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Starbucks Frap and Mommy

March 30, 2008 By · No Comments

Am I doing good if I let my kids eat the cream off my carmel frappacino and I drink it? After all I’m not getting all those calories right?

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Happy Birthday SoccerBoy!!!

March 29, 2008 By · No Comments

First, Happy Birthday SoccerBoy. How does it feel to be 11-years-old? I hope you enjoy your day, from morning until night. Sorry I woke ya around midnight, but I just had to tell ya Happy Birthday at the exact minute of your birth.

I’ll never forget the day you came into this world, it was magical, nervous, scary and a mixture of all other emotions. No, not because I didn’t want you, you were wanted trust me. But I was so scared of actually giving birth. Not to mention I was afraid of going in and being told it was nothing more than Braxton-Hicks, I know you know what that means now because we did that with BabyGirl, remember?

The night I went into labor with you, I almost didn’t know. I know, something hard to believe but you were the first and I had no clue that it would feel like it did. I was under the impression I’d pee my pants inside a store or I’d drop down in severe pain from contractions. Instead things went quietly and quickly. Course, you decided that you wanted out that night, which meant waking people up and as you know I just don’t do that.

We didn’t have a car at the time and our ride had went out that night and wasn’t home. Not knowing anyone else I refused to knock on doors, heck I waited a bit before I woke up your dad. I had quietly packed my bag, went over the checklist and then nudged him saying, “It’s time.” He looked at me and almost went back to sleep, he thought he had been dreaming. When he woke up he asked how I knew, I explained some and he knew too. He was shocked that I wasn’t screaming or anything, quickly he dashed across the yard to our new friends Julia and Steve. Julia came running out and asking me how I knew, she tried timing them but I didn’t really feel much.

We learned really fast that the contractions were really fast, especially when I told them I felt like I needed to push. Immediately they directed me to their beautiful corvette. Yeah, like I was getting in that thing, what if my water broke? We got to the hospital and on the way up you really wanted to come out. The elevator went up and you came further down.

Inside the delivery room they said I was only a 2 and I wouldn’t be giving birth for a few days. Your daddy asked to go out for a smoke and they said he had plenty of time. But they didn’t know you wanted to come into the world so badly, I think you knew I’d waited long enough. You’d already proven all of them wrong by making it this far, you were going to show them in your own way.

Your dad was gone for as long as it takes to smoke a cigarrette and I was giving birth to you only a minute after he came back in. He was shocked, he had almost missed your birth. All they did was break the water and out you came. It was love at first sight, I remember watching your daddy tear up, yes I know he seems to be a big macho man but even they cry when they are happy. I promised you then that I’d be your best friend and protect you and even now I have kept that promise. I love you SoccerBoy, have a great birthday!

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Google Goes Black

March 29, 2008 By · No Comments

Around Midnight last night I stumbled around in my already dark living room and searched the world wide web, imagine my surprise when I went to my favorite search engine, Google.com and found it had went black. At first I thought it was just my eyes and then below the search box was something about Earth Hour.

Clicking on it I learned this was the way they would support Earth Hour. I must say it was really interesting. Here is a screen shot I took.

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Monopoly Town: Great Game for Little Kids

March 28, 2008 By · No Comments

There’s a new toy in town and it is just perfect for those little ones, it’s called Monopoly. No, not the adult version of the game, or even the themed Monopoly, now there is a Monopoly Town that allows the younger children to play along.
Monopoly Town is a round board that a small car drives around on, they have places like the regular Monopoly would have. Instead of a sheet of instructions that would only confuse a child, Mr.Monopoly, who just so happens to sit inside the car tells children exactly what to do. When they land on a square Mr.Monopoly will tell them to place a green building block on it, next time they’ll place the red roof.

Items that go with the Game:
Monopoly Board Game
green building blocks
play money

Perfect learning game for kids 4 to 6, kids older may find it a bit too easy. Not only is this game teaching children to take turns but it also teaches them money, colors and counting. I love this idea, now I just need to find it. Have you seen this in one of the stores near you? Do you own a Monopoly Town? What do you think of it?
(originally posted at Reviewing Toys by me, Eliza Ferree on March 28th, 2008)

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Possible Scam Alert

March 28, 2008 By · No Comments

Ya’ll know how much I hate scams and yes, I’ve been a victim of a few, thankfully none as big as the one I’m about to mention. Remember, before giving a company, website or a regular person any of your hard earned cash, check them out.

How to check them out:
– Most places are online, head to www.google.com and search the name. Read reviews and see if anyone is saying it is a scam.
– Someone that says it is scam, see if they have email and ask them about it. Last year, my money was being taken from my account, I searched the company and found others reporting on it. I emailed some of them and we worked together to get our money back.
– A company claims it is making money for you. Find out if others agree, if there are “testimonies” head to them, email them, check out their sites. Many times a company that sounds too good to be true normally is. They may even have FAKE testimonies.
– Call the BBB (better Business Bureau) to find out, this is your best bet.

The company in question here is by a guy by the name of Jeffrey Lant. I haven’t met him yet but after reading what Garry Conn had to say about him made me get angry. Not at Garry of course, but this man that is taking $1200 from people. Granted I’d never be taken like that since I don’t have chump change of $1200 to throw away, I wish I did. Garry sat in this guy’s chat, listened to him and in the end wanted to know where his “free prize” was for listening. The guy went off on him, calling him many names that I for one would not say on this blog.

Before anyone tries jumping down my throat, I did try to watch the video at Jeffrey Lant site, LiveBizwebcast, but every time you click on what they tell you another screen pops up. But you end up hearing the video you are watching plus everything else, which gets very confusing. The video in itself is at least 30 minutes long, so you do need to make sure you have the time to watch it. In the end you will be asked to purchase a program. Programs cost anywhere from $500-1200. I couldn’t sit for Jeffrey Lant’s chat as I had to reboot my computer and they were already in session, talk about frustration.

In all fairness I have been searching for other reviews:
Scam.com has someone that wrote in the end you’ll spend $200-500 a month on your site. Those that don’t progress from one level to the next must start over.

There’s a Pissed Consumer that has some cons

Check out the reviews at Digital Point Forums.

This person was actually billed when he tried getting out.


There is one positive review: Pissed Consumer
Common Report

The bonus prize is:
50,000 free visitors when you visit the chat and listen, this goes on every day.

I haven’t added my money to this program, so I can’t say 100% that this is a scam. So, if you have paid the money to join and become successful, could you please tell me here with a link to your success site? This way others see it really isn’t a scam. Otherwise, it really looks like one. I think I’ll stick with Google Adsense and marketing with fellow bloggers, no I won’t make millions but I won’t lose money either.

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