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Mamavation Monday: Take it easy on Yourself

September 27, 2011 By · 8 Comments

Tap…tap…tap…Is this thing on? Yes, it is me, the long Mamavation Mom that went silent for way too long. It seems that life caught up with me, grabbed me and tried pulling me down. But as many of you know I always get back up. But it seems that I haven’t been walking/jogging as much as I was there for the longest time and while I am still eating well I’m not doing it how I was. So I’m still bouncing around between 195-197. To me this is horrible, yes I began this journey at 225 and have stayed off of 200+ but this was NOT my desired goal for September. I had hoped that by the end of September I would have lost 55lbs total. Not even close. I am proud that I haven’t jumped back to the bad beverages or foods and kept losing inches though.

I wanted to stop everyone reading right now and tell you….never get discouraged. If you fall behind your desired goal remember tomorrow starts a new day. I’ve been under tremendous stress and normally will watch out for the health of others before myself. I think many of us moms tend to do that. So I’m here to tell you all to LAY OFF YOURSELF and take care of YOURSELF too. It took a very good friend to tell me today that I need to take care of myself and do some stuff for myself for a change. I think they were right. There are just too many times a mom will forget she is a person, that she is a woman and not just a wife or a mother. She can really look good and every once in a while can have fun.

I had a blast when I did the Warrior Dash, so much that I want to do more races. To me that was fun! Even if it meant taking a few risks and getting muddy. In the meantime I’m going to wade around in my life and keep my head above water. I’ll continue to watch what I eat and try thinking of ways to exercise. I can’t promise anything more right now.

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Car Accident Photo

September 26, 2011 By · No Comments

For those of you that already knew this is the results of the “fender bender” if you call it that. For those that did not know, my husband was coming home from talking with a car dealership to see if we could trade our beautiful car in for a mini van, this would be much better for our family of six then the car we had. On his way home there was a traffic jam, people were stopped including him when an F150 slammed into him from behind pushing him forward into another car. So the results of the accident.

car accident photo

He did go to ER and came back with some prescriptions. We are waiting to hear what the insurance company is going to do, if they plan on fixing that (not sure how they would) or writing it off and how much we’ll get. Currently we are borrowing a car from one of my husband’s coworkers (thank you so much) and am hoping that we get a rental soon. Keep us in your thoughts please.

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Create less spills with a Travel Mug

September 25, 2011 By · 3 Comments

This past week was a week full of dentist and doctor appointments, plus Little A had surgery. So I was happy to finally see the week end and the weekend begin, at least I thought I would be. As many of you know I picked to have the kids continue to go to the current schools they were already enrolled in, even though we have moved to a hotel. I didn’t want to see them have to go somewhere else and start over again. What does this mean? It means every morning I drive to drop them off from 7-9pm (yes 2 hours in the car) and every afternoon is the same way. Normally I take a LARGE cup of cold sweet tea with me and put it in the cup holder between the driver/passenger seats. There is a slight problem with this though….I have dumped it on me and spilled it in the car three times so far. Why? It has no lid, it was one of those $1 red plastic cups you can get during the summer. I was asked if I’d like to go shopping for a traveling mug and thought it would be perfect timing.

My Current Mug

So off to Walmart I went. Here is what I was after: I needed 2 travel mugs, one for me and one for Little A. I needed two two that were spill-proof, wouldn’t burn hands when picking it up if it had hot chocolate in them and needed a handle. Walmart had quite the selection, I first went to housewares and found some near the coffee makers and end cap, next place was the camping area and even more in the car accessories area.

In the coffee section they had a ton meant just for coffee and other hot beverages and the prices were good but not quite what I wanted. I will admit I actually asked one of the Walmart employees where I might find traveling mugs and they directed me here. I liked that they had the coffee traveling mugs in two locations, under the coffee pots and on the end aisle as a display. The only problem was these were really meant for hot which meant it would not keep a cold chocolate milk for Little A cool. Plus the ones I did like “stainless steel types” didn’t have handles. Bummer. It was now time to head over to the camping section.

Car section

Travel Section

In the camping section there were very few, most were more for soup thermos or more of your camping jugs for hot liquids but not really meant for drinking while on the road. They also had water bottles which I considered for Little A but I was on a mission to find some traveling mugs. Time to look one more spot, in the car section, I really didn’t think I’d find them but I did….in the car accessories section. Interesting.

