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Day 3: Steam Cleaners

June 26, 2010 By · 2 Comments

Another day in the life of “Adventures of a Move” and staying sane. Today, the hubby and oldest son (SoccerBoy) went to the house to wait for the carpet cleaners and break down some old boxes. The end result, cleaners said they couldn’t get all the stains out.


Any ideas? These were juice stains, ie red/pink/orange. We are considering trying it ourselves and renting a shop vac from Hy-vee.

So here’s how it has been:
–  1st day: Movers packed it all and then loaded it into a giant van and a small van.
–  2nd day: Went back to the house to clean it, ie sweep, vacuum, etc.
–  3rd day: Steam cleaners

What did I learn? Always starch and stain-proof those carpets, it’ll save ya at the end.  Decide if you will just replace the carpet, steam clean it yourself or hire someone to clean it. One way to do this is determine how much you want to spend.

Journal part: I took the two youngest and oldest (Little A, BabyGirl & SoccerBoy) outside today, there is a small grassy field beside the hotel and they played tag and just ran some. They played with hot wheels in the grass, played with Littlest Pet shop and finally a game of tag and duck duck goose. It was really hot though so all of this was very short lived.

Tip: Make sure all kids have something to play with during the times they are at a hotel. Hotels can be very boring otherwise.

Got any tips?

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Movers Took It All

June 26, 2010 By · 3 Comments

Well, yesterday the movers came and went and boy was that strange. I had enough time to get up, finish the house and hubby came home just before 8a.m. to be there for them so I wouldn’t have to be alone. Yes, after those two guys tried coming into the house I’ve been a bit edgy. The movers got there just after 8a.m. and began packing up the house.

My Book Collection: I don’t really know how many boxes were filled with just my books, but I do know they were constantly telling me I had a large collection. One point they had to order more book boxes because they came up short. One guy had thought we’d have very little in the basement so he called that room to pack up, he was down there for MANY hours. Needless to say they had to help him pack. When they were finally done they decided to kill two birds with one stone and asked if we’d mind them loading it into the movers van at that point instead of coming back. We said go for it.

This may have been a mistake. Why? Simple, it took even more hours because we had storms a brewing which actually happened. Each time it rained, it poured and kept them longer. Finally, it was some time past 8 pm when they left and we went to the hotel. Either way, it was finally done, now we only had to clean it. Boy do I have tips for this.

1.  make sure you have everything you are taking with you in an area they won’t touch.

2.  they will take everything….including trash.

3.  once they get tired, they no longer take everything and if it is off to a corner they may forget it. (my sewing machine, errr)

Today, kids and I went back to the house and cleaned the counters, swept the floors and ran the vacuum.  We are now back in hotels and will be at our current hotel for about 30 days. So expect a lot of tips for hotels.

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Last Minute Gifts for Dad

June 20, 2010 By · No Comments

Dark PR sent me their list for some really neat last minute gifts for dads on Father’s Day.  There is the Targus for dad’s laptop, which I like a lot just by the looks. Course I may get this for next Father’s Day for the hubby since this year we only have the one laptop which is mine.  Below is a list of products with their pictures.

Stop by any Staples, Office Depot or Best Buy and pick up a sleek iPad case.  See below for the new styles launched in May.   If Dad hasn’t got the new iPad, then Targus have other laptop cases that are affordable and stylish.  See more styles via www.targus.com

TARGUS, maker of the e top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, introduces a new line of iPad cases.  Not only are they sleek and stylish, these new designs are made with the highest quality materials to protect what’s inside.  From rugged to classic, there’s one to fit everyone’s personal taste.

A7 Neoprene Sleeve for iPad


With multiple color options, including blackbluebrown, and plum, the A7 Neoprene Sleeve suit a variety of personal styles. Featuring the Tri-Cell Cushion System™, which integrates layers of foam, neoprene and air-ventilating mesh fabric to protect against bumps.  $24.99

(If dad doesn’t have the iPad, maybe you should get one of those too.)

Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase for iPad

The Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase is constructed of durable, oil-tanned premium leather with a soft twill inner lining that protects against scratches and dust. It offers a secure magnetic closure and is available inblack and brown.   $59.99

Crave Slipcase for iPad

Inspired by outdoor apparel, the Crave Slipcase is made of durable weather-resistant material which has been abrasion tested for durability and features a stain-guard coating to protect its surface.  Available inblack and silver, the Crave Slipcase includes stow-away top handles and an accessory pocket for other items.   $34.99

Now many people forget that moms/women aren’t the only one that likes to take care of themselves and make a nice appearance. Kiss hasn’t forgot about dads and even has a care kit for them.

Men often need a little help with foot care.  That’s why Kiss make it easy with their range ofaffordable tools.  Help Dad get feet ready for summer with a handy Pedicure Salon Kit that contains a Toenail Clipper, Cuticle Nipper, Foot & Brush Stone, Cuticle Pusher & Cleaner, Toe Separators, 4-Way Buffer, Nail File and Manicure Sticks.

Available at leading drugstores nationwide (Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, Duane Reade, etc).


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The House Hunting Trip

June 17, 2010 By · 1 Comment

While we have been exploring we also stopped at a small town carnival, here are the girls on an airplane ride.  So far we still haven’t found a house to live, I have settled on three areas but the only thing we see are for sale and nothing for rent. I’ve called a realtor but he hasn’t called back so we will just wait. Why won’t people rent as well as sale? 🙁

Currently the trip has been pleasant, even with me taking college during this time. I’ve got the assignments done and finished one of the classes. I finished accounting 3 with a C, yes I was bummed but as many pointed out on Facebook I didn’t quit. I blame having to have 7 due on one day, ya know once you get a low grade on one they all go downhill. But I’m determined to get the GPA back up so next ones I’ll study harder. I have two more assignments for World Literature before I’m done.

Hampton Inn

Hotels & Restaurants:
Through this trip I’ve learned that we aren’t just picky about restaurants and their servers but also hotels. We stayed at Super 8 and while it was okay it had a very small selection for breakfast and it smelled horrible. We have stayed at the Hampton Inn ever since, which has been a real delight. The staff is extremely friendly, in fact they are trying to find houses for us to rent as well. Every morning we are greeted to a new breakfast option and two papers (one is the local one). There is always hot water (for tea and hot chocolate) and coffee in the lobby, at 7pm they have a plate of cookies.

We’ve been to a variety of restaurants while staying here: Rally’s (Loved those chili cheese fries), Chilis (didn’t really care for it, the service was mediocre), Denny’s (sucked, the food was good but they took forever to bring anything that you asked for. By the way there were only 3 teens working), Golden Corral (Liked the breakfast more than the dinner, it is nearby so that’ll be something we eat at more). We also tried White Castle (loved the jalopeno burgers, but honestly the burgers are really tiny and doesn’t fill the older kids up), McD’s (as expected) and Arby’s (nice sandwiches full of oozing cheese, will have to go back).

Talk with ya’ll later, the hubby just bought a small DVD player to watch movies on. Kids were bored of the cartoons on tv. Guess that’s what we get for having no cable for over 2 years, they are more picky about what they watch too.

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Wordless Wednesday: Storms

June 16, 2010 By · 2 Comments

A Stormy Trip

Searching for a house but dealing with storms every day. Course I love the way this picture looked, especially with the small rays of sunshine coming out above that hotel. Happy WW! Don’t forget I still have the MobiGo Giveaway going on.

Read other WW posts at WW, 5MinutesforMom and 7ClownCircus.

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