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Donating school supplies for #Bagitforward

July 30, 2011 By · 2 Comments

This has been a great week to show the kids all about giving. Yesterday we went to Walmart and did some school supply shopping but not just a normal one. This time I was showing them what it felt to donate school supplies, such as Elmer’s glue, pencil pouches, etc thanks to a recent shop I was asked to do. There’s a campaign called #Bagitforward where you go to Walmart, shop for supplies to donate to a school. Sounds easy right? Well it is and it is a lot of fun too, especially when you get the whole family involved.

The kids and I went to the store yesterday and decided we’d donate to a 2nd grader because that’s the grade BabyGirl will be entering. We’d get one bag for her and one to be donated. It was easy to decide a school because Little A and I did this last year and donated to The Lady of Greenwood which is a Catholic school. The kids were bummed they couldn’t do it with us last year so we all went this time. First we went to the store, picked out all our supplies and then headed back to the hotel to put it all in the backpacks.

Yesterday was a bad day for us as well, before doing the “shop” as my kids called it we had done laundry. Normally that is fine but when we got back to the hotel we discovered someone had stolen the moped/scooter. This is bad, we have one car and the scooter, the husband takes the scooter to work because one it is cheaper on gas and two it means I can doing our daily chores and running around trying to find a house. The kids were bummed by it all. But I’m glad they took the shop and had fun with it even after they’d seen someone took something from us, here they still wanted to do something for someone else.

When we dropped off the backpack today I saw a little lift in their chins as we left, I know they felt good about doing it. Thank you to Elmer’s and CollectiveBias for this opportunity.

From July 25 through Sept. 1, for each “like” on the Elmer’s Facebook page, the company will donate a product to the Foundation’s national network of free stores, where teachers from disadvantaged schools can “shop” for free for school supplies. Products to be donated include a variety of glues, foam board, project supplies and pencil sharpeners. If you already like the page, we’ll make a contribution on your behalf, but you can donate again by watching a video on the Elmer’s Kids In Need Facebook tab and sharing it with your friends and family.

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #BagItForward #collectivebias. Any pictures, opinions or videos are mine alone.

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The Aftermath of a Day at the Pool

July 25, 2011 By · No Comments

While we all had a blast hanging out with friends at the pool I must also admit that we all ended up with a few burns from it. SoccerBoy ended up with the worst of it all but only because before going to the pool party he had been at football and they went out selling flyers and he took his shirt off the whole time and got a bit too much sun. I had not known this when we went to the pool. I did have him put sunblock on but apparently he was already cooking and as many of you know the water only makes it worse.

But isn’t a pool day all about relaxing and hanging out with friends? It’s a time of no worries and no thinking just sitting back and chatting. This was how that day went for me. I wasn’t stressed over finding a house, living in a hotel or even worried one of the kids would drown. Hey a mom worries all the time doesn’t she? Instead MissM (oldest daughter of friend) hung out with Little A, he has a big crush on her. BalletGirl hung out with Zman, BabyGirl hung out with the two younger girls (Little Miss M & SwimGirl) and SoccerBoy hung out with everyone at one point. Everyone but mine knew how to swim, mine had devices to keep them afloat or a parent nearby. It was a fun day! Don’t you think? We will be going back later this week and everyone is already excited about it.

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Bringing#ClearAmerican Water to a Pool Party

July 23, 2011 By · 5 Comments

Yesterday the kids and I were invited over to a friends’ house to go swimming. I didn’t want to show up empty handed so I thought long and hard about what to bring. I decided that no matter what I wanted to make sure everyone had a drink since it has been around 95 degrees but with humidity it has reached around 115. I wasn’t sure what our friends would like to drink but I knew mine had to be hydrated so I went to Walmart to get waters!

