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Halloween Glitter Graphics

May your night be full of fear and fun!

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Adult Costumes

October 30, 2007 By · No Comments

Yes, I’m bored today and looking at costumes and what is out there and remembering those that I’ve worn. Normally I always wear something that covers my entire body, for instance I’ve been a witch that wore a cape, a fairy or an enchantress. Only one year did I ever dress up in something revealing, and I did learn that not everyone was pleased….(the wives on the block). What was I? A she-devil and at the time I had the legs to wear it.

The hubby is normally the grim reaper or something like it. Recently we went into one of those Halloween stores that has nothing but costumes with the whole family. I think it is meant mainly for adults, it had tons of sexy-what-I’d-label-as-bedroom-costumes on the shelves. There were things school girl outfits, revealing fairy costumes, a cop outfit, etc. Now they also had the headless outfits, chopped body parts.

Ever wear sexy costumes at Halloween? What were you? I saw a cute little french maid outfit at the Lingerie Diva and I’m sure I’ll also see one on the street this Halloween. Course if school girl is what you are looking for, there is the foreign exchange student, prep school girl costume, the sultry student as well as many other items that won’t just turn your spouses eye but everyone on the block. So if you are going to a Halloween party this year, make sure it is one you won’t forget.

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Halloween Recall

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There is nothing I hate more than to see a recall, especially when it is a Halloween recall. Only one day before Halloween and it is a race to find them all. Do you have any of those ugly teeth, wax or fake teeth kids like at Halloween? If yes you may have one of those recalled products.

There has also been a recall on the Dollar store Halloween Pails. So if you have one of these, you may want to take them back.

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Last Minute Costume Ideas

October 30, 2007 By · No Comments

Akkkk, only a day away and it’ll be Halloween. Are ya’ll ready for it? Do you have your costumes? Last minute costume ideas can be a lot of fun or a big pain in the bottom. Here’s a quick and easy list for ya’ll.

pea in pod- Dress them in a green onesie and wrap a long green towel around them. You’ve got yourself a pea in a pod.

baby in a bag- Hmm, take a brown paper bag and walk around with your wee one poking out of it.

apple- Don’t ask me, BalletGirl told me to put her brother in a red sleeper and find a green cap.

bananna- Yellow sleeper.

baby- What preteen/teen girl hasn’t dressed as a baby. Toss on a small dress, pull the hair into pigtails and suck on a pacifier/baby bottle/sucker.

farmer- Overalls and a straw hat. Don’t forget the piece of grass hanging out the mouth.

ghost- Take a white bedsheet and cut out two eye holes and arm holes. Quick and simple.

clown- Kids love this one. Mix up their clothes so they don’t match, color their hair wild colors and paint their face white with red spots on their cheeks and lipstick.

marine- Find some old cammie bottoms and top, or just toss on some green and black face paint.

bum- Take some black face paint, blot it across the face and make them look really dirty. Toussel the hair to make it look unclean or wipe oil into it and some clothes with holes in them.

monster- Anything scary, make sure to have red face paint on hand so they can make themselves look bloody.

zombie- This will take a roll or more of toilet paper and wrap em up. I think this is the cheapest outfit you can make.

No, these may not be really creative but for a last minute person these can definitely come in handy.

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Halloween Blog Carnival

October 29, 2007 By · No Comments

It’s a Halloween Blog Carnival! Okay, I’ve always loved this time of year and before you ask YES, I’m the type that dresses up. Heck, even last year, while pregnant I dressed the wee one into a GIANT eyeball. So what would you expect from me around this special holiday? Oh, well you’d get the “Halloween Menu,” everyone dressed up in a costume, maybe a pinata bashing and of course trick-or-treating.

Ever wonder what others do this time of year? Well, over at MomGadget we are all discussing it. Here are a few that love Halloween.

Take a peek at Mom! I’m Bored! blog and check out their Headless Soccer Player. This is one costume I know she’ll be proud of for years to come. Man, I wish we’d thought of that one. She does ask how to make more blood. My suggestion….ketchup works wonders, or food coloring (red) with syrup. Now as you can see, you don’t ALWAYS have to go out and buy a Wal-Mart costume.

Char shared a photo of her boys from Halloween from the Past, where they dressed as Bob The Builder and a Hockey Player. Aren’t they cute?

Speaking of scary, Gayla over at MomGadget is planning on freaking out her neighbors with this collection of Halloween gadgets.

Need any last minute costume ideas? We decided SoccerBoy is going to try dressing himself up. Here are a few of his ideas: Johnny Appleseed, a bum, a clown, someone that just got beat up.

But for those of you that want a bit more thought: (click the links to read more ideas)
Hannah Montana– You can also try tossing on a nice shirt with a vest over it (like she wears), with boots and blue jeans. Oh and don’t forget the blonde hair. Don’t have it? There are plenty of blonde wigs out there right now.

Char has a list of the Top Halloween Princess Costumes for 2007. Head on over and check them out. Wonder if you can name them all.

Ever wonder what to do with all those small craft-like pumpkins? Katelyn over at Free Holiday Ideas suggests placing them as center pieces. This is a very creative idea, top in and take a look.

I did learn ya NEVER cut open the pumpkin more then just a week before Halloween. They really get disgusting. But we did have a fun time going to the pumpkin patch.

Just to let everyone know…Dunkin Donuts recently did a recall on all those glow sticks they were passing out when ya’ll bought donuts in the past month. The reason? Oh the necklace can choke a kid….ya know the one you wear around your neck with the glow stick. Well if you are worried about it you can take it back in to get a free donut.

If you’d like to join I’ll post updates to all things Halloween until that wonderful day. Hurry up and get those entries. All things crafts and Halloween will be up at my Holiday blog tomorrow.

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