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The Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame Contest

March 31, 2009 By · No Comments

Have you entered in the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame Contest yet? Yes, you know the battery with the Energizer Bunny, the pink one. Yep that’s the one. Currently you can enter the contest by nominating someone you know that is just like the Energizer Bunny. Honestly I thought of a few people but one friend really stuck out to me, that friend is AskewToYou. This is one woman that is amazing.

You can nominate yourself or somone else. As nominator you must write
an essay of between 50 and 350 words describing yourself or another individual
who should be nominated (the “Nominee”) to the upcoming Energizer Keep Going®
Hall of Fame.

An interesting fact, the winner of 2006 actually lived out here in Missouri. His name is John O’Leary. The deadline to nominate yourself or someone you know is March 31st, so get those entries in.

Every day, people from all walks of life are compared to the Energizer Bunny®, from celebrities to athletes and politicians. But only once a year do Americans collectively identify that one individual who is so unstoppable and so civic-minded that he or she deserves entry into Energizer Keep Going® Hall of Fame.

The Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame was started in 2006 as a way to honor everyday people for the energy and perseverance they show in their daily lives, no matter what challenges they might face. Today, there are four members in the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame, and now through March 31, the search is on for the 2009 inductee. The winner will earn a $10,000 cash prize and a $5,000 donation to his or her favorite charity.

“Through the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame, Energizer is connecting a group of people who have a similar outlook on life,” Ripken said. “People who share a common approach and embody the characteristics of the Energizer Bunny: enthusiasm, perseverance and a positive approach to all that they do.”

Energizer is looking for candidates with a great story about how they have positively impacted others through strong leadership and perseverance. “Through their stories, we hope to inspire others to find the Keep Going® spirit in their own lives,” said Betsy Laakko, Director of Marketing for Energizer.

To read more about the other members of the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame and finalists that have been honored, visit www.energizer.com/halloffame .

Course you know I can never pass up a giveaway:


– 1 winner will get Energizer Ultimate Lithium (retail $30) and Energizer Advanced Lithium (retail $24) batteries.

RULES: First visit this site www.energizer.com/halloffame

– Tell me below who your hero is.
– leave a working email addy. (I can’t explain how important this is, if you don’t have one I go to the next person for a winner.)

Extra entries:
– tweet this post and leave a seperate comment letting me know with the link
– blog this giveaway and leave a link below
– stumble upon me and let me know

US Only.
Deadline: Midnight tonight.

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My CVS Trip

March 29, 2009 By · No Comments

Yes, I went to CVS again today, they had a new ad and I had a ton of coupons about to expire. For those of you that have been buying the Beauty Magazines (CVS one) you can use them today with their BOGO deals on nail polishes. Our cheapest was the $2.49 but when you pair that with the $3 off you make money. Course with CVS you can’t go below zero so you will have to make it to $0.00 or higher for it to work. We went a bit overboard but I’ve been wanting the new Glade plug ins. We bought that Tri Scent last time and it really works so I’m going to buy some smelly scented thing for each room.

$2.49 (each) Sally Hansen Nail polishes (bought 6) total: 7.47
BOGO (Limit 6)
$5.99 Glade S&S (limit 1)
$1.99 CVS Cotton balls
2/$3 M&Ms
$1.99 PAAS (limit 2) total: 3.98
$5.99 Glade lasting impressions (limit 1)
$1.25 2 liter pepsi
Total: $29.67

– $1/2 on M&M
– $9 ($3 off Sally Hansen Nail Polish from Beauty Mag)
– $4 Glade Sense & Spray
– $4 Glade plug in scented oil lasting impressions
– $1 off (CVS coupon from Beauty mag)
Coupon total: $19 in coupons (wow)

Complete total after coupons: $11.38 (with tax)
ECBs earned: $4.98 (2, one for $1 from Glade and $3.98 from PAAS)

I was asked what an ECB is. The basic idea is when you buy a certain item that CVS wants you to buy for that week you get Extra Care Bucks. These print out at the bottom of your receipt and you can use them next time. Kind of like fake money but you can use it in their store.

Ex: $5.99 Glade Lasting Impressions
$1.00 ECB
Total: $4.99 course you will pay the $5.99 to get it and on the
receipt will be the $1 ECB for next time.

By the way there is a $4.00 coupon on the glade in today’s paper so really
you’ll only pay $1.99 and get back that $1.00 ECB.

I realize I could’ve got this a bit cheaper if I had done two transactions but I was in a hurry to leave with the kids. We might be back later depending on the coupons we have at home. We’ll be doing a coupon party with a neighbor later, I’ll even write about it.

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Spring Snow Storm hits Home

March 28, 2009 By · No Comments

I swear they get some really strange weather out here in Missouri. I never would’ve dreamed of a snow storm hitting after the groundhog already appeared, but sure enough that is what happened this morning. Last night we got some really cold weather, this morning I awoke to the trees having ice hanging off them.

Course as you can see by the picture above it began to rain. But then it began to….

Hail, after that there were reports of sleet/ice and of course…..


How’s your weather? I think mine is kind of crazy, I mean just last week we were flying kites. Figures all plans are canceled now.

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Wordless Wednesday: Outside Fun

March 25, 2009 By · No Comments

What did we do this past weekend? That’s easy, we enjoyed the sunshine outside. As you can see the two youngest drove around in a jeep and it seems Little A would rather talk on the CB or as he calls it, phone. BabyGirl loves the driving part of it, she loves to be in control….just as long as she doesnt’ drive off the side.

The other two were riding bikes/scooters and wearing helmets. We got helmets to review and I’ll link to that when it goes up on my other blog. Keep in mind helmets secure your child’s head and they should never be without one when riding a bike.

Daddy was helping everyone fly kites, he even stated it is relaxing.

Happy WW!

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My CVS Shopping Trip

March 23, 2009 By · No Comments

Yesterday I went to CVS with the kids, now they placed their orders and here was mine. I must say I really saved. I would love to read your CVS trips, please post a comment that links to your CVS experience below.

#1 Transaction:
$8.99 Schick Intuition Plus (this had the two Dove Shampoos in it too)
$8.99 Schick Quattro for Women
$3.49 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
$5.99 Renuzit tri scents starter kit

2 Re-invent magazines .99 each

Total for all: $29.44(not including taxes)
Total for coupons: $12.75 ($4 Schick Intuition Plus, $4Schick Quattro, $4 Renzuit starter kit, .75 Crest)
$5 off $15 order (brings total to $11.69)
$10.99 ECBs

Grand Total: .70 tax brought it to .75
ECB recieved: $3.49 for Crest and $3 for schick ($6.49 in ECBs)

#2 Transaction:
– $7.99 Maybelline foundation

ECBs used: $6.49
Grand Total: $1.50 plus tax $1.61
ECB recieved: $5

#3 Transaction:
– $6.99 Flicka (the movie)

Total: $6.99
ECB used: $5
Grand Total: $1.99

With all three transactions I only paid $4.35 for everything, yes I did leave with no ECBs but I think I left with plenty of other items.

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