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Barbie’s A Fashion Fairytale Costume Review

October 28, 2010 By · 2 Comments

As many of you have seen, Babygirl was recently sent “Barbie Fashion Fairytale Costume” to review from JAKKS’ new costume lines for 2010. They are just adorable too and of course she LOVED the costumes. It was very easy for her to pick out which one she wanted though.

They sent us two  of the Barbie ones, one was just the regular Fashion Fairytale and the other was the deluxe version. We were given the choice of any of the following costumes:

Toy Story Costumes: Which include Buzz Lightyear, Wood, Jessie in both adult and child sizes. (we did pick one for Little A, the Buzz Lightyear, but he’ll get his review in a bit. Ya’ll have seen the costumes though) I’m guessing with the release of Toy Story 3 this will be a big hit with families and little kids. I know we saw an entire family at the library dressed as Toy Story Characters. Does your little one love any certain Toy Story character?

Sesame Street Teen: I don’t know about you but I know I’m sick of all the really HOT and SEXY costumes they have from my Tween girl. Thankfully Jakks Pacific came through and are selling these cute sesame street characters for teen girls.

Ya know they loved them as kids and probably still have a soft spot for them, I know I still do. Now teens can dress as Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Big Bird. These are very cute dresses that go to the knee with a frill of fluff or feathers, leg warmers and the adorable hat. We did try to get this but they were already sold out, so BalletGirl will be the Vampire instead. For those that want it you can still have this outfit if you make it at home. A yellow, red or blue dress that goes just above the knees, the wide belt in the color as shown above and the only issue I would have is coming up with the headband piece. I’m sure this could be easily done but I’m not that crafty. If you are crafty and would love to post a how to on this please link below.

Hasbro Games: You play Candyland every week with your little ones, imagine if they came to life. No, the little red people didn’t hop out of the game but the Candy Land board game made into a sexy dress, with a pink cap and stick for moms/women. There are also other game boards such as Hasbro’s Mr. Potato head, The Littlest Pet Shop Pets, My Little Pony, etc. I imagine there’ll be lots of My Little Pony’s galloping around this Halloween.

Finally, Barbie Fashion Fairytale Costume, which is either the regular or the deluxe edition. Both of which are cute but the deluxe one has a lot more material, is cuter and comes with her own necklace. With the deluxe this has a fully skirt underneath and really gives it the puffed out look.  As ya’ll know this is actually both of BabyGirl’s favorite things, one is it is everything pink and two it is a Barbie doll. Babygirl was actually nicknamed “Pink Lace” by her grandparents before she was born and the name kind of stuck with them since she has always loved pink. I think the dress is the perfect costume for her. Now if it does get warm we will definitely be placing tights underneath and we have already checked and a light pink or white turtle neck goes great with the outfit.  The deluxe is more for colder weather, the regular is perfect for those warm Fall Halloweens. I’m almost certain these two outfits will be worn for many playdates with her sister or friends as dress up clothes. But for Halloween she’s going with the Deluxe because she LOVES the necklace and the puffy skirt.

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Wordless Wednesday: Win Some Fingernails!

October 27, 2010 By · 3 Comments

I’m currently (thanks to Kiss Products) giving away 1 of their Halloween Limited Edition Nails and 1 of the Nail Art Stickers. To enter head over to “Kiss Nails Halloween Review & Giveaway.” Contest ends October 29, 2010.

Happy WW! Don’t forget to stop by 5MinutesforMom and 7ClownCircus.

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Kiss Nails Halloween Review & Giveaway

October 26, 2010 By · 35 Comments

Kiss Products asked us if we’d like to sit in a webinar and watch their latest line of products and see how to use them and everything. Of course we said yes, the girls and I just LOVE Kiss products. For those that are unfamiliar with Kiss, they are the ones that have the fake nails you can buy in the stores, but they also have them in all types of colors, shapes, french tip, regular, themed, little girl ones, etc. They aren’t just limited to nails though, Kiss has nail stickers, body art, face art and much more, which explains why we LOVE the product line. The best part is Kiss products are pretty cheap.

Here’s what Kiss sent us:
(4) Kiss Halloween Nails
1 Red like the Lady
1 black and grey with a black spider hanging down it
1 red with a bunch of black swirlies on it
1 clear with a black spider web and a spider crawling it. (love it)
They did not come out with any designed nails for kids, just the adults, however they do have the nail stickers. Kids can still polish their nails and use the stickers. By the way the nails do not use the glue, they have the tabs so they are perfect for Halloween.

(1) Halloween Body art- These are stickers that go on the body like a black spider or spider web, crossbones, blood dripping down, bats, etc. We will be doing the blood on BalletGirl’s neck for Halloween since she is going as a vampire. Babygirl wants to use bats all over one side of her face. She has a thing for bats now because her class is doing a project on them.

(2) Nail Artist sticker packs- These have all the little decals you can place on your nail. So if you have orange nailpolish now you can use “Trick or Treat” or “Happy Halloween” or make it really pop using the spider webs.

Kiss Halloween Nail Kit available at Walgreens, Kmart, CVS, Rite Aid and other drugstores nationwide, $3.99.
Kiss Halloween Nail & Body Art available at Walgreens nationwide, $1.99.


