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I Failed My Test!

August 30, 2010 By · 6 Comments

I couldn’t believe it, I had been working my butt off in those MyLab’s for my math class. There were a few areas that I wasn’t sure what the heck I was doing but the rest looked good. I was passing each assignment, then it happened. Late Friday Night I decided it was time to take the test, I was ready. I took the test, it seemed that everything I wrote was right and then I hit enter. When I hit enter it quickly grades the test and pops up with the grade. I got a 57%, that’s right an “F.”

So, why am I telling you that I failed this when I could’ve easily just let it slip on by? Because I told you I signed up, I’ve told you each time I started a new class, issues I had, when I switched from the campus to the online version, etc. I am not going to hide, I realized that night that I could not be perfect at everything when it came to studying. There might be times when I hit a subject in college that I don’t know a single thing and I will struggle. But you know what? Struggling doesn’t mean I’m bad, it doesn’t mean I am giving up, it just means I must work that much harder to improve.

I began going to college because it was a goal, something I wanted to achieve. I wasn’t even sure when I first signed up what I wanted to go in for, it took three times to finally get into a college and stay in. Why? We always moved and I had to drop college before the first class. This last time, I knew what I wanted. I want to work in the PR field, I love working with all the PR folks and would love to do that for a living. Math is a very important part in this business, especially if I ever want or decide to venture out on my own, so this is not a class I can just give up on. Currently I’m enrolled in Business Algebra and Personal Finance, yes, I’m well aware that I am in two math classes at once. No, I did not plan this, I’d never plan this.

That night, as I sat there staring at the screen and debating on whether I should cry, give up on the class and not care about my next grades, or do something it hit me. I would NOT let this FAIL me. I would not FAIL me. Saturday morning, we drove up to Barnes & Noble and bought “College Algebra Demystified” No, I’m not sure if it will help, but I’m the type of person that has to see a problem like this:

3x-3y=2 (and see the problem step by step)

I can’t stand when I’m trying to read an ebook and there may only be one example and they like to short cut it or it is written out in English and not like the problem above. I can follow along with pictures, but not words. This book is already coming in handy, I figure I’ll be purchasing many more like it in the future. So as you can see, I won’t stop, I’m going to keep on truckin.

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Gatorade’s Beat the Heat Campaign!

August 30, 2010 By · No Comments

You know when I was growing up I absolutely HATED Gatorade, but as the teen years came and the need to have something that quenched my thirst taught me it was a good thing to have on time. As a mom I know how important it is to keep your kids hydrated, if ya don’t there can be serious side effects that no one wants to see or have happen. We haven’t played many sports lately but now that we are in Indiana I know it gets hot and the kids will drink all types of water and Gatorade, which brings me to MomCentral asking if I’d talk about “Gatorade’s Beat the Heat” campaign.  Since this is the beginning of a new school year for many folks it is also the beginning of FOOTBALL season and everyone knows how much they like to run, ram and all that. This means they break a sweat pretty quickly and need to be hydrated pretty often, football players LOVE Gatorade. Currently the NFL Site has a few tips for those of you that need to keep people (young or old) hydrated and safe during these warm months.

Tips to Hydrate and Fuel for the Football Season– Tips like checking urine. Yes, you can tell if someone isn’t drinking enough fluids by the color of urine. The darker it is the more you need to drink.

The 4 Downs of Heat Safety

Preventing Heat Illness

Have any of you ever experienced being dehydrated? I use to get it constantly when I was pregnant with my first child, so I learned real quickly about drinking enough water and Gatorade. In fact I had a hubby that monitored how much water I drank because of “doctor’s orders.” As a child I experienced a severe case and was rushed to ER, I just remember how hot and sick I felt and my dad was extremely worried. I’d been visiting with my mother and we’d been at the pool all day and didn’t get enough to drink. The hospital had IVs in me and were asking me to drink anything, including Mountain Dew. These two things have made me always watch how much my kids drank, if they get flushed I make them stop what they are doing and drink. Gatorade sent us 3 Different Gatorades, the blue, red and purple. G2’s purple is grape flavored and has less calories then the regular ones. I like the fact that this means it also has less sugar. Here’s what the kids said about it.

“Taste like a little bit of grape flavored water.” – “Taste like it has very little sugar.” – “I like it, can I finish that one.” – “It reminds me of grape koolaid without the sugar.”

Thank you MomCentral and Gatorade, I now have to go get more Grape Thirst Quenchers, the blue weren’t a hit in our house but the red was the next one in line.

For every unique download of the Gatorade Heat Safety Kit, Gatorade will donate $1, up to $20,000, to Beat the Heat charities.

Head on over to Gatorade’s Heat Safety Kit and download it today, you never know who you’ll be helping.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Gatorade’s “Beat the Heat” campaign and received Gatorade samples to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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Garage Sales: You Never Know What You’ll Find

August 28, 2010 By · No Comments

This morning the hubby decided to take me out to search for gold. Okay, not really but we did drive around and look for yard/garage sales and found some really cool finds. We found a sit n spin for only $5 and it played the music and all. Little A has been on it ever since we got back. I’m surprised he isn’t dizzy yet, of course I had to stop watching him because I was getting dizzy enough for the both of us. Next thing we grabbed were about two bags of chapter books for the kids, they will be reading for a VERY long time now. hehe. We also found the phone in the picture, I’m not sure what type it is but it looked really neat and not
something you can pick up anywhere. Now the question is how do I polish it up. Anyone know?