They had a ton of options here I liked the bigger mugs. See for me if I’m going to be in the car for two hours I want something that is going to hold 2 hours worth of a drink, whether it is hot or cold. I finally found the spot that had what I was looking for and prices never went over $10 which was a definite bonus. The ones in the coffee area actually went up to $20 and held very little coffee/hot liquids. My favorite collection for traveling mugs is now the Bubba Brand and I think from here on that is what I will always get. I like that they have a strong lid, spill-proof, mine actually has a bottle cap opener which is neat but it does both hot and cold liquids. Little A got one that has two walls so his fingers won’t get burned if he has hot chocolate. His isn’t as spill-proof as mine but still will prevent it for the most part. I’m happy with our findings, I even bought a cell phone holder for the car so when I am between picking the kids up I don’t have to search for my phone when it rings in case it is one of the kids calling me. Now it’ll be right beside me. I grabbed two traveling mugs that I was happy with and a paper before leaving. Hey, I’m a sucker for coupons. hehe.

Here is what the mugs looked like in the car. The bad news is, after doing my shop something horrible happened. My husband and SoccerBoy took the car to see if he could trade it in, came back with a van for me to give an opinion on. I loved it, it would fit us all perfectly. Before going back we decided SoccerBoy would stay to help me with laundry. On my husband’s way home someone rammed into him from behind while they were waiting at a red light. The car no longer drives. But I do have my mugs for whenever we do get a new car. In the meantime Little A is using his as an every day cup and I am sipping my tea at my desk with my big Bubba Mug.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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Get with Recycling with “Elmer’s Glue Crew”

September 16, 2011 By · 3 Comments

Did you know you can join the #bagitforward event going around? Currently Elmer’s is collecting all the Elmer’s glue bottles/glue sticks. We were asked if we’d like to take part and after all the fun we had in the last Elmer’s #bagitforward we said yes. This time the mission was to make a recycling center that the kids/teachers could put old/empty bottles of Elmer’s glue or glue sticks. After it gets full it can be mailed off to TerraCycle or taken to Walmart on Earth Day. Doesn’t this sound like a great way to introduce kids to recycling?

So I grabbed the kids and off we went to Walmart, we actually had to go twice because on the first day there was barely anything on the shelves so I grabbed just a few things and left. This helped me think of an idea of what we could come up with. The kids had a blast drawing me pictures but I never thought about taking pictures of it. 🙁 sorry everyone. The second time we had a blast picking out stuff. But I also had to grocery shop and decided to shop for an upcoming surgery my little man will be having next week.

We decided to make a triangular shaped box with a slit on top for the kids to drop in the glue bottles/sticks. Below is the items we used to make it:

Elmer’s tri-fold
Rose art double-sided markers
Elmer’s Glue crew printouts
Packing tape
Elmer’s stick glue
Xacto Knift (recommended for parental use only)

Check out all the fun the kids had making their Elmer’s Glue Crew Recycling Center:

Elmer’s is a Upromise partner and that every time you purchase an Elmer’s or Krazy Glue product with your registered drug or grocery card, a percentage of your purchase will be put into your Upromise account. More information can be found here – Check out the deals at Elmers.com

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #BagItForward #collectivebias. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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End of Summer Traditions

September 2, 2011 By · No Comments

What are your “end of summer traditions”? For our family we normally just like to make sure we hang out together which normally means I do some type of small mini party with the kids. It might be a BBQ, sleepover in the living room watching movies all night while partying it out with snacks, etc. I know that once school starts we really won’t be able to do these type of things (all-nighters) because of the bedtime routines unless they are on break.

We actually did all the above just before and right after school started back up. Why? Because not all of us were together when school started and we still wanted to spend one more afternoon together. This past Friday the kids and I rented a few movies: GhostTown, Quarantine 2: terminal (after younger ones go to bed) and also Yogi Bear.

I asked them what they wanted to have to go with this, we grabbed some Oreo cookies & milk and had mac n cheese for dinner. Like I said it was THEIR choice, not mine. For their drinks they requested #ClearAmerican water, each one got to pick their favorite flavor. By the way these have become the kids’ choice drinks now, as many of you know SoccerBoy gave up on sodas in February and the others just prefer Clear American waters. As for me I’m happy that they are really drinking flavored waters and it only costs .64 each.

They loved watching Yogi Bear and Ghost Town, now if you watch Ghost Town be prepared for a few tears but it is a good movie. If you watched Yogi Bear as a child and watch it now, not to worry….you’ll still love it. To be honest I never got to watch Quarantine. I’m including two pictures above to show you how goofy SoccerBoy was being when we were picking out the drinks. He was a nut, dancing around picking out the drinks and then showing them off. hehe. Gotta love when they can have fun in front of the camera.

We also did a BBQ and I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures, but I do have some of the kids at the park which are above. I hope you enjoyed our summer traditions. I’d love to hear some of yours. We are planning another BBQ this weekend and kids have requested their favorite Clear American drinks once again. Hmmm, we shall see. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Clear American on Facebook or Follow Clear American on Twitter.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study forCollective Bias, which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American ® brand beverages. All pictures, videos and opinions are mine and the kids’.

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