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High School Musical Build-a-Bear

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For a limited time only the High School Musical Bear is available. Guess who arrived on my front door today? Yep, it was this cute, plush brown High School Musical Teddy Bear and we got GOBS of pictures which means I’ll be using my Flickr account even more today. But mine came wearing a black “High Wildcats” jogging suit and his very own house. Remember, I mentioned never going to a Build a Bear Workshop before but knew you got the bear, an outfit and of course the house. I love it and do plan on going with the girls around Christmas time. Shhhh, they can’t find out.

As you can tell I really LOVE this bear and he’s already warmed his way into three of my kids’ heart. I think Soccerboy thinks he’s too old but he’s already claimed if he had one with a Nascar outfit or a Harley he’d have him on his dresser. So I know he too likes him. The three youngest keep putting him in and out of the box or driving him around in the ride-on car they have.

This teddy as you can see has the “High School Musical” words on his right paw and the Wildcat on his left. He wears a dog tag on one side has the words, “High School Musical” and the other is a picture of the whole gang. The girls love that part. Now you can get them with the musical chip in it, this one didn’t come with it, but it is possible. This one comes at around $22, a music piece is an additional $5. You can also get one of the other two High School Musical bears, Wildcats Stylin’ High School Musical Bear at $59 and Red Cheerleader High School Musical at $41.

But did you know that between now (July 31st) and August 11 there is a Sweeps? In the sweeps you can WIN for your school to have a visit by Corbin Bleu from High School Musical.

Which Bear do you think your child would like? I know one of my girls will want the cheerleader. As you can see by the side shot here, BalletGirl loves him. She’s even more excited that he is a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL fan just like her.

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The Cast is Off

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That’s right the cast came off. It actually came off on the 29th, her daddy’s birthday. I was worried sick about how she would react upon seeing the saw but daddy said she was so brave. In fact he says she laughed because it tickled. lol. Can you picture it?

She did have a little red area on the inside of her elbow from where the cast stayed on it. But other than that she did great. She said it felt great to have it off, but refused to move it. She actually walked around that night like she still had it on it. I’ve never had a cast on so wouldn’t know if that is normal.

The doctor says she must still be careful for at LEAST two more weeks. So no skateboards or in her case scooters. Thank goodness. She told me last night that it started hurting again in the area so we’ve put back on her brace for now at least until she feels it doesn’t hurt and we know it’s healed completely and won’t snap back out of place. eeeek.

I’m not even telling you what this hospital bill is costing but it is much larger than $300. Here’s an older shot of her in the brace before the cast went on, so it gives you an idea. (she’s such a fragile little thing)

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So You Think You Can Dance Contest (with Snuggles)

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How many of you watch reality tv shows? Got any favorites? How about “So you Think You Can Dance”? I know many of you probably tune in, in fact I’ve read a few of your blogs where you give updates.

For those that don’t know each dance tells it’s own story through its own musical way. Watch as these great dancers team together and just flow with the music. Watch the theme of the choregraphers and see what they were trying to do. Know how much work is put into something like this just by the dancer alone, all that practice they endured to get to where they are. Children love to dance along as well so this is definitely one of those things you can do with them. Tune in and watch.

Now I will be the first to tell you I CAN’T DANCE, therefore the “So You Think You Can Dance Contest” would’ve been no good for me but maybe you. For now you can head over and check out the “Happy Dance Contest” that is sponsored through Snuggle. Watch the dances, even Snuggles is getting in the groove. Snuggles sponsored this Dance Contest with the release of their Fresh Release Product, and boy does it smell good. (look forward to that review coming up)

You can even upload your own video. Here is the list of entries to date. Which one is your favorite. These videos are cracking me up. Oh there is even a current So You Think You Can Dance tour date list. They’ll actually be in my area in October. Who else is going to the Kansas City, MO tour? Anyone?

The opinions expressed on this site are those of the author(s) and are not endorsed by FOX, 19, Dick Clark Productions, or Snuggle.

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Wordless Wednesday: TV Watching

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Well this one won’t be so wordless. I told ya’ll last week that I cut BalletGirl and my hair, no picture of myself yet but here is the one of BalletGirl. She’s actually very excited about it. She says she can’t wait to go back to school and show everyone. Oh and that she isn’t so hot anymore, she hated brushing her hair all out as it was long (middle of her back). But now it’s easier to manage and short so the cool breeze can go through it. She’s sitting on my favorite couch (of all time) and watching “Alice Upside Down” for the millionth time. Don’t forget to scroll down to sign up for one of the giveaways I have.

This is part of wordless wednesday, please drop me a message so I can visit you. You can also go to The Hub and 5Minutesformom

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Bloggy Giveaways & Giveaways Galore

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First don’t forget to stop by Bloggy Giveaways where there was already 800 giveaways listed. I also have two at Babylune and 5 here at Life of a Home Mom. Do you have any? List them in the comments.

City Streams is giving away a one year subscription to Home & Gardens Magazine.

The Weary Parent wants to help you prepare for school with some EZ School Supplies.

Mommy Cracked is giving away 30 personalized calling cards from The Sign and Stationary Station.

Thrifty Mommy wants to terminate your debt by giving you the debt terminator.

Film Gecko is giving away two different DVDs as a package deal: Cory in the House: Newt & Improved Edition & Wish Gone Amiss (Miley Cyrus is in it). She’s also got 10,000 BC and Girlfriends Season 4. Oh and if you are a big Selena Gomez fan, there is the Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard School.

All Holiday Cafe is giving away the Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry cook book.

Inside Fatherhood is giving away Your Baby Can Read. I highly recommend this one.

Gilmore Girls News is having a Beauty Giveaway with a ton of stuff: 3 month supply of Acuvue, beauty products from Mally Beauty, glam’s pink swirl travel contact lens case and the TESS Kit. Wow!

Layers Upon Layers is giving away 4 different magazines:Somerset Studio, Life Images, Belle Armoire, Somerset Life, Artful Blogging.

Reviewing Baby Gear is giving away $25GC to Krispy Banana Kids.

Fatherhood Matters is giving away the most loved children’s book, “Goodnight Moon.”

Disney Society is giving away the Sony Ericsson Z750 Purple phone.

There’s a Summer Beauty Giveaway going on at Gilmore Girls News this week.

Jewelry & Beading is giving away a very Beautiful Medallion.

Yankering For Yarn has 7 different giveaways going on and even wrote a list to all of them.

Medium Dreams is giving away a book on tarot cards and how to use them.

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