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Bird Comes Smashing in….

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Hmmm, what to blog about today. Well, early this morning a bird flew up and smacked right into my glass door and dropped down. I felt horrible, but I guess you can say Windex really does make it shine through. Okay that wasn’t really funny, the bird actually got hurt and didn’t seem to be able to fly. It kept hopping up like it was trying but would fall back down. By the way my glass door is on a balcony, which means he/she couldn’t just drop down or hop around. In a way it is my fault, two days ago I spayed the window with Windex, I have my little garden growing by the window (outside) and I lay out two pieces of crumbled bread every night. Hey, I like waking up to watching the birds eating it. It brings a bit of peace to a soon to be chaotic world…ya know when kids begin fighting and fussing. By the way the bird disappeared about 30 minutes after hitting the wall but I’m not sure if it fell and hopped away or flew away and landed in the trees. I’m hoping it is okay though, it wasn’t on the ground when we went out to search for it.

I also wanted to address, no I was not at Blogher. One was because the lack of funds and getting up there. I’d really, really love to go and I’m hoping to go next year. I even read some have already bought their tickets for it. How much does it actually cost? The other reason is I wasn’t sure if it was actually part of Blogher, like the site. If it is they’ve never approved me as a member. Oh and yes I’ve sent them my info twice, even faxed it twice which does cost a pretty penny out of my pocket, but never heard back. Guess they don’t like me. Either way, I’d still like to show up to one of these blogging events, they sound like a lot of fun. But I did participate in the BlogHop 09 and am still making my rounds.

Right now we are just relaxing and d0ing those last minute things to sign the kids up for school. For example: BabyGirl is currently doing an eye exam at EyeVisionCare, I didn’t even realize they needed these. We also got a call from the school yesterday telling us the nurse forgot to mark that she got her Polio shot, thankfully it wasn’t too big an issue and we were able to get that fixed. Most of today was doing my blogging and when that was done I played SIMS with SoccerBoy, watched a movie with the girls and played with cars with Little A. I sure am going to miss them when they go to school this year, I’ll only have Little A at home with me, but at the same time I’ll get more done. Plus one-on-one time with the Little man. How’s your week going?

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Make Life a Little Better Blog Tour

July 29, 2009 By · No Comments

Summertime is all about making those beautiful memories you’ll share with your loved ones for the rest of your life. So why not also start them small? I have four kids and I’ve learned that it is the smallest of things that really count with them. They don’t care that they had the most birthday gifts, best school books, etc. It is the time you spent with them, the picnics you shared, swings you swung on and meals you cooked together. Do you agree?

MomCentral recently asked if I’d take a peek at MakingLifeBetter‘s Family Fun E-book and see what I thought of it. To be honest I normally dread anything that is an ebook, I love books in print. But this is short, sweet and full of yummy recipes for you and your children to try at home. Each recipe has a picture to go with it, which of course only makes you want it even more and the price of how much it will cost to make. There are even little tips when the author thought you’d need them, for example one suggests using candy instead of chocolate, or suggesting the use of cranberries inside oatmeal cookies.

For those of you that actually get a break from the kids every once in a blue moon, there are romantic meals for two that are quick and easy to make. I believe the biggest, errrr, most expensive meal per serving was the lasagna,but that is to be expected.

We are going to try the Skippy Dippin’ Sundaes later today, I never would’ve thought to actually melt the peanut butter and use it as a topping. this is great, I can’t wait to go over the rest of the menu idea. Ya’ll know how much we love to have picnics, I think we are going to try doing their Living Room Picnic. First you spread out a blanket, grab those paper plates and eat. They have recipes such as Chicken & Avocado Wraps (Hellmann’s)or even Shedd’s Snack Mix (Country Crock). I don’t typically have a big meal for lunch so this would work out great.

For dinner we could do the DVR Drive in, since we always rent DVDs from REDBOX. They suggest a few ideas, these are the two we are thinking of: Grilled Chicken & Veggies Over Rice (Knorr Sides & I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!) or Bertolli Creamy Fettuccine Primavera (Bertolli Sauce)by the way, all of this can be made with your kids. Which I think is the thing that will help them remember all the fun times you had this summer. Make it a family day and you’ll be making life better.

You can get your own for free here. Don’t forget you can lower the cost of many of the Unilever items by using coupons. There were a ton of the Knorr Sides in this past Sunday paper.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on
behalf of Unilever/Making Life Better. Mom Central sent me a gift card and a
copy of the Family Fun Book to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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Starbucks and Boob shirts

July 26, 2009 By · No Comments

Since it takes me a whole day before getting back to Starbucks, it means I don’t always get to write about newer things on my mind. Such as the following:

The girls are currently cleaning their room, SoccerBoy has just finished mowing the grass and Little A is sitting in front of the TV watching a “So Smart! Video” which we’ll review in a day or two, right now I’ll just say he LOVES Iggy on it. Yesterday wasn’t all that exciting here, we drove around searching for a book on Greenland but no stores had one and believe it or not Borders only had one and that was just a page. So we are a bit disappointed. We told the kids that we’d begin making one meal every payday from a different country that one of them picked out. We thought it would be neat for them to select a country, learn about it and discuss it on the day we had whatever the meal was. Course our first one we’ve now had to postpone because we can’t find anything. Know much about Greenland?

