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I will No Longer Shop Wal-Mart!

November 30, 2009 By · No Comments

As ya’ll know I didn’t get to do much “Black Friday” shopping on my own as I can’t deal with the crowds and apparently it was much worse than I thought. But I can still take advantage of the offers that don’t all expire on that same day. I still did some shopping on Black Saturday I guess I’ll call it because Toys R Us had their Black Friday deals for Friday and Saturday out here. I knew my Wal-mart as well as most other Wal-Marts price matched, so I took my paper down and got the toys. But this is where it became horrible.

I’m nervous as heck just like every time I use coupons. Why? Simple some cashiers are nice about coupons and others aren’t. Some like to hold up the line and beep the machine 100s of times before calling for help. I’ve had both the nice ones and the nasty ones, but only at Wal-Mart, never anywhere else that I shop. Okay, before I even loaded in the toys I asked a manager in the back by them if they were the same as the ad, he said yes and to make sure to show the ladies at the register before they rung it up. I did, but this turned horribly long.

“Hi, do ya’ll price match?”

“We sure do as long as it is exactly the same as the ad.”

My first thought was ugh oh, these were different items (same brand but different colors). I knew the manager in the back said it was fine but maybe now it wasn’t. She insisted on looking for the exact phrase on the box, when she couldn’t find it on any of the 6 boxes she called for help. Yes, there were 6 of the exact same box but different color characters inside. She stayed on the phone for 5-10 minutes (I kid you not). I don’t know if she was talking with customer service or the toy department but they looked it up, finally it came back that these weren’t the same. Okay if you already thought this, as I had told her we could’ve done without the call. I told her I didn’t want them then but I wanted my other items. She rang them up and I left.
Okay, I still wanted the items in the ad, but at this point I was too embarrassed to go back to toys and look. I wanted out of there. I called Wal-Mart back about 15 minutes after I got home. I wanted to know if they had the certain (can’t say name on here as I have a daughter that would know what I was looking for if you get the drift) toy and the homes to go with. The customer service transferred me to toys, but no one was in toys so I got sports since it is the closest department. haha, try explaining to an older gentleman what you are looking for.

He said he’d help but ended up having to call customer service and got the register lady I dealt with and this was the response, “Tell her we don’t sell ANY of the brand here.” (brand was the actual brand name, as in any of it at all) I knew this was a lie as they have an entire section devoted to these items. I understand that I made an error earlier getting possibly the wrong ones, or maybe not the same pictured ones, but to lie and say you don’t sell any, not the homes, dolls, toys, etc is wrong.

I asked to clarify, “You don’t sell any of them at all? Not even the homes?” He replied, “I was told to tell you that.” I thanked him for his time and hung up. I was FURIOUS. but I wasn’t giving up, Target Price Matches too, I just don’t normally go there as it is on the other side of town and Wal-mart is literally down the road. I called them, got a customer service that first answered all my coupon questions and my price matching. She transferred me to toys and a guy went looking and found the items. (there were two) I hurried over with the hubby, poor guy was shopping all over town Thanksgiving week. hehe.

TARGET is better Than WAL-MART:
I’ve discovered Target is better than Wal-Mart.

1. Employees will ask if you need anything, not Wal-mart they transfer you to someone else or pretend you don’t exist.
2. It doesn’t stink, I don’t know what it is but Wal-mart always has a smell to it.
3. They are kind and understand embarrassment.

I went directly to the customer service to see if they had a spare ad, but they didn’t but the lady behind the desk let me look at her ad. Same as the one I had at home so I went to toys, once there I found the same items that were at Wal-mart and I wasn’t going through what I did earlier. I thought, “Great the guy mistook these for them.”
I found someone to help me, “Joe.” Joe quickly looked at the ad and typed something in to his machine in his hand. He did it twice for me as I wasn’t believing it. “Ma’am the only thing I can find with that phrase are these, you can grab them and take them to customer service. I promise they will either say yes or no but not do what Wal-mart did.” I had explained about the items at first and what Wal-mart did and how I felt bad at first. That’s why he looked it up again.

I happily walked to customer service, out here (not sure if all) you have to go to C.S. to get price matched items. Now I did do a bit of shopping with hubby first and by the time I was done and going to C.S. I find Joe behind the counter. He rung it up and instead of paying 20-40 for these toys I got both for $6 and some change. Woo hoo! He even gave me back the ad in case I wanted to come back later.

