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Build a Bear Winner

June 29, 2009 By · No Comments

Here are your random numbers:54
Timestamp: 2009-06-29 20:57:32 UTC

The winner is Her5Boys and she actually did a lot of those bonus entries, which helped ensure her spot. Take a look at these:

My 7 yr. old son really wants the Brown Sugar Puppy and he wants to dress him in a Laker’s Uniform!

# posted by her5boys : 10:06 AM
I follow you on Twitter!http://twitter.com/her5boys480
# posted by her5boys : 10:08 AM
Tweet http://twitter.com/her5boys480/status/2279904340
# posted by her5boys : 10:09 AM
I’m now a fan of Build a bear on facebook!
# posted by her5boys : 10:12 AM

Thank you for your support and readership Her5Boys, if you could email me your address I’ll have this out to you. homemom3@gmail.com Have a great day and congrats!

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Wordless Wednesday: Loves Yogurt

June 24, 2009 By · No Comments

This picture was inspired by a product review and giveaway coming up in my next post. My son absolutely LOVES Yoyo Baby and walks around saying “yo-yo baa-by.” Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Tuesday Toot MeMe

June 23, 2009 By · No Comments

Earlier this week I decided to go back to my all positive posts and no negative. Pretty much that’ll be easy but after looking at Toot MeMe and reading all those other entries I think looking at even the smallest things for accomplishments can improve one’s image or thoughts. We all know that we attract what we put out there so there is no way I want to attract those awful things. So I need to sign back up for the 100 Day Challenge.

But first things first, for this post I must say one thing I accomplished (big or small) so that one is pretty easy. This past week I finished my 6th college class. For those that don’t know I decided to go to college in January and I’m taking both online and at the college classes, to be honest I think for a while I’ll stick with online classes. We’ve got four kids that are cooped up in the car while I’m in class and the hubby is great but they can only stay entertained for so long and now the college has announced they aren’t allowed to come in during my break to have a potty break. Oh well, life goes on and I’m already signing up for my next classes. The one thing I hate is having to wait for responses and grades. I’ve checked like 15 times for my current grade. Talk about funny. But the good TOOT for me is keeping on this, even when times get tough. I’m proud of myself and think the kids and hubby are too.

Happy Tuesday! (I’ll be posting a giveaway soon)

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Ruby Tuesday: The Red Sleeper

June 23, 2009 By · No Comments

I’m new to Ruby Tuesday, I’ve only posted one other time. Here’s my Ruby Red post. Oh look at the two of them. As you can see, it was still a bit nippy in the air so Little A was constantly in sleepers but this was such a great shot of him and his sister, BabyGirl running around and playing soccer. Remember those sleepers? Oh the days when we were younger and could get away with wearing them all day. It was so much easier getting them dressed back then, I’ll miss this time with him. I loved keeping them in their sleepers. His sister does look much cooler though. Happy Tuesday ya’ll!
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Smucker’s Has New Toppings

June 22, 2009 By · No Comments
It’s an ice cream type of day here in Missouri. Why? Oh ummm, because the weather is 92-101 and we deserve a cooling off. So what better way to cool down? Have an ice cream party. Thankfully Smucker’s recently sent us a few of their delicious products. We got the Smucker’s® Apple Cinnamon, Smucker’s Special Recipe® Dark Chocolate, and Smucker’s Magic Shell® Vanilla Cupcake and I went and got tons of ice cream just for this review. Hey a girl loves her chocolate and the kids love ice cream. My favorite is the Special Recipe Dark Chocolate, especially heated up and poured over Vanilla ice cream or even chocolate ice cream. I also like the apple cinnamon heated up and poured over vanilla ice cream, reminds me of an apple pie.

Now for the kids: (I asked their favorite toppings)

SoccerBoy: apple cinnamon, I liked both the straight on the ice cream and
BalletGirl: Magic Shell (she says with a giant smile) because it was
cupcake frosting.
BabyGirl: Magic Shell….it’s twinkling. (she meant
Little A: Umm, I think his favorite was both the chocolate and

I must say that this shell wasn’t as hard as the chocolate ones I’ve used, or maybe we just ate them quicker. But the kids did love it and it did taste like frosting. Smucker’s is having a giveaway/contest and the winner will get (not my contest, you have to go there to sign up) $500 in grocery shopping spree. The only thing you have to do is visit Smucker’s Your Vanilla is Showing and click on the contest.

Currently Smucker’s has 33 products out and a new line of ice cream toppings released this summer:

Smucker’s® Apple Cinnamon, Smucker’s Special Recipe® Dark Chocolate, and Smucker’s Magic Shell® Vanilla Cupcake flavor toppings will be available nationwide starting in June, giving Americans no reason to leave their vanilla showing. To help spark readers’ creativity, encourage them to try mixing custom creations with these tips:

1. Treat yourself to the flavor of apple pie à la mode by spooning Smucker’s Apple Cinnamon topping, made with delicious chunks of apples and aromatic cinnamon, over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

2. Smucker’s Magic Shell Vanilla Cupcake flavor topping tastes like a vanilla cupcake with rainbow sprinkles. Serve over chocolate ice cream with bananas, peanut butter and whipped cream for a unique take on a banana split.

Drizzle Smucker’s Special Recipe Dark Chocolate topping over a slice of cheesecake and top with strawberries for a decadent treat.

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