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Diaper Rashes Gone with Vusion

August 31, 2008 By · No Comments

Does your baby EVER get a rash? My oldest use to get it so severely from just about everything. There was simply nothing we could do for him except let him go bare bottom since diapers seemed to be the culprit. He seemed to be allergic to any brand of diaper, from the most expensive to the cheap store bought type. I couldn’t WAIT to get him potty trained.

I found out through MomCentral that today they actually have a prescription you can get to help with severe or non-severe diaper rashes. Now I haven’t been able to use it myself, thankfully Little A has had one diaper rash and I’m hoping to get him trained before he gets another. Wishful thinking? Hopefully not.

I won’t lie to you the site isn’t all fancy and pretty, in fact it reminds me very much of what a prescription site would look like. This is a great place to get your diaper cream needs. You may not know but sometimes those really severe rashes can actually be from yeast. You would need a doctor’s prescription to get the Vusion Cream so the next time you find yourself at the doctor’s office find out if they can write you up one. Or learn more about it, chances are they have material on it but no one asks about it because they just don’t know.This can help and infant as young as 4-weeks old and as old as those that haven’t been potty trained yet.

I know ya’ll like freebies or things cheaper. Hey, we are all moms and know how expensive life with little ones can be. You can get a coupon for this for a $25 rebate from Vusion. So it’ll be like buying something for free, that is once you get the rebate back in the mail. Cool?

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Store Shopping & a Nature Walk

August 27, 2008 By · No Comments

We had quite the day yesterday, first off I ran out of all my caffeine. EEEEKKK! Right? I had no clue I was running low on tea and finished off my last soda, I had grabbed a soda just yesterday morning at the gas station…only problem, it was DIET! Which of course means I did NOT drink it. Ikk.

So, what does this mean for someone that doesn’t have a car and does have two small children? It means we went on a …. NATURE HIKE. BabyGirl and Little A (he was in the stroller) loved it. BabyGirl (she just turned 5 at the beginning of the month) was very talkative and even saying hi to the grass, the trees and even an old man sitting on his porch. Yes, she was very friendly. One thing that cracked me up was a tree that had some pieces on it to make a face. Someone actually put wooden pieces on a tree that were in the shape of eyes, nose and well the mouth was either taken off or they didn’t have it.

BabyGirl and I had a blast as we talked about strangers, cars, the birds that flew by and even which house we liked and which one we didn’t. There’s this really pretty brick home that has blue trim, I’d love this one. Even the mailbox is right by the front door. The entire street is something out of a story book or from the movie Pleasantville. I would LOVE it!

We got to the Dollar Deals store and grabbed our drinks, course I had to look at the educational products and found two poster boards for $1 each. One was addition family and the other was a counting one that went up to 20. I grabbed both and we went on our way. It was all in all a great walk.

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Green Works Makes Your Kitchen Smell Great!

August 22, 2008 By · No Comments

My kitchen smells fruity and I’m not baking anything or spraying the counters with some chemical like I normally do. Instead I just did dishes. I know how silly that sounds but it really smells that good and it is a “green” dish soap so I know it isn’t harmful to my kids or the house at all. Actually I even prepared the other sink for my next set of dishes just so I could leave the house smelling good, tossing a capful or a small squirt into the water and letting it bubble up and soak is all it takes. Now the whole kitchen has this scent of clean and fruits.

The soap came through MomCentral, which they got it from the Green Works, they are actually making a whole line of cleaning products that are GREEN. I got the Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid and I’ve already got hooked on it.

I’m not sure but I believe it works better than my Dawn dish soap or the other cleaning agents I use on my counters, that includes Clorox sprays and yes I know this is made with clorox. Actually it is but it has less of the smell, which I like because I can wash everything down and not worry about my son (1 year old) or daughter (age 5) having to deal with the smell and coughing. The dish soap is made out of ingredients that are natural such as lemon oil and coconuts. Sounds yummy enough to eat, but DON’T! Smells great though, like I said it is a clean and fruity smell.

Green Works cares and they’ve even teamed up with the Sierra Club which is all about the environment. Now I’ve been slowly moving over to the green side of life and this is just one small step but when a product works this good and helps the environment how can I not?

Want one of your own? These are coming to the shelves in your stores this month, AUGUST! So start looking for them, here are a few scents they’ll have:

Water Lily, Simply Lemon, Tangerine, Free&Clear and original.

Hope ya’ll enjoy, back to the floors. Too bad they didn’t send me some mopping cleaner too. Want to go green? Here are a few tips for you to go green from Clorox.

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August Giveaways (Thursday)

August 22, 2008 By · No Comments

Not much this week folks but hopefully someone writes me and tells me that they won something. πŸ™‚ Hey come one, I know some of you do.

Elizabeth over at MomReviews has some nice goodies to giveaway. Head on over and win
Laurie Berkner or a ClickToy

This next one I’m totally copying from the email:

Call 1-800-THE-INFO, a free alternative to the 411 directory service, and ask for the business info/listing of any place you feel like. Then, ask the operator to enter you in the Rock My Room contest.

You can win some awesome prizes, they’ve got iPod Touch w/Bose SoundDock digital music system, 32inch flat screen TV, laptop computer and a $500 American Express gift card. Target GC or American Express Card and many more goodies.

5 lucky moms will be given a $100 GC to Lands’ End just for filling out THIS survey.

Short list I know, but I’ve got a baby crawling all over me. πŸ™‚ Later. Leave your links in the comments if you have a giveaway.

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Wordless Wednesday

August 20, 2008 By · No Comments

Well school started yesterday which means the two youngest are home. Don’t think this just means I can sit around. BabyGirl still wants to be homeschooled. Yesterday was so much fun, we read the Kissing Hand and even went on a nature walk. They spotted this (what I’m guessing is) rose bush and had to look at it. Doesn’t it just look like a nice day?

Here is my not-so-wordless Wednesday. Visit others at the Hub or 5minutesformom.

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