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Wordless Wednesday: Camping

April 30, 2008 By · No Comments

The weather was perfect so they camped outside last weekend. Look at them attack their big brother.

Happy WW!

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Norton 360 2.0 Blog Tour

April 30, 2008 By · No Comments

I was recently asked to review Norton 360 and since I already have the regular version I thought why not. In fact, it came in the mail over the weekend and they even gave me my own Norton Yoga Mat, which I love.

I’ve downloaded the program and it’s already speeding up my computer. Honestly I was afraid that it might slow it down as other antivirus programs have done that in the past, but it didn’t.
Norton 360 2.0 comes with:
Live Updates
PC Security– which means you’ll be protecting even when you don’t think about it
Identity Protection– Feel free to shop online or do your banking or pay bills without someone sneaking a peek at your passwords.
Backup– something every writer/blogger/etc should have. I swear I’ve wanted to throw this computer off the balcony every time my computer shuts off on its own and I lose everything. Now it’ll save the stuff you were working on and when you sign back on it’ll ask if you want to retrieve it.
PC Tuneup– No longer will you have to wait for it to automatically do updates or scan for viruses. You can actually surf the web, answer emails or hold a conference while it does it in the background.
Support– there is always someone there to help you when you need it. You don’t have to wait until working hours.

Oh and to show you, as I was typing this I was also scanning my computer and I didn’t get booted, it didn’t freeze up and it was really quick. Does your computer get really slow? Hard time loading? If you find yourself having these issues you might have a virus. I highly recommend the Norton 360, I did have the regular Norton but this is by far better. It just does everything for you, okay but it doesn’t give you chocolates, but that’s not a reason not to get it.

To purchase your own go to www.symantec.com and view what’s best for your computer. The Norton 360 2.0 is an “everything in one” type and is definitely worth it.

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Where I Blog

April 29, 2008 By · No Comments

The b5media Lifestyles Channel is having a little theme this month called, “Where I blog.” So I thought it would be fun to see and hear where I blog.

Currently my workstation is a TV dinner tray that my laptop sits on top of, which also means I can go upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside of the house. Now with all that being stated, I’m hoping by Christmas I have my own office in the downstairs, complete with desk (not tray) and a faster laptop.

The post about the kids playing in the toy room I actually sat downstairs in front of the stairs so I could keep an eye on the two children. As you can see, they’ve got plenty of toys to keep them busy for a long time. Don’t think they are spoiled by us either, these are toys we’ve kept from over the years. (there are four kids in the family)
This weekend I blogged while sitting on the balcony while my son enj oyed the fresh outdoors inside his playpen. Later they’d all camp out and I would sit on at the dining room table and blog from there. Okay daddy was out there and the youngest asleep in the house in his crib but I’m still mommy and will watch over the young. I just blamed it on blogging, hubby knew the truth.

As I type this I have a tent (small one) set up in the living room that the kids have now decided is their bedroom as they watch tv. The youngest is nursing and I can hear “Word World” in the background. I am typing once again on the laptop with the dinner tray but I’m relaxed on my soft, soft couch.

Where do you blog from? I know everyone has a special spot.
(originally wrote for Blisstree Tuesday, April 29, 2008 – 7:36 pm ET but found it’s way home)

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SimplyMobile Mom & Contest

April 25, 2008 By · No Comments

Okay, ya’ll know I like to list contests, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. (Besides this week but that was due to my other site getting shut down, contest days are coming back)

SimplyMobile Mom is basically one way to send writing to your phone to look at later. Hey, this would be perfect for me, it would give me time in the bathroom, on the road or in a quiet place to read away from the kids. You are also able to share your info with family and friends via your phone and you can send stuff to it. Hey you can even check your email using your phone. The sign up is simple and you can get started right away.

Example: I know that my kids are going to be home half day next week and instead of them being bored I want to find them some activities. I go and look at familyfun.com and see a fun activity, only problem is I don’t have the material but will be going to the store later. Highlight the text and click send to SimplyMobile Mom.

Now I can take a peek at what I need as I shop. No more writing it all down just to lose it before I enter the store. Hey, I’m not going to lose my cell. For added fun you can download a few plugins for it: Cellfire, Accuweather, yahoomail, gmail and microsoft Outlook.

Sounds like every mother’s daily planner in a phone, just think of it as a mobile internet that helps you become SuperMom.

SimplyMobile Mom is also having a contest where you can actually win a 8gb Apple iPhone and 2-years of service from AT&T. Want to win? Hurry over to the site and check out the details. The contest began April 21 and ends May 19th, so you still have time.

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Another Beautiful Day

April 25, 2008 By · No Comments

The sky is blue and gray but the weather is perfect today, kids have played outside and the hubby took the two younger ones out today and left me home to sleep. This was perfect, I didn’t end up sleeping much but I did enjoy the peace and quiet as I stared up at the ceiling and listened. There was only the sound of the breeze blowing.

Silence really is bliss.

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