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No Voice

December 14, 2008 By · No Comments

Man I hate having no voice, but seems like that sore throat and fever has taken away my voice yet again. This time I think I hurt it more last week when it first started, I ate a pizza and think I ripped part of the inside of my throat. (had some small evidence)

Anyways now it is super sore and hurts to talk so looks like once again I have laringitis (not sure of the spelling). Kids are just loving this, they even told me to hush and handed me a piece of paper and a pen. UGH!

How many of you have dealt with this? Any remedies… BESIDES NOT TALKING.

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Elks Take SoccerBoy Shopping

December 14, 2008 By · No Comments

On Friday Morning I had a weird number show up on my phone, so what does one do that loves the internet? I googled it, saw it was in the area and did a research search. I still wasn’t sure, so finally I called it back but not before hearing my kid on my answering machine and then another followed up, “Can we adopt your kids for the weekend?” Now I knew no one literally wanted to adopt them but what did they do so well or need them for. I called.

Teacher told me they wanted to pick SoccerBoy for a shopping spree. ??? A what? Well, he doesn’t need it. They told me only so many are picked from each school and he was one of them. I made a few calls, got him a ride down there and called school box stating yes. This would be the first time we have ever allowed any of our kids to go anywhere like this, especially on a weekend.

So the deal was done, SoccerBoy would show up at Sears Grand at 7 a.m. to go shopping with an Elk (no not a deer). They let him spend $200 on whatever, unlike most kids he decided to have fun with it and shop for everyone in the family, plus something for Toys For Tots. He got some really nice gifts too, but as the teacher told me later, he KNOWS how to shop and gets TONS for so little. They were amazed as the other kids got $185 iPods or $40 snowboards and he got two large garbage bags full of presents for not just him but everyone in the family (at least 2 each).

Later today we’ll take him down to drop off his toy for tots. He’s so proud of it, but I’m just boiling over with pride for him. I’ll update ya later on what all he got, I just had to share this with my readers.

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SoccerBoy Made the Weekly Paper

December 14, 2008 By · No Comments

Woo hoo, found out that SoccerBoy made the paper. First, I wasn’t very pleased as we did sign a piece of paper stating our kids were NOT to be in the media/paper/anything at the beginning of the school year.

But I got a note that came home the other day with him, he was so excited and first thing out of his mouth was “Mom, you are going to be mad and happy.” My first thought was okay how do I respond to this. “Why?”

He tossed the note to me with a somewhat cheesy grin, “I didn’t say anything bad.” Now I’m quickly opening this note thinking back to the days at the other school when I’d get a note like this. Please no, let it be good.

“We’d like to inform you that your son, Soccerboy, will be in the newspaper on Saturday, December 13. We are letting you know in case you wanted to get a few copies. Soccerboy was picked to be the Cougar of the Month.”

In the paper….yes, of course I grabbed it. Had hubby grab 4 copies, he grabbed more. I figure, one for self, one he takes to work, one Soccerboy will save and one for the family that asks. lol. Now we have more copies. It was a nice write up, granted I do wish I was informed, we could’ve totally styled his hair. We were allowing it to grow out until end of winter so it is shaggy looking right now. But he didn’t care, which is all that matters. If I can find a link I’ll show ya’ll. But he did great, if you want to congratulate him you can leave a comment and I’ll show him later today. Yes, I’m a very proud mommy at the moment and have even more to share in a moment.

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Tok Box Helps Familes Stay in Touch

December 12, 2008 By · No Comments

We are no longer in the military but I found a site that would be great if we were. The site is called Tok Box and basically what you do is chat live in a little box on the top of your screen. I’m loving this and am going to actually do this as a Christmas Morning Greeting for the entire family on the west coast.

The family doesn’t get to see the kids much, never did when we were in the military as we were always moving from one place or another or the opposite side of the states. Now we are stuck in the center and still a bit too far, with the economy and all. Not something we can just take a vacation for with four kids and our pocketbooks and vise versa. We do use the phone and I tend to use myspace a ton for pictures, so the family sees us through these avenues.

However with Tok Box, you sign up for a free account and you don’t have to download everything. If you are like me you are very hesitant when it comes to that last part. Now one thing I do wish is that they had it so you could do this using skype, right now you can use it with AIM, yahoo messenger, msn and google. Once you choose which one you want to use you can quickly upload your video and click send. This will give you a link and you can send it to your friends, when they click the link it’ll give them a pop up of you and they can not only see you but hear you as well. (great for grandparents seeing the grandkids that can’t yet talk or those deployed overseas)

I plan on using this even more if the hubby does get sent overseas. Didn’t I tell ya…. he re-enlisted, well he’s not in the Marine Corp (like he’d love to be) but he is in the Army Reserves. I think he’d just love this feature. I will be using it a lot more now though, once the kids see this they’ll probably want to call their Aunt J, cousins and grandparents. Another thing I love….it is FREE, no long distance bills for anyone.

Thanks to MomCentral for pointing me towards TokBox and I’ll be sending everyone a video very soon. It’s pretty easy to use. One more thing, there is a public area everyone can just leave their links (reminds me of a chatroom that everyone can see you) but I am skiddish on those so I didn’t leave mine. However I did look at a few just to see what it was like. So I can see this becoming a thing teens would like, but as a parent you can control it too.

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The Busy Ball-tivity Center Keeps them Entertained for Hours

December 10, 2008 By · No Comments
busy ball-tivity centre

busy ball-tivity centre

The Busy Ball-Tivity Center can stack, spin, move and everything that’ll get your little toddler wanting to stay with it for a long while. My son loves to try stacking them on top of each other. The first day he was all about sitting or trying to sit in the center of the Busy Ball Center.  We’ve finally convinced him it wasn’t a pool. (only thing we could think of) Now he likes putting the ball in the hover hole and trying to fish it out.

busy all-tivity centre

busy all-tivity centre

I say trying because if he just goes to push on it it goes back in, however if he grabs it or swats it from the side it gets out of the area. The lady bug he knows makes it all start singing if you push on her, so he’ll push her and grab the balls. Hippo spins it’s ears, the tree top spins, alligator chomps and the lady bug will pop the monkey out of the tree.

While all this is going on the balls are spinning in the center of the tiny jungle. If you place the tree on the hippo, the tree still spins.When the center is on a musical chime (calypso)is played, it isn’t too annoying like some toys I’ve heard either. In fact it’s actually catchy, better watch yourself. My son loved to talk about the colors of the balls, drop them in and watch them spin.

Disclosure: We were sent this product to review, pictures and opinions are mine. 

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