Uh oh right? The mom that’s going to bring waters to a get together. I really wondered about this, I would no longer be a cool mom. (course not sure if I was but now I may never be) Either way I walked through Walmart and looked around. I saw Nestle Water, Sobe juices, tea which are all favorites of mine but I wanted something more with a choice. The kids recently tried Clear American Waters and loved them so we went down the water aisle to see if they had the flavors the kids liked. Sure enough they did. BalletGirl loves the Key Lime as it tastes like Sprite (her words not mine), BabyGirl loves the strawberry, Little A decided he wanted the cranberry, SoccerBoy picked a Fuji Apple Pear. SoccerBoy wasn’t sure about his because it was a new one but wanted to try it anyways. I grabbed a Wild Cherry and decided to get one more of each for our friends.

Upon arriving I let them all know we brought waters for everyone. They didn’t seem to sure but once outside they all decided to try them.

I noticed my friend checking to see what all was in the waters. By the way The Clear American Waters have 0% juice, 0 calories, 0 sugar, etc. These are awesome and so much better for the kids to have. She agreed.

Guess what? They loved them, in fact Zman (our friend’s son) asked his mom if she’d go to Walmart after the pool and buy some so they could have it at home. I was requested to bring more the next time we get together, we’ll be getting together next time. I am happy to say the Clear American waters were a hit!

Check out my This Moment story about the pool party with Clear American Water.

Don’t forget to check out Clear American on Facebook or Follow Clear American on Twitter.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American ® brand beverages. .” All opinions and pictures are my own.

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Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Clouds

July 20, 2011 By · 3 Comments

Gotta love a morning that has this type of view out your window. I may be in a hotel but this was spectacular to see.

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone! Please leave a comment so I can return the visit. Hope your week has started off well. I’ll be posting my weightloss update later today, I know I’m a bit late on it.

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Life in Hotels

July 16, 2011 By · 6 Comments

As many of you may have already figured out, we are no longer living in our home anymore. Long story short, we didn’t get to renew the lease and have been in hotels since July 1st. We had two days to have everything packed and out, I lost all my kitchen items as we just didn’t have time and I stayed up for over 48 hours doing most of it myself. At one point I even told my husband I wanted out of our marriage during all this. I won’t lie, it is extremely stressful and I’m seriously trying to hold it together as we try to sort out our life. There have been a lot of bad moments since getting notice of our departure of our wonderful home to the life in hotels. But to be honest there were a lot of bad moments leading up to this as well. Many of you may remember that exactly this time last year we were also living in hotels, so as you can imagine I’m getting pretty tired of that type of life.


Hotels are suppose to be for those that are moving into a house if they have to wait a day or two to get things turned on, moving across country or even going on vacation. However, one is NOT suppose to LIVE in a hotel, not unless there has been some natural disaster where you must. Or maybe it is just me. Who knows? You try staying in a hotel room with four kids and keeping up with your online college classes. I won’t lie, I’ve even considered calling the school up and putting that on hold. But I know if I were to do that even when life gets back on track I may not ever get back into it.


I’ve wanted to tell ya’ll so long, however I was told I shouldn’t blog about my life. Not blogging about it meant holding it in because this is the place I come when I need to vent. It’s my friend, ya’ll are family. Not sharing this has been bugging me but after talking in the Bloggers & Brands Summit11 thread today I learned that ya’ll may want to hear about the good and the bad. If not let me know now. But I think I need to get this out.


As the days tick by so does our time, the kids begin school just next month and so far every number I have called has not called back. I’m grabbing at straws at this point, I want a house. I’ve heard stories here how the families have lived here for months, this is not something I want for me or my family. During all of this though I am also becoming more and more home sick no matter how indifferent we are towards one another they are always my family and I really miss them. Tell me all will be fine will ya? Because until this year, I thought no matter what things had happy endings (yes I’m a romantic and had always been an optimistic until the last few years) but so far I see one dark storm after another, sure things go great for a while but then it hits and you are on the floor looking up wondering what could possibly happen next. I know I’m normally a chipper self but I no longer want to hide from ya’ll. This is the real me, I can be happy one moment but when life comes at me from every angle I just can’t keep the smile on. Be prepared because I can see this blog is about to become more honest than you’ve ever seen. I hope you are ready. Not to worry though, I’ll still chat about my weight, my kids, products and lots of giveaways coming up. Until then, thank you for reading this much.

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