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Her Make-Believe Pet

June 28, 2008 By · No Comments

We don’t have a pet for a variety of reasons, number one being because we just never got around to getting one. Actually that’s not really true we did get a puppy if you recall the last time my hubby went to war, it was the day he left. Only problem was my girls were TERRIFIED of the puppy, they wouldn’t even come down the stairs if the dog was in the house. After the first night I knew they weren’t ready, I had an agreement with the original owner that I could bring him back. Course I had all types of doggy ikk to clean up throughout the night, I found out two days later the dog had died of parvo. Could you have imagined what that would’ve done to the kids?

I grew up with a ton of animals, but after having to take my mother cat and her kittens to the pound and later our family dog that ended up with mange to be put down I never wanted another pet. When we got married I told the hubby I never wanted one, he agreed. Growing up he was forced to clean up after his mom’s dog, a dog that wasn’t allowed to be played with. When our son was 2 we talked about getting a dog, we said we’d wait until he turned 3 but got pregnant and didn’t want a dog near the baby and said when she turned 3, etc.

My 4-year-old daughter, BabyGirl desperately wants a puppy. She wants one so bad that she has her own already, she’s fake though. No I’m not meaning some stuffed animal, but she has her own make-believe or imaginary dog that she plays with. She tosses it balls, has named her Butterscotch and many other things. You can find her playing with her dog in her room or even outside. I know kids have imaginary friends, but pets? PLEASE tell me this is normal.

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Shining Stars: American Eagle

June 27, 2008 By · No Comments

Russ has announced the release of their newest summer 2008 Shining Stars and he’s ready for all those Fourth of July parades. What’s his name? He’s the American Eagle! This little guy even has a password that when you head to Shining Star website you’ll be able to enter and register, inside you’ll find all types of games. You’ll get to choose a constellation for your little eagle to call home.

Isn’t he the cutest? I am loving this new patriotic Shining Stars Eagle. As ya’ll know we are a patriotic family and when I got the news that this Eagle was going to be released I just had to share him with everyone. As you can probably tell by the picture this little guy is adorable but extremely soft, which makes cuddling very easy to do.

Can you tell these two love the little guy? They are even hugging him together, I just couldn’t pass on that picture. The only problem will be who gets the bird, maybe I’ll have hubby sneak him off to work and sit him by his Marine Corps plaques. I think this is wear the bird really should go. Or should I just let them love on him a bit longer? Maybe I’ll even sneak with it to put on my desk.

You can enter to win your own Shining Star American Eagle here. I just had to add it when I saw there was a contest for it. You know me and my contests.

Or if you don’t want to way you can order your own at Shining Star American Eagle $14.99 from Amazon.

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Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn

June 25, 2008 By · No Comments

What’s your favorite movie snack? Well we’ve been watching movies all summer and with a special thanks to Orville Redenbacher, we were able to try out some fabulous popcorn. The Orville Team & ConAgra Foods teamed up and sent my family a nice popcorn gift basket. Course we knew we’d watch “A Plumm Summer” as well as many other movies with the use of this bowl. But now they think it has to be full of snacks all the time.

Inside the giant popcorn bowl was two bags of popcorn and some coupons for more. The popcorn was their new Smart Pop and Movie Theater Butter. I LOVE extra butter on mine so the movie one was my favorite. Course I’ll be going out and getting their kettle popcorn next time, I just love the sweet stuff. What’s your favorite type of popcorn? Or what do you put on top?

Happy WW!

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Giveaways for June

June 24, 2008 By · No Comments

It’s giveaway time, feel free to drop a comment to let everyone know about your giveaway, or email me at homemom3@gmail.com

A Bookworm’s Diary is giving away Review & Giveaway : Bugaboo Shoes. The winner gets their choice of Josie, Sherry or Otto pair of shoes.

Marijke wants to give away two

Pregnancy System, 3 in 1 Video over at Wombwithin.com. Head over, this ends July 1.

Christine over at From Dates to Diapers is giving away Fun in the Sun Gift Pack from Aveeno. This would be really great for those planning on travel or staying home.

Jane over at FilmGecko has three different DVD giveaways for you: Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book 2 or the The Spiderwick Chronicles, which is what my kids want.


Momreviews.net is having a week long giveaway, so don’t miss it.

Over at Seven Dogs and a Baby they are giving away the Army Wives Season One DVD. Man I want this one, I just LOVED this show.

5 Minutes for MOm is giving away 2 Hanes $50 GC, which is perfect for the new school year.

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Wordless Wednesday

June 18, 2008 By · No Comments

We are in the stages of Potty Training so ENJOY! Well he knows something goes in the potty at least.

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