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Leap Day Giveaways

February 29, 2008 By · No Comments

Weary Parents is giving away a Zoobie, which are very cute. But you need to head over to her site and tell her which one ya like in order to win it.

MomSational has two different giveaways going on, one is for Interactive books and the other Combo Pack of theraplex moisturizer. Perfect for those dry chapped hands.

A Mom Review has bedtime wash from Johnsons to giveaway. Smells so good, even you’ll fall asleep.

Carpe Libris Reviews is giving away a copy of I’jaam an Iraqi Rhapsody.

DK Mommyspot is giving away a copy of Walking on Eggshells.

Ultimate Player Poster.

The Mommy Daddy Blog is giving away one box of Ronzoni, hurry over and comment.

Anali’s First Amendment is giving away a one year membership to Meal Mixer.

Savvy Mommy has a ton of giveaways:
Maxwell package
Tracey Mallett Prize Pack
10 winners will get basket of Ronzoni.

Elizabeth from Mom Reviews has two giveaways going on, one is for the Hannah Montana DVD, One in a Million. The other is for Twitches Two.

Hope these keep ya busy for a bit. I’ll be adding more posts throughout the day. Happy Leap Day!

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Thursday Thirteen

February 28, 2008 By · No Comments

1 Ways to pick out a Car Seat.
2 I followed along at the Oscars (me at home) and posted about them at TVbender.
3 Picking A Car Seat this seemed to get a lot of attention, course not for a good reason.
4 Kathering Cook is a sad story of a little girl getting shot while playing in her own yard. They are still searching for who shot her.
5 I reviewed this awesome chair over at MomGadget, it’s called a Delta Gaming Chair. Check it out.
6 Hilary Duff may be at Japan for a tour but now you can see inside her house.
7 Weren’t sure what toys were given the TOTY awards? Click the article.
8 Did you see the jewels on Nicole Kidman at the Oscars? WOW!
9 Did you know that Bionic Woman wasn’t canceled?
10 Ya’ll know Gwen Stefani is pregnant, but she sure isn’t showing on the V magazine Cover. Take a peek.
11 What TV shows came out on DVD this week? I’ve got the answers and soon the reviews.
12 Melissa, aka Suiki, from Gilmore Girls recently sold her house. It’s soooo cute.
13 This wasn’t done this week but it seemed to be a hit. The list of daddy bloggers.

Head on over and read more Thursday Thirteen posts. Don’t forget to leave a comment.Don’t forget about my Thursday Giveaways which will be posted later today.

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A Loving Moment

February 28, 2008 By · No Comments

We don’t say it much but the hubby and I both know we love the other, but it never hurts to hear. Am I right? Imagine my surprise when he drops me an email to ask me to read his homework. I’m thinking I’ll be proof-reading something, he tells me he knows I’d never look at it if he doesn’t say. He is right, I do believe in privacy.

I’m shocked when I read the words, “My Wife is my Role Model.” Wow, I’m flooded with emotion and tears streak down my face as I read all the things that he admires about me. Sure I know he loves me and he tells me he’s proud from time to time but to read this presentation in which he’ll be reading to his class is shocking. I do not have an emotional husband, this is the type of man that doesn’t hold hands or show affection in public. Only indoors as that is what the military has taught him, yes we may no longer be military but he still has those thoughts. But this just did it all. He went against everything he ever says, he shared his thoughts and got sentimental.

Daddies out there, keep in mind that even though your wife may know she does love hearing the nice things about her and that you love her. Mommies out there, men love hearing this too, even if they are macho.

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I’m a B5Media Blogger!

February 27, 2008 By · No Comments

I’m not sure how many of my readers know but I’m a new blogger for the B5Media, for those of you that have been reading this blog for a while you’ll know this has been something I’ve been reaching for a long time.

What blog? BabyLune! Doesn’t it fit? Head on over and drop me a comment. I’d love to hear some issues you are dealing with and others you’d like to hear more about.

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Tuesday Giveaways

February 26, 2008 By · No Comments

I was going to wait until I had 50 giveaways but I see some of you keep dropping by, so here it is. Remember if I miss you leave a comment so everyone can visit or drop me an email at homemom3@gmail.com

Another thing if you’d like for us to review a product for you or to host a giveaway, feel free to contact me at the above email. Have a great day!


Blog Fabulous is giving away one copy of the book A New Earth.

Harper Collins Childrens is giving away one ipod a month. Hurry and enter.

Mommy Doodles is still giving away their Designer Nursery Bedding from Fidgy Bridgy. This is a beautiful set, anyone would be lucky to get it.

Carpe Libris Reviews is giving away one copy of Glass Voices by Carol Bruneau.

Island Life Reviews is giving away Nemia Creative Customs package the first prize is photo birth announcements with thank you cards.

Seven Dogs and a Baby is giving away a pair of Polliwalks. For those that don’t know these are those crocs but they really look it. Very Cute.

Mommy’s Getaway is giving away 2 bags of melts and a tart burner, but you need to answer the questions in the scavenger hunt. Good luck!!

Spoiled Pretty loves spoiling their readers and has joined up with Starlet Cosmetics to give one lucky reader a The Theatrical Palette, which retails at $50.

Boston Mamas is giving away a pair of robeez shoes for your little one. Head on over to the Robeez site and go back and tell Boston Mamas which shoes you’d like.

Mamanista is giving away a giant Beech Nut baby food gift basket. This is perfect for new moms or moms with a little one eating baby food. All ya need to do is visit Beech Nut’s website and tell Mama what food is your baby’s favorite.

Kailani wants to give you Portrait Bow Holder and 3 Toddler Bows of your choice from Uniquely U Boutique.

Cool Mom Picks is giving away a beautiful Maternal Journey Necklace.

Mums the Wurd is turning one, head on over and help celebrate. Actually you aren’t the one giving away the gift, she is. Sign up to win 7 Day giveaway with awesome prizes, from $250 GC to Zutano to LITTLE LAUREATE giveaway.

$250 gift certificate from Zutano

Win a copy of the Smurf’s cd over at AcedMagazine.

3 winners will get their very own Clementine Art kit, choice of seven different models from Peek A Boo Picks.

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