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Pepsi Throw Giveaway

April 30, 2009 By · No Comments

How many of ya’ll like Pepsi? Pepsi and I go way back, heck for a while there that’s what kept me living back in high school. By the way kids that is not a good thing, you should always eat and drink a regular meal. Don’t rely on soda to keep ya going.

Throughout my life Pepsi has always come and gone through my house. Today, it still does.
Okay so what’s going on you ask?

Pepsi Throwback will be available nationwide for about 8 weeks beginning April
20 in 20-oz retro designed single-serve bottles and 12-pack cans.

Pepsi will be replacing it’s current taste to the days of the 60’s-70’s when it was natural sugar instead of all this fake stuff. I was born in the 70s but I can’t recall how it would’ve tasted and I think I may have been just a bit too young. I have yet to actually go and get one of these new Pepsi Throwback bottles but I’ll look for them today and come back to tell ya what I thought of them.

Pepsi wanted to surprise one lucky “The Life of a Home Mom” reader with a Pepsi Throwback Prize Pack. What’s in the prize pack? Oh, lots of goodies. There’s the retro Pepsi tin lunch box (that I totally want), there’s the throwback trucker cap, USB lava lamp (cool), retro clock radio/CD player (would be right here on my desk) and of course the blankets. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

How about winning some fabulous Pepsi stuff?

Prize: One winner will get….

– Pepsi Throwback Trucker Cap
– Retro Pepsi Tin Lunch Box
– Retro Clock Radio/CD Player
– USB Lava Lamp
– Pepsi Throwback & Mountain Dew Throwback

RULES: Leave a comment below telling me a story/memory from the 60-70s, if you are too young share a Pepsi memory. Oh and leave a working email. (Sorry US only)

EXTRA Entries: tweet, stumble or blog about this contest and leave your name and link and you’ll get an extra entry each time. One time per thing.

Deadline: May 15, 2009 and the winner will be announced May 15, 2009 around noon.
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Pepsi Throwback Giveaway Coming soon….

April 30, 2009 By · No Comments

That’s right I have a contest coming soon so keep watching. In the meantime watch the Pepsi Throwback commercial. Talk about a blast from the past.

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Wordless Wednesday: Chucky Cheese

April 29, 2009 By · No Comments

My two precious girls at Chucky Cheese. You know it’s the place where a kid can be a kid and well, lets just say … I had a lot of fun. Two weeks ago I got the news my Nanny (grandmother) had passed on and the funeral would be that week so off we went for a road trip. We left on Wednesday morning from Missouri and got there late that night, it took 14 hours to arrive in Ohio. We booked our hotel room while driving, thank goodness for wireless internet (Love VerizonWireless) On our way we decided to stop off in Kentucky when we saw a sign for Chucky Cheese/StarBucks. I have many more pictures of this event that I’ll post later. Yes, I had each child get their pictures done there for me. Now I have current shots of all of them on little cards. hehe.

Happy WW!

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X-14 Vanishes Stains

April 27, 2009 By · No Comments

Thanks to MomCentral and X-14 I have a clean bathroom. Okay, for this review…yes it is another review post but I absolutely love this stuff. Minus the smell. Can ya’ll please make one that has a vanilla or a lavendar scent? I don’t know if it is possible but I know several that would like it more, myself included. But with that being stated it does an excellent job cleaning up. WOW.

X-14 Spray came to my house to review. Due to the funeral I ened up posting this late but still wanted ya’ll to know about it. All you have to do is spray it on the surface and wait for the stains to start going away and wipe it up. No scrubbing, which I love and it isn’t one of those you wait 10 minutes and go back. If you are like me you aren’t going back in 10 minutes, maybe 30 or an hour but not 10. You’ll forget, get side-tracked, etc. You’ll remember when you go to use the item you sprayed. Ikk. With X-14 you spray it and wipe and you are done. The stains are suppose to stay gone for 2 weeks. Now to get those stains off the wall.

This picture below, I want to state this is NOT our house, it is a rental and I’m understanding from 1986 at least. So when I was asked to review X-14 I jumped at it. Are you kidding, get rid of everyone that’s ever been in my house YES. No more ikky germs. Here’s a pic of before and then after.

Before as you can see had mold like in it and very yellow.

Not sure about you but I like the bottom picture and my son (Little A) is already trying to dump his bath toys back in it.

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CVS Trip (April 26-May 2)

April 27, 2009 By · No Comments

First for those that don’t know I write a coupon blog over at Sales Weekly where I post all the deals and coupons for the week. Just in case some were wondering where I find all these deals. The Sunday Paper and ALL YOU Magazine at Walmart have become two of my favorite items to buy. I’m going to post what this should’ve been but after I’m going to add one more thing.

Okay the hubby had one of those Spend $50 and get $10 off.

$2.99 fructis ($1 off)
$3.49 rimmel eye liner pencil ($1 off)
$4.40 Veet (coupon $2 from RIB)
$1.99 hard as nail by Sally Hansen ($1 off from Kmart coupon book)
2/$5 speed stick (.75/2)
$14.99 breeze 2 monitor (up to $30 off coupon)
$7.58 purse on sale (using as coupon bag, other ripped)
$1.99 blade scorpion spray clearanced ($1 off RIP)
$1.99 V&C natural sponge (bath item, used $1 off RIP)
$2.98 ($1.99 each) Indicator toothbrushes ($1/2 coupon)

$48.93 before tax
$33.74 in coupons (this includes the $10 off)

$15.19 (should’ve been)
Use $7 ecb making it $8.19
Earned ECB: $2, $3, $1, $1

But I tossed in something plus the calculator since someone got a hold of mine and I didn’t have one on me. This was a good trip and I did leave with ECBs plus used my own card and bought:

Speedstick deal 2/$5 minus 2/.75
garnier deal $2.99 minus $1 off
Total: $6.24 (not including taxes)
Used: $6 ECB from before and paid just the tax.
Earned ECB: $3, $2

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