I’ve been reading the Blogs that are in BlogHop ’09 as well as the ones attending BlogHer09. I must say I’m so jealous of all those that got to go up. I mean I totally wanted to meet Mr.PotatoHead like ClassyMommy did.


Since being inside Starbucks today, I got to watch the fire truck run. By this I mean when the fire truck pulls up and everyone gets out to come and get their drinks. A couple beside me talking the whole time about old memories and things they hope to accomplish in the future. It was so nice to hear them as they are a bit older and it was just cute to see them. The man sitting across from me had me almost in tears of laughter when I spotted him outside wearing a black t-shirt that red (in pink writing) I heart boobs and had the little pink breast cancer ribbon in the heart. On the back it reminds people that Breast cancer awareness month is coming up on October. Yes it is a great cause but to see a man wearing a shirt that talks about loving boobs was just too much for me.

Have you seen anything funny today?
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The Life of a Home Mom: Blog Hop ’09

July 25, 2009 By · No Comments
Alright ya’ll, as you already know I am not going to be at BlogHer, no matter how hard I click my red shoes together. But I am going to jump in and join all those wonderful blog ladies that are doing the Blog Hop 09. What does this mean? Oh I simply introduce myself and the family.

Howdy ya’ll, how ya doing? Let me Welcome you to The Life of a Home Mom! I’m so happy you can make it and hope that you will leave a comment that you stopped in to visit me so I can return the favor.
For those that don’t know I’m Eliza, many of you may know me by Homemom3. Hmm, now ya’ll want to see a picture of me? Man does it really have to be current? Okay, well my daughter took one a few days ago so that’ll have to do. Hey no laughing, that just isn’t nice. Okay laugh, I’m in pigtails. I’ve been married now for 13 years, we were once in the military but got out a little less than two years ago. Life outside the military has been a bit of an adjustment, but we are getting through it. I’m over 30 but younger than 40 and am the mother of four wonderful children but sometimes they can drive me up the wall. Yes, that’s how the handprints got up there. The kids are two boys and two girls, the girls are our middle children. (ages 12, 9, about to turn 6 and 2) We don’t have any pets either, but dream of having a farm with plenty of animals one day.

I named my blog “The Life of a Home Mom” because one day my kid asked me about my life and that’s just how it got started. The Homemom3 part was because I had three children when I began writing and I was a homemom. By the way, the blog was kind of a remark my oldest had said, it’s just a blog about your life mom. You will always see me chatting about my life, the kids, things that come to mind, reviews, giveaways. Hey, if it comes into my life, it is all fair game. So gear up folks I’m almost back online completely and I think I’m getting a little bit sassy. Who knows. Leave a comment so I can get to know you and once again welcome to The Life of a Home Mom! Don’t forget to read about the other bloggers that are joining in on the Blog Hop ’09.

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Killing Time & Getting a Break

July 25, 2009 By · No Comments

Okay I’m still waiting but I hear I should have that little device on Monday. So ya’ll wish me tons of luck. Honestly it hasn’t been all that bad, I’ve discovered that I won’t die with my internet off for a few days but I will come very batty. I mean you take out the TV, four kids that don’t always want to play with mommy and only movies you’ve already watched a bazillion times and tell me what you get. haha.

So I’m currently sitting in Starbucks, drinking my coffee (frap) and watching the people that come in and out as I type. I’ve seen the funny faces and things do in the cars when they don’t think you are watching. I got to see another woman that had just got engaged and picked out her wedding dress run in and tell everyone here. You can see the family, friendly atmosphere buzzing around here, old friends that walk in and spot someone they haven’t seen in a while. The smiles that someone has when they leave with their favorite drink. I heard someone order 15 things in one cup, I know it was just her low-fat version of whatever the heck but I must ask….How do they (cashier) remember everything that was just said? haha

It’s warm outside, people sitting at the tables, others walking past, there aren’t as many cars on the road which makes me think they are at home or the nearby lake. Where are my kids? Oh they are out with dad, I think he took them to Chinese for lunch. Either way I’ve learned that even though it is a bit harder to work online here over the home, it is also relaxing. I’ve been getting a break the last couple of days and it is a break I think I needed. Which I didn’t even know. Oh and to those of you that read this blog, leave a comment. I’ve learned I can save your RSS feed to the computer and I can read it when I’m not connecting so I can still read your blog.

Okay I have to get back to work now.
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