby dreamed of but now it just means we can all go to places together and vacation time can now be a dream and not a stressful thing because someone is saying someone else is squishing them. Phew! What do you think of the van?

Tooth Pains
Last week was a horrible week with teeth pain. I got a huge filling and was prepped for a crown the week before but for some reason I had horrible pain over the weekend (October 1-2) and by Monday I could no longer deal with it and called the dentist. Dentist called me back wanting me in there IMMEDIATELY. They did a bunch of drilling (root canal now) and hoped it would work. I was still in pain though and went back on Wednesday where they attempted to fix it and do more root canal drilling or something but during it they hit a nerve or something and I screamed out in pain. White as a ghost, shaking like a leaf and heart beat going a mile a minute they decided to put me in no further pain and sent me home. They couldn’t even close the tooth from the root canal because it hurt that bad. I made it through one day, Friday I went back and they had to extract (pull) the tooth out. So far I haven’t felt that pain again, sure I have pain from the extraction and I can’t open my mouth but nothing compared to the pain I was in. Sorry but when Vicodin and Ibprofren don’t work there is a problem. Sorry no pictures, however due to me only being able to eat small, tiny things the hubby took me and got me a lot of Qdoba’s….the Gumbo with lots of rice and beans. For one week all I could eat was that or biscuits and gravy. He did attempt to take us somewhere else one day but that’s for another post. In the meantime check out this photo of my girls after we got shirts the day before.

Fun with the Family
This past weekend was a lot of fun. First, the hubby took all of us over to HalloweenCity to do some fun Halloween shopping where we all picked out costumes. Here is what everyone got: BabyGirl is going to be a:
Child’s Twinkle Witch Costume with Fiber Optic Twinkle Skirt – Medium

BalletGirl is going to be a:
Green Monster Bride Costume Girl

SoccerBoy is:
Evil Clown Costume Boy – Extra Large

Little A is going as a :
Firefighter Costume Boy

Of course mommy and daddy are going as a couple, Mad Hatter and the Enchanted Queen of Hearts. Are you dressing up? Do your kids have costumes yet?

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