WIN IT: PRIZE: (3 winners) 1 Nail, 1 nail sticker

This giveaway starts 10/26/10 and ends 10/29/10 at 11:59 PM EST. Open to U.S. mailing addresses only, please. One winner will be chosen at random using Random.org. Homemom3 is not responsible for lost or stolen prizes.

All you have to do is tell me: Which KISS Halloween nails, nail art stickers, body art or face art you’d like best.

BONUS ENTRIES: Earn a bonus entry for each of the following that you do or may have already done. Leave a separate comment for each-

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  • Tweet the giveaway link, you can tweet once per day and leave a separate comment for each with your tweet URL. Feel free to use this:

    Enter to win Kiss Halloween Nails from homemom3.com and @kissproducts. Ends 10/29 at midnight EST http://ow.ly/2ZNfB #giveaway #review

  • Kiss did supply me everything mentioned above as a thank you for attending the seminar.

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    WonderWeen at Sony!

    October 25, 2010 By · No Comments

    Sony Wonder Technology Lab will be having a Halloween event on Saturday October 30-31st (12-4pm) called, “Wonderween.”  Sony Wonder Technology Lab is located in New York for those that see this and immediately want to head out like I did. This 2 day event is full of fun, haunts, crafts, etc. They encourage all guests to come dressed in costume!! The event is for all ages, not just a certain age child, all are welcome including teens and babies.

    What’ll be happening?

    –  Bat Flyer Making workshops

    –  facepainting

    –  Halloween-themed screenings in the Lab’s High Definition Theatre

    –  Dora the Explorer

    –  Go, Diego, Go! series

    –  “Sesame Street: Elmo Says Boo!”

    Screenings will take place every hour on the half hour, and tickets will be distributed to guests 30 minutes prior to each screening. Space is limited, so plan to arrive early at the HD Theatre door.

    Other fun things:  four floors of interactive, hands-on exhibits, including the WSWL Production Studio, in which visitors work together the produce a high-definition news broadcast; the Dance Motion Capture experience, which allows visitors to see their very own dance moves performed by Sony-animated characters in real time; and Game Builder, where children can build and play their own video racing game.

    The best part of the event….it’s FREE. That’s right no charge to have all this fun and kids leave with a gift bag full of stuff to take home.

    Sony did send me this press release but I thought the readers would just love it, especially if they are in that area. I know I wouldn’t be missing it. BalletGirl and Babygirl would get a kick out of the dance motion capture. Course Soccerboy would like to see the Game builder.

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    Don’t Let Halloween Be The Start Of “Fat Season”

    October 25, 2010 By · No Comments

    Nowadays, more than half of all Americans gain several pounds each and every year, unsurprising given that more than two-thirds of Americans are now considered overweight or obese. Fully half of that weight gain occurs during the holidays, starting with Halloween. If an average adult consumes only an extra 150 calories a day – half of a leftover Trick or Treat goody for example – starting at Halloween and ending after New Year’s Day, that small indulgence alone results in over 2.5 pounds of annual weight gain.  Add in the family meals, pies, desserts, holiday cookies, and mountains of leftovers, and many of us see our waistlines expand while we add five to ten pounds to our body weight.

    Halloween remains a free “hall pass” for many people to go eat as much candy as they can get their hands on. And while there are many factors causing the childhood and adult obesity epidemics, the explosion of candy and carbohydrate consumption throughout the entire holidays contributes in a negative way.

    Here are a few important strategies:

    *    Start right now. Prepare yourself and your children for the idea that they can enjoy a few, special pieces of Halloween candy, but the rest will be given away or tossed out.

    *    Weigh yourself every day. That’s right, this is tough love. Studies show that weighing in every day increases mindfulness and reminds you that the holidays are no different when it comes to your body – treat it right!

    *    Let your children know how important it is that they stay physically active, feel energetic, have healthy teeth and stay strong.

    *    Give all kids the choice of milk or water to drink and eliminate the carb-laden juices, sodas, and fruit punch. And stick to zero-calorie beverages for the adults except for very special occasions.

    *    Set a great example and dump the leftover candy bowl after the last witches and goblins have gone. Don’t leave leftover candy around the house for everyone to snack on.

    *    Substitute sugar-free gum or a piece of fruit when you or your child feels a “craving” for Halloween candy. Intense desires for chocolate and candy are a normal response to the surge of media ads and proliferation of candy sales. Don’t give in to them!

    *    Plan a “Pantry Clean-out Party” immediately after each major holiday. This means a large garbage bag and everything that is a treat goes out to the curb immediately. Fill the house with fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

    *    Each time you hear another treat calling your name, remember that nothing tastes as great as being fit feels.

    Fighting the “Fat Season” will not happen automatically; today’s calorie-rich environment requires an active plan to combat the steady creep toward obesity.  So if you want to maintain your current weight, or even lose a few pounds, today is the day you begin. The happiest Halloween treat is looking fitter, feeling more energetic, and living a healthier holiday season.

    Dr. Kent Sasse, author of 101 Medically Proven Tips for Weight Loss,

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