Did we find anything else you ask. Of course we did, I found a porcelain doll and unpainted birdhouse for outside, the hubby found a few clocks, one was a Victorian looking one and the other was a “Scary Owl” one according to the kids. Before we went on our hunt we did stop by Farmer’s Market and got a jalapeno bread, a few Zucchuni and a bag full of peaches. My friend Cherie posted last week on her blog a few ways that you can cook zucchuni, or as she put it, “Zoo Keen Knee.” Take a peek at the post. It was a lot of fun, later we will go to Borders/or Barnes & Nobles to get me a book and the boys got hair cuts. Take a peek at my handsome little man. 🙂

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Banquet Apple Pie

August 27, 2010 By · 1 Comment

You know I’ve lived off Banquet’s pot pies for many, many years. I remember my first year of marriage and being pregnant with SoccerBoy that was one of the only things I wanted. They were quick to make and had veggies, soupy and meat in them. I figured if that was the only thing I could get down at least he was eating something in there. They’ve come a long way, truth is I still eat them from time to time, but not so much anymore.

MomCentral recently asked if I’d like to try the new Banquet meal they have, “Apple Pie.” To be honest when I showed the kids they were divided, two said they’d try it and two said No way. Why am I telling you this? Simple…they all tried it and wanted more, but I’d only bought two since two said they wanted it. Course once it buzzed and everyone could smell apple pie in the air they all wanted at least a small bite.

Here’s a bit of trivia for ya. Did you know Banquet has been around for the past 50 years? Yep, older than me and still improving with age, gives hope for me now. 🙂

Banquet has provided families with delicious meals for more than 50 years, and this summer they’ve launched new single-serving fruit pie desserts. Each Banquet fruit pie has a half serving of real fruit inside a flaky pastry shell that bakes fresh and hot from your oven or microwave in minutes. The pies come in three classic flavors: apple, peach, and cherry berry and at only about $1 a pie,Banquet pies make it easy to treat guests at a summer get-together, offer a special “finale” for your next family dinner, or just indulge yourself with a mid-day treat.

I must admit they had nothing besides the apple, I do plan on going back to see if I can’t find a peach (the kids love that) or the cherry because that would be my favorite.

SoccerBoy, “It’s sweet, hot and tastes like cinnamon apples. Oh and it was quick to make.”

BabyGirl, “It’s good and yummy…any kid will like it.” Of course when she took her first bite she said it was “Grrrlicious.” I’m well aware that this is not a word but it came from her mouth.

BalletGirl says, “They are delicious. It is really easy to make because you just microwave it.”

I was able to purchase these at Walmart, Target and even Marsh.  When using them in a microwave make sure to have a microwave safe plate, cut a slice in the center to let it bake and toss in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. That’s it, once it dings let it cool a bit. My best recommendation is to have either cool whip waiting nearby or vanilla icecream.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by MomCental on behalf of Banquet and received free coupons to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central also sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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Being the New Kid

August 26, 2010 By · 5 Comments

As many of you know, this year we moved right at the end of the school year. Thankfully, we found a place and were able to settle in a bit before the new school year began. Why is that? Friends! My kids were worried about being the “new kid” in school and wanted at least a friend or two before they actually went to that first day of school. How many of you were ever a new kid? Being a military brat myself I should’ve been use to the “new kid” feeling, but my father didn’t travel much and it wasn’t until High School that I had to be the “new kid” that was definitely an interesting year though. Below you will find tips from me and my younger daughter on how to be the new kid.

1. If you can (this is for the parents) move during either the summer vacation or during Christmas break (winter break). Why? Your child may be able to meet one or two of his/her school friends that they will be attending and become friends, or at the very least know one person they will go to school with. This always seems to help. (We picked a house that was located near the school and had the possibility of lots of children)

2. Google the School. I know this sounds funny or very (Geeky as my kids call it) but the truth is mine have felt even more comfortable because they knew what their school looked like, where it was located, types of activities and sports it did, etc. They already felt like they’d been there before.

3. Attend the Open House (parents and kids) if they have it before school. Going on the school tour is a great way the kids can get a feel of what the school will be like, where classes are, lunch room, etc. If it is Jr. High or High School they can try out their locker combo before the first day. My oldest (Middle School) figured out the quickest way to his classes since his school was much bigger than he was use to attending. Attending this also means the child will possibly “meet the teacher” and for the young ones this is very important in making them feel secure.

4. Introduce yourself (kids) and let the kids know who you are, where you are from and what you like. Don’t tell fibs, these always catch up to you. Chances are whatever you tell people today will get around the school, make sure it can’t come back to haunt you. Being honest and friendly is the best way to go.

5. Join some events/sports- This will help you settle in and make friends in an area that you like and can talk about. Those that happen to be on your team will also have something in common with you.

Don’t sit in a corner and be quiet all day. You have to meet others in order for them to know who you are. Yes, the first step is scary but you’ll have a friend sooner than you realize.

Do you have any tips for the “New Kid” this year?

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