From here on out I will only shop at Target, not Wal-mart. I figure the prices are the same, and Target price matches too but they have a friendlier staff. By the way I shop in Lees Summit.
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Black Friday Shopping Failure

November 27, 2009 By · No Comments

Well, this morning we woke at 4 am, got the hubby up at 4:30am and we were off. We had all intentions to do Black Friday shopping, course by the time we got to Wal-Mart he had to find a spot so he dropped me off up front. I went immediately for the toy section, now what I did not know was they would move all the toys that were in the sale ad to the food section. So I searched and search, by the time I left the toy section and had almost given up hope I saw people with items from the ad and asked them. They told me it was on the other side by the food, however it would be a nightmare getting things.

They weren’t kidding, by now everyone was cart to cart, for a person that can’t be in a crowded place this was probably a mistake for me. I decided I’d do it anyways, the hubby was in another section trying to find stuff too. I quickly called the hubby to tell him my plan, he headed that way too. I ended up stuck behind people and as I stated before I’m not the pushy type, so instead I got pushed into a spot I couldn’t move, I called for my re-enforcement that came to my rescue. He grabbed my car, which I had thrown a few toys into but I still couldn’t find the items I really wanted. Eventually I would but it was just the box. By the way, I never made it to the movies, people were loud, rude and arguing.

Within 30 minutes the hubby called me. Where are you? I replied on my way to find you but I couldn’t make it back to the toy, toy section. We reconnected I tossed what I had in the cart, but by now my breathing was bad and being him he knew right away. “Let’s go cash out.” So we headed to the registers but due to the way they had it set up there was no telling if the line we were in was to get a ticket for a camcorder or a register and no one else knew either. We weren’t going anywhere and I couldn’t breathe. He said, forget it, we’ll shop online, I don’t want you hyperventilating in here because of this. So he guided me out of the store, where we left my cart with all the savings. Inside the car I grabbed my inhaler and off he went to McDs and Starbucks.

People I learned today that I will no longer be able to take part in shopping in the real stores on Black Friday anymore. From now on we will only due it online, in the safety of my home where I won’t have to fight crowds, get cornered or have a hard time breathing. Hopefully ya’ll don’t have to deal witht that.

By the way, don’t worry…. the hubby decided after looking online and spotted everything sold out online he’d run to the stores for me. Target he couldn’t get in so he drove 20 miles away to another walmart to get my items. He’s currently in line now, but has made me promise not to go out next year and just do it online. He says you may have been able to do it once or twice before but you know now you can’t deal with the crowds and I don’t need anything happening to you.

Happy Shopping ya’ll!!
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Black Friday Plan of Attack

November 26, 2009 By · No Comments

Am I going shopping on Black Friday? Of course I am, I have four kids and know when you need to shop for bargains. This is the best and worst time of year to shop, best because of the deals, worst because of the rude behavior that will surely be displayed.

Twittermoms asked the readers: “What is your form of attack on Black Friday?” So here it is:

1. Buy a paper today, which is Thanksgiving in order to look one more time to see what might be out there that I am not aware of.

2. For a few weeks now I’ve been reading the Black Friday ads in at BlackFriday.info/sales so I know what the deals are.

3. Cut coupons and bring them with and I have already printed off tons of toy coupons just in case. Hey you never know if one of the toys you have printed off will surprise you and be cheaper than they have been. Sure they may not be part of the “Black Friday Deals” but it can be a rollback of some sort or even in the clearance aisle.

4. I already made a list of all the Black Friday Deals for under $5 over at Walmart. For those that would like to take a peek here it is: Walmart $5 Black Friday Deals. So I’ve printed off my list of $5 deals and I’ll be purchasing most of the items from it. I may, depending on cost go and grab one or two more things depending on cost.

5. I’m only walking in the store with $100 in cash, which means I won’t be able to spend anymore than that. I’m not bringing any credit cards or a checkbook just to make sure I don’t think, well I can go over slightly. Since I’m bringing coupons I’ll lower the price more and be able to purchase more items.

6. The husband is coming with which means I’ll be able to tackle just as much ground in a short amount of time. Our plan is to go in and out, even CouponMom says never linger in a store or you’ll spend more than you want. So I’m giving him half the list and I’m headed for the toy section. This means that he’ll quickly grab everything, find me, help me and then get me through the crowd. Oh did I forget to tell you I get really dizzy in crowded spaces. Yeah, thankfully I have someone that won’t fool around and while I may be polite and quiet as a mouse trying to push my cart ever so slightly, he’ll grab it and magically part the crowds. He also has to be at work by 8, which means we have a time limit.

