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Little A Discovered his Nipples

February 28, 2009 By · No Comments

Okay, I’ve been weaning my youngest (almost 2) and I guess he was looking for another alternative. Imagine my surprise as I hear, “Milk. Milk?”

I look over at Little A who has unzipped his zipper and is actually grabbing his nipples. I try to ignore it, but I once again hear, “Milk?”

I smile, “nipples. That is your chest.”

But he’s insistant and smiles really big, “MILK!” Suddenly he’s trying to pull his nipples towards his mouth and he’s making the sucking sound as if he’s pretending to drink. I was in hysterics by this time, but finally convinced him he did NOT have milk and gave him a cup instead. We did finally get the pajamas put back on.

Talk about the strange things kids do.

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February Giveaways for You

February 25, 2009 By · No Comments

Babylune is giving away 2 organizers from Amy Knapp, one is for Christians and the other is for those Expecting.

SheKnows Coupons is giving away College Inn Broths and stocks for your home. Check them out, all you have to do is list a recipe or what you’d use them for.

Right here, at The Life of a Homemom is giving away a Crayola Timer Light toothbrush and kit for you. Just tell me which one you’d want and how you get your kids involved.

Shopaholics Daily is giving away a BuddhiWear Hoody.

Stylelist is giving away a scarf from Bombshell Studios.

Donna Downey is giving away a few Castlife sentiments, which is GREAT for stamping and scrapbooks.

Joanna Goddard is giving away a book “Love” curated by Samantha Hahn.

Bella Sugar is giving away Barbie Loves Stila Paint can which is full of make up. Hurry up and sign up.

The Thrifty Mommy is giving away The Mighty B!: We Got the Bee

The Dirty Shirt is giving away Baby Signs so you can teach your young one sign language early on.

Momma’s Review is giving away SimAnimals the game for the Nintendo DS.

An Island Review is giving away a ton of things this month:
Triple Threat Beauty Giveaway
Raising Freethinkers
A Century of Flavor Cookbook
Wheels on the Bus for iPhone/iTouch
Honey Kix Snack Pack
Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be
Glade Sense & Spray
Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

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Wordless Wednesday: Before and After Cut

February 25, 2009 By · No Comments

Little A had his first professional cut and seemed to love it, guess we’ll see the next time he goes. I’m going to post the before shot and the two after shots I have. Do you remember when your little one got their first cut or trim? Happy WW!

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My Son wants Playboy

February 25, 2009 By · No Comments

Today my son, (SoccerBoy he’s 11) saw in the coupons that the magazine, “PLAYBOY” was available for $12 for a 1 year subscription. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Mom you can get me that for my birthday.”


First, he’s dreaming. Second I responded, “What? A magazine.”

“Mom, they are in bathing suits.”

My response, “Oh you want women in bathing suits?”

He quickly took the leap. “YES!”

I smiled, “Okay, I’ll get some shots of me and your sisters in bathing suits and make you one.”

Disgust crawled across it face, “Nevermind, I’ll ask dad.”


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Giveaway: Crayola Timer Light Toothbrush Bag Kit

February 19, 2009 By · No Comments

I recently got to review a really cute product line by Gum Brand, with this being the Dental Hyigene month what better product right? I received a cute little canvas bag that I can pull the strings and use over and over from Crayola, it held three toothbrushes, floss sticks, soft picks and a few other items.

One of those toothbrushes was the Crayola Timer light toothbrush, this is a favorite for the kids. Why? It lights up and kids love that, you brush your teeth until the light shuts off. When you are done there is a tiny suction cup at the bottom that way you can make sure it stays in a standinb position. These also come in: Red, blue, green and yellow.

The kids’ love the flossers as they get to do it themselves without wrapping the floss around their fingers. I love the Summit toothbrush as it really gets into the gumline and in between the teeth. These toothbrushes have a tapered-bristle tip that helps clean the teeth.

In the really cute reuseable Crayola bag is:

For kids:
Crayola Timer Light toothbrush
Crayola Kids’ Flossers

For parents:
2 Summit toothbrushes
90 pack of Eez-Thru Flossers
Soft-Picks with Travel Case


– Check out Gum Branch and tell me what you’d like

– Leave a comment below telling me how you encourage your child to brush their teeth.
– Make sure you leave a working email, without it I can’t let you knjow you win.
– Extra entries for those that Twitter this or stumble it and leave a different comment below telling me.

Deadline: February 26, I’ll announce the winner on the 27th. You’ll get one email from me and 24 hours to respond. Good luck!
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