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Have you been Naughty Or Nice?

December 25, 2008 By · No Comments

Well Santa is just about here boys and girls, I’ve been watching the Santa Tracker all day. So he has little bit longer to check that naughty or nice list and I have one question to all of you…..

Have you been….


Remember folks, Santa’s watching!

Okay for those of you that know me, we’ve already opened all our presents and now the children are eagerly waiting for morning because they know any presents under the tree will be from Santa. They aren’t 100% sure if they’ve been Naughty or Nice. I think I’ll keep them in suspense.

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Where’s Santa?

December 24, 2008 By · No Comments

With only hours to go before Santa arrives at your house I bet you are hearing all types of things from your kids.

Mom, was I good this year? How does Santa know if I’m still behaving? Where’s Santa now mom?

Well for most of those you can have Santa email your kids a letter telling them they’ve behaved. Mine did and even told him what they wanted for Christmas and he’s already sent back two letters. One was from and elf named Binky and one from the Old St. Nick himself.

As for behaving I guess you can always tell them that if they don’t behave Santa will leave them coal in their stockings. hehe. That’s what I told mine. But for those of you that have a child wanting to know where Santa is you can show them his location on the Norad Tracker, we’ve been watching him all morning and currently he’s bouncing back and forth between Japan, Australia and Russia. Take a peek.

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Window Mobile Smartphone

December 23, 2008 By · No Comments

Did you know Windows has a phone out? I had no clue but I guess these days it shouldn’t be a surprise that computer programming companies are coming out with them. I mean even Google has a phone now. So what’s the new phone?

Windows Mobile Smartphone, which you can currently purchase it through the link or one of three companies: VerizonWireless, AT&T or Sprint. The SmartPhone comes with:

Version 6.1, Microsoft Office Mobile, WindowsLive (which I LOVE), Windows Media Player, Voice Recognition, Non-touch Screen, tourch screen with stylus, QWERTY keyboard, 3G, WI-Fi, Internal GPS (never get lost)

This little guy will become your lifeline to just about everything and since you can access your email and make phone calls its that much easier to love. There are actually 38 devices (phones) to choose from, the newest one being a very sleek SamSung Omnia. I won’t lie, I love the SamSung phone, something about it now I haven’t tried this one but it looks very nice. The battery is even good for 5 hours of talking, hopefully you don’t need that much in one call but ya never know.

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Win Christmas Movies!

December 17, 2008 By · No Comments

Homemom3 is giving away two different sets of movies, one is The Classic Christmas Movie Collection and the other is the NEW classic Christmas Movies. Now only two winners will get this so you have to get in on this now, oh and did I mention there is only one day to enter.

Okay, in my local paper I read how some people are actually trying to BAN Rudolph songs and others don’t want their kids singing about Santa Clause. Why? Ruldolph teaches about how the other reindeer treated him bad. Santa breaks into your home from the chimney.

Umm, what about all the other stuff? I think it showed that no matter what he still found others that excepted him for who he was and later they’d all discover it. Santa was a very giving man, made toys all year and delivered. Come on! Well both are staying in my house and the songs will be song even after Christmas I’m sure.

Now who wants to win these movies? You will get: Gumby, Fat Albert, Casper, George of the Jungle (all the new ones) and Frosty, Rudolph, Santa Claus, etc.

To win: Leave a comment (WITH AN EMAIL) telling me your favorite Christmas carol/movie. You will need to respond to my email within 10 hours. Be ready! I’ll announce a winner tomorrow night.

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Baby Einstein Celebrates 10 Years

December 16, 2008 By · No Comments

A few weeks ago Momcentral teamed up with Baby Einstein and blessed this house with its very first Baby Einstein video, cd and book. I want to tell you I’m ashamed to state that and I wasn’t blind to this company, in fact a very good friend in Sweden tells me all about these videos…I just hadn’t bought them.

The first thing that Little A grabbed was the book, “boook.” He begain right away looking at it and of course his older sister, BalletGirl tried reading to him. But she had to wait for him to put the book down before she could finish the story. His book was the touch and feel Farm animals and he definitely knows the cow. He felt the cows nose, velvety and then said, “Cow..Moo.” He did however refuse to pet the lamb on the inside page, he insisted the book had to be closed to pet it. I’m guessing since when you look at it that is the part sticking out.

The video is Baby Mozart and for him it is only good during certain parts. He wouldn’t sit long enough, but he did enjoy the Lullaby Classics CD. He even bopped his head back and forth in a swaying position. To me the video was perfect for a calming afternoon, since everything is quiet and soothing. It was his sister, Babygirl (age 5) that seemed to enjoy the movie. For those that have never seen it there are real-life pictures that go with the theme. There’s even a tiny puppet show.

Thanks Baby Einstein and Momcentral for giving me something besides Barney for a little while.

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