7. The plan is to just hit up Walmart since it is down the street and I’m still sick. We know how crazy the people get on Black Friday, two people were hit last year just outside walmart so we aren’t playing around. We may stop by Hy-vee as they have a sale too but we also need last minute stuff before he goes to work.

8. I’m leaving the kids at home with a sitter so I can go with no worrying about where they all are. Last year the hubby took the girls with him and I took the boys, boy was that not fun. Sure for me taking the oldest was a piece of cake, he helped out, but taking the youngest and having him want all the presents was rough.

9. I may bring sale ads as I spotted people doing that last year, I’m not sure though as I know what a hassle that can be on Black Friday. If I do I’ll be bringing it from Target and Toys R Us as I don’t plan on running there for their deals.

10. Once I’m done shopping and run upstairs to hide all my loot I’m going to relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate with tons of mini marshmallows and then sit on the floor with the kids watching Christmas Movies.

What’s your Black Friday plan of attack? If you want to join in you must sign up to be a member of Twittermoms (don’t worry it is FREE) and write it up, leaving a link on “What is your Black Friday Plan of Attack?” There will be 12 winners randomly picked that will each get a $75 Gift card to Target. I love Target, I just wish it were closer.

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No School

November 26, 2009 By · No Comments

Kids had no school today, so what did that mean? It meant no one slept in, not even mommy. Oooh, and here I thought I’d get to sleep. However, SoccerBoy did decide to make HUGE pancakes for me and his siblings to eat. They were good and fluffy, I think he’s turning into a fine chef but I won’t tell him that just yet.

The kids quickly cleaned the house so we could do some arts and crafts, after that it quickly became a wreck as they played with the toys. I swear it can be clean and then a few minutes into playing and it looks like a tornado hit it.

I’ve had a lot of giveaways and reviews to post and I’ll do an updated list later so you can enter all of them. I think there are at least 4, at the least.

Yes, I’m still sick and so is Little A. Hoping he gets over it sooner than me as I hate when any of the kids are sick, but worse when wee ones are.

The tree is still not decorated but it is up, we’ll probably decorate tomorrow or on Black Friday. Will you be doing Black Friday? I will be going to walmart but that’s it, I made a $5 or less list of all the deals for Black Friday for Walmart over at Sales Weekly (www.salesweekly.blogspot.com). I’ve tried hitting amazon for theirs but I’m not doing good at it, I’ll get it in my cart and by the time (5 minutes later) I check out it goes back to the original price.

We ordered a Hy-vee cooked Thanksgiving meal….ummm paid too much for it. We got it today and aren’t thrilled, I don’t recommend them and will do a review later. Hubby is so upset right now over it, thinks he ruined Thanksgiving as we paid a bit much for it and he says for the price he knows we could’ve bought a lot more. Course we both pictured this hot dinner that was maybe wrapped in aluminum foil or something, not a ham that came from the fridge shelf.

So no school day went good but hoping to do more with them next time.

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Have you heard of Automated Man?

November 26, 2009 By · No Comments

Okay first I’m not trying to say there is an automatic man out there that’ll do everything for you that you could possibly think of. Get your mind out of the gutters, you know they won’t scrub every dish for ya. hehe. A friend of mine introduced me to a new site, “The Automated Man” that I think I’d really use once the kids get a bit older. But I know I have a few friends out there that could probably use this now so I’ll mention it.

First, I know some of you super shoppers would probably get this for much cheaper but for those of us just starting off this would be a great deal. The price is $39.99 and you get an entire month’s worth of products for MEN. Yes, I said men and not women, I wish they had one for us ladies…I’d probably buy it right now if they did.

What’s in it?

– Gillette Fusion Razor handle (1), blades (4), Shave gel, after shave and full size deodorant
– chapstick because they never like putting it on it seems
– condoms (package, it’s better safe than sorry)
– tons of other stuff

I believe the handle is just about $10 in the store, condoms are at least $11 and the rest definitely would pass $30. There are over 15 items that will come to them. I think this would’ve been perfect while the hubby was in Iraq, I could’ve had it sent to the house and once a month or more mailed him a shipment…that is unless they’d send it to him. I doubt that though.

Who would this be good for? College students (sorry but we all know they always run out of money), boot camp, men in the military, kids going away to camp, your man in general, etc.

By the way moms can send their sons stuff over at Automated Mom, but don’t think you can send yourself one unless you want men stuff. Hope this helps someone. Yes, I am getting paid for this but I still thought the deal was pretty good.

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