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To Indiana and Back in a Weekend

January 27, 2010 By · No Comments

On Friday we decided to head to Indiana. Why? Well as I mentioned before the hubby found out we would be moving there later this year so we wanted to check out the cities and see what town near Indianapolis we’d want to move. I’ve moved enough in my life that I know that you really want to research, especially when kids are involved. So we looked up a few places we wanted to visit and decided once we got there we’d look around a bit and give the town a yes or no and grab a bunch of flyers/newspapers from that town to look over once we got home. To some this may sound crazy, to me it sounds smart. So once the kids got home we were off!

The kids already knew the night before and had all their “stuff” for the trip packed and ready. We rented a vehicle due to our own car being too small and not reliable enough for a trip like this. By the way there was no snow on the ground the whole way up there like I thought there would be. We stopped at a hotel in Illinois due to me having a homework assignment due Friday night and the connection disconnecting. I didn’t want to chance it. The hotel was nice (comfort suite) but we couldn’t really see much that night due to the thick fog. You can see in the pic the morning view from our room.

We reached Indiana only a few hours later and besides the visitor’s centers (rest stop) we discovered you could only find apartment guides/real estate guides at Kroger’s. Back here you walk down the store fronts and find the little newspaper boxes full of them. The only plan we had was to check out the place and go home but we decided the kids did so well that we wanted to treat them, since the BIG game would be Sunday we didn’t want to be in Indianapolis, so we went to Bloomington and visited Wonderlab, a hands-on science museum. My only issue is they charge the parents much more than the kids and there really isn’t much for parents, this is totally for kids. I’ll do a post on that trip in a moment but for now I’ll say they had a blast.

On the way home we did take a “scenic route” that took us an hour to get out of the backwoods, we even came across a country gas station that had no credit card machine on it and made you pump first. This is so unlike the city where you have to pay first. The weather was awful bad too which made traveling slightly harder. We ate out the entire trip, but I think we’ll have memories from each place we went. On Sunday we kept going to nfl.com and when we stopped off at Ruby Tuesday’s we stayed until close to the end but missed the last shot.

We did end up making two big purchases on this trip, one was the dvd player as you can see in SoccerBoy’s hands and the second is a digital camcorder which means I’ll try vlogging too. Oh the dvd player definitely came in handy and now is the favorite tv to watch even at home. Little A as you can see had been watching tv with his brother but fell asleep. Now no trip is complete without an incident, we had two actually. 1.   when Soccerboy left his beloved hoodie in the hotel after we were half way out of town, thankfully they had it in there and let us have it. 2.  When we came to Bloomington and witnessed a protest march (honestly I’ve only ever seen them in movies) against abortion to which point our kids wanted to know all about the subject. I also have pics of the Bloomington mall and you would not believe it, too cute and small town, I’ll post those in a bit too.

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Wordless Wednesday: Welcome to Indy

January 27, 2010 By · No Comments

I absolutely love this picture, honestly SoccerBoy doesn’t always let me catch him so this made me very happy. We had just gathered a bunch of data from the visitor’s center for Indiana since we are moving there later this year. Look at the three of them. 🙂 Happy WW!

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A Sunday Meme

January 24, 2010 By · No Comments

1. Where is your cell phone? Currently in my left-side pants pocket.

2. Your hair? past my shoulders

3. Your mother? loving/understanding

4. Your father? always there

5. Your favorite food? lasagna/stuffed shells

6. Your dream last night? bad

7. Your favorite drink? Starbucks Carmel or Spiced Pumpkin Frap.

8. Your dream/goal? Become a PR

9. What room are you in? hotel room

10. Your hobby? writing

11. Your fear? something happening to my kids/or failure

12. Where do you want to be in six years? Seeing my son graduate and going to college, working for companies as a PR person. 

13. Where were you last night? All over Indiana

14. Something that you aren’t? a guy

15. Muffins? Chocolate

16. Wish list item? sewing machine

17. Where did you grow up? California

18. Last thing you did? got up at 3 am and got online, everyone was still sleeping.

19. What are you wearing? jeans and a long sleeve shirt with socks

20. Your TV? hotel tv set to toons as the kids (5:28 am) are now up

21. Your pets? not yet but plan to get them when we move

22. Friends? online

23. Your life? good

24. Your mood? calm

25. Missing someone? family (those back in Cali)

26. Vehicle? car

27. Something you’re not wearing? shoes

28. Your favorite store? Target, unless you mean online AMAZON

29. Your favorite color? red

30. When was the last time you laughed? last night during Son in Law (movie)

31. Last time you cried? this morning, the nightmare

32. Your best friend? online, I have a few

33. One place that I could go over and over? bookstore

34. One person who emails you regularly? hubby

35. Favorite place to eat? Perkins (breakfast) or Longhorns

I’m tagging Michelle at AskewtoYou, Nancy at SouthernBlessings and the next three people that visits my blog. 🙂

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Life of a Home Mom Shares her News

January 21, 2010 By · No Comments

Wow, can you believe today is Thursday already? Soccerboy reminded me of how fast this month has flown by too and I must say he’s right. For us January is normally a slow month, or maybe that was just back in the military where no matter what you struggled to make it until payday. I’ve got some good news though for my readers, okay more for me but I had to share it with ya’ll. The hubby got a promotion!! Shhh, you didn’t hear me say that…he hates letting people know that type of stuff.

With that news, I’ve also been informed that we will be leaving this state. Sniff, sniff, okay not really ya’ll know how I feel towards this place due to our first year out here. While I like the town itself, the state is just too much for me. I also hate the snow, but figuring we’ll be moving somewhere out in Indiana doesn’t really make sense.  I’m kind of excited and scared all at the same time, this is unlike our last move where we knew where we were going as I researched it for months. I picked this town because it was rated #1 in Missouri through CNN or Forbes (can’t recall which one) and I must say even though I complain about certain things the teachers do it really is one of those schools where every teacher knows your child. I just don’t like that fact that BallGirl dropped in almost all her subjects since moving out. (keep in mind she was in advanced classes before here)

So, any recommendations for the Indy area? I’d love to hear of some. I have a few months, we were informed the building isn’t completed yet but it will be. This of course means they could call us next month and we’d be moving or not until July/Sept/etc. So it is all another waiting game. But still the excitement of the unknown and starting over.

I’m also back in classes again, currently taking Accounting 2 and IT190. So far IT is good but Accounting is kicking my butt, but I haven’t given up. I just feel like slamming my head against the keyboard by the time I am done with just one assignmnet. On that note, I thought for sure I’d be able to try getting a bit ahead in it today, but I have two kids that came down with a fever so that isn’t working out. Course neither are acting sick but you can feel it on their skin. So, what have you been doing?

P.S. No we did not put that sign up, however the hubby is thinking about doing just that. I’ll die of embarrasment. Oh but I did put the dog poo inside the bag and hand it on that one neighbors door, for now I’ve been kind enought to scoop the poo back up and toss it in their drive way.

P.S.S I took the photo for 365 Project, where you post a pic a day. Anyone else doing it?

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Wordless Wednesday

January 20, 2010 By · No Comments

The blue sky actually appeared today and it reminded me of the future spring we will have. With all the snow almost gone, green grass poking through and tons of squirrels running around on the ground one could only vision warmer days. Course right after this picture was taken the dark grey clouds came back and swallowed up the beautiful blue sky. Happy WW!

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