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Beef Contest For the Heart

May 30, 2009 By · No Comments

The Kansas Beef Council has stated May is Beef Month and in honor of that they are doing the Kansas City Heart Walk this morning. Now I cannot make it down there, however I will definitely do some walking this morning. But they would also like to reward one lucky reader by giving them a $20 Hy-Vee gift card.

Here are a few beef facts you may not know:

· There are 29 cuts of lean beef, each with less than 10 grams of fat per serving.
· Calorie-for-calorie, lean beef is one of the most naturally nutrient-rich power foods.
· A 3-ounce serving of lean beef is low in calories, but high in nutrients, and gives you 50 percent of your protein needs for the day.
· Lean beef provides protein that helps build muscle mass that aids exercise and weight management.
· The protein in lean beef plays a role in the management of Type II diabetes and heart disease.
· Lean beef helps maintain muscle, helping you stay stronger as you age.
· During exercise, protein helps fuel the workout by helping the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels.
· In addition to protein, beef provides a rich source of iron which aids in the oxygenation of muscle cells as they are working hard during a training session.
· Protein builds muscle, and muscle is your body’s primary calorie burner. For every pound of muscle you add, you burn an extra 30 to 50 calories per day.

For those of you that are at the beef walk or going to it don’t forget to give the Kansas Beef Council your passport for your own $20 Hy-vee gift card, which the first 100 people will get.

Prize: 1 winner will get a $20 Hy-vee Gift Card
RULES: You must live in Kansas or Missouri (sorry everyone else)
– Comment and tell me one recipe you like from the “Beef its what’s for Dinner” site or one beef recipe you would like to share with us.
– Make sure you use a working email

Extra Entries: Blog this or twitter it

Deadline: June 8 (my anniversary)

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Join the Kansas City Start! Heart Walk

May 30, 2009 By · No Comments

Have you heard of the Kansas City Start! Heart Walk? If you haven’t you should head on down and check it out. It officially begins in a few minutes, however the walk doesn’t start until 9 am Central time.

Fee: Free event.
Participants are encouraged to collect donations.
Location: Theis Park 47th & Oak
(3 blocks east of the Country Club
Kansas City, MO 64111

The 2009 Kansas City Start! Heart Walk on Saturday, May
30th is our “mission in action.” Through the Start! Heart Walk, we can create
opportunities for people to improve their health by walking and simultaneously
raise funds to help fight heart disease and stroke.Walkers can organize teams at
the companies where they work or with family and friends. Walkers ask
others to support their walk effort by sponsoring them with a donation to the
American Heart Association.

8:30 am Late $
Turn In
8:55 am Warm Up
9:00 am Start! Heart

Will you be there? I’d love to see some pictures? Stick around for the contest.

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Wordless Wednesday: Graduation

May 27, 2009 By · No Comments
SoccerBoy going up to get his Certificate of Completion of Elementary School.

My little Graduate! So proud and not very happy that mom is making him get his pic. Happy WW!

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SoccerBoy’s 6th Grade Graduation

May 27, 2009 By · No Comments

SoccerBoy graduated 6th grade last night (May 26, 2009) which for those wondering, it means he has completed elementary school and is moving into Jr.High in the fall. Which also means momma’s first born is now almost grown which is the weirdest feeling of all. Last night, as we drove up to the store before his graduation I was stuck in that time warp. I kept thinking of all those things in the past, you know the whole bringing the baby home, first steps, first days of school, etc. Now I’ll be here for the next round of first, but those are the ones I worry about. haha.

You know that first REAL girlfriend, first driving lessons, first dance at school, football game, etc. But there are some good things too, which I hope he shares with me as much as he has in the past. You know stuff like the lockers that just won’t work, that most-boring-school-teacher that has the voice that puts everyone to sleep, most stern teacher, the gossip (okay he’s not a girl so maybe not), to all those other things. Okay well I guess I can let him move to Jr.High then.

Once at the school he dashed off with the autograph item I got him to have all his friends sign it and get ready for “the walk.” Mom, dad, two sisters and his brother waited in the very HOT gymnasium. Thankfully it didn’t take too long for it to begin (however it took forever once it was started, haha), they showed a display of each child graduating and their baby pic. I was up there when he walked in, snapping away and there he was just laughing and smiling and giving me that look that said “of course.”

They sung two songs before sitting back down to get their certificates. But during the song he kept looking over and smiling at me, it was funny because you could tell he really did not want to be up there but when he spotted me his bored face broke in a grin. Made me feel good. He might be growing up but he still smiles for his family. Once he got the certificate and was released we went off to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse and I made him eat something besides a cheeseburger. I swear that’s all he ever orders, last night he was kind and ordered ribs. Woo hoo! He changed something. hehe. How many of you have a child that only orders one thing no matter where they are? I whispered to him, “It’s graduation, get something different.” haha.

Either way, he graduated, I got my pictures and he got his paper.

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Memorial Day Activities

May 27, 2009 By · No Comments

Wow, I’m so behind in posting about my life. As always we did honor Memorial Day, I know ya’ll didn’t think we’d let that day slip right past. Of course we enjoyed a BBQ, but not before we (kids and I) stopped over at the cemetary and thanked all those that have served in the military. The hubby stopped off at the store before the kids and I went over and got us 3 dozen roses, which we would lay on the graves. It was a very interesting thing to see how the kids reacted and know next year we’ll have to save up for a few more roses so that all the graves get at least one flower on them. I hated leaving when I saw some that served in the military but we had nothing else left for them..besides our thanks. How did you spend Memorial Day?

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