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Hold Your baby with No Arms

September 30, 2007 By · No Comments

Yes, the title may be a bit misleading since in both of these pictures I’ve got my arms around my son but there aren’t many times you’ll catch me with my arms away from him if he is near me. I got the chance to review the baby slings called, “SlingLings” and I can tell you that not only are they great but the customer service is on top. I ordered my sling and waited for it to arrive, however it did not fit. (a bit too big) The customer service told me to simply place it back in the bag it came in and send it back and they’d send me another one. (you do pay to ship it back but they do replace it for ya)

I waited for it to arrive in the mail and once it did we went everywhere with it. If I went somewhere with Little A, so did the bag with the sling in it….sometimes without the bag.

The sling comes in a small zip up bag with a handle, which makes carrying it easy. Of course if you dont’ want to bring everything, toss the sling into your purse or diaper bag (very light weight and fits perfectly) and pull it out whenever you need it.

Our sling was the Khaki padded Stretch Twill, which goes with practically anything and if the man in the family really wanted to wear it he could. There are over 50 different types to choose from, some women and some neutral. While some babies like to be tucked into the sling, others do NOT. My son seems to be one of those that don’t, as you can see by the pictures. He loves the Kangaroo pouch position you see on the side and the hip one. I do find that that Kangaroo feels more secure and I tend to drop my arms more. Remember, this is coming from a woman that always carried her children (I have four) in a stroller or a backpack carrier. Instead of digging out the stroller to go down the block I simply carry him around in the sling and off we go.

If you are looking for a baby sling, check them out and see which one will match your wardrobe. Carrying a baby is as natural as anything and it can go just about anywhere…unlike a stroller.

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Raleigh in the Fall

September 30, 2007 By · No Comments

I love North Carolina in the Fall, everything looks so beautiful, it isn’t like the desert where is just gets windy. Out here the big, beautiful green trees turn multiple shades and there are so many different events. For instance, out here we will have the Fall Festival, Pumpkin Pickin,

In Raliegh, North Carolina already this month they had the BugFest at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. In October there will be the Natural History Halloween and the Fossil Fair. My son I know would love to attend both of these, while we were traveling from California to NC he had begged to go to the Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils. It ended up being closed due to a snowstorm that year. We really should head up there this fall.

Now last Fall, not only did my son go up to the State Capital with his school he then went to watch the Hurricanes play (hockey). He went to the hockey game with his sister, dad and grandpa and boy did they have fun. I was told it was very cold inside though and that they were glad I made them take jackets even though it wasn’t cold here.

Things I’d like to see this year are the: 2007 N.C. State Fair(where Trace Adkins will be performing), the Toy Fair, NC Shakespeare Festival which is a favorite of mine and they’ll be performing A Comedy of Errors. As you can see there is a LOT to do in NC, especially in the big cities like Raleigh.

Since I’m already talking about it I should tell you about their giveaway. I mean who would want a FREE Raleigh Getaway?

Register for free to win:
– One night accommodations for two at the Courtyard by Marriott Raleigh Crabtree Valley
-$25 gift certificate to Bloomsbury Bistro
-Free VIP admission for two to Rum Runners
-2 tickets to the North Carolina Theatre
-2 tickets to the N.C. Museum of Art’s Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism
-2 tickets to Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

If you are looking for a Fall Getaway, North Carolina is very beautiful this time of year and has many attractions from Raliegh to its beaches. To find out about more events going on in Raleigh check out “City Life, Carolina Style.”

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She Cut her Hair!

September 29, 2007 By · No Comments

BabyGirl cut her hair!!!! Yes, the 4-year-old found a pair of scissors and cut her hair. When I say her hair I’m meaning the sides and the bangs. It was already to her shoulders since last year her sister decided if she cut her sister’s hair we would get both of the hair done.

This is a little girl that has a long, narrow face so I’m not really sure what type of hair style looks good. I’m hoping what I’ve done doesn’t look too strange, it does look different though. The once long hair, that has never had bangs now does. I guess that could be a good thing, especially now that I don’t have to yell, “Bangs” every few minutes.

Bangs always meant move them or I chop them.

The hair style is something like Dakota Fanning had when she was younger with shoulder length hair and bangs. She’s excited to look like the “Charlotte’s Web girl” as she calls her.

Oh and why she cut her hair….”Remember mom, you cut your hair to make it longer.” Yes, I have stated this when they asked why I once cut a tiny bit off my hair. ie, split ends. She believes tomorrow her hair will be at her bottom. Boy is she in for a shock.

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Cute as a Bug Giveaway (not mine)

September 28, 2007 By · No Comments

Crunchy Domestic Goddess currently has a Halloween t-shirt giveaway going on right now and it was soooo cute I just had to blog about it NOW. Head on over to Cute As A Bug and check out the cute designs they have for you to pick from.

I love two designs there, “Peek-a-Boo” and “I’m a LilPumpkin.”

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We have a Winner!

September 28, 2007 By · No Comments

I know ya’ll have been waiting and watching for me to post the Homemom3: Chicco Stroller Giveaway winner so here goes………

First, let me say thank you all for joining in on the fun. I hope to have more giveaways in the future and hope ya’ll will join again and maybe get a friend to join as well.

Hmmm? What’s that? Oh the winner?



When we use the stroller it usually ends up being a dumping ground for bags, packages, snacks, jackets and shoes. There is no place for the kid who was supposed to be traveling in it to sit, unless they sit under the pile or on top of the pile. I don’t know if this is because there is no storage basket under the stroller or if we need to travel with a luggage cart.

I have blogged about the contest and linked to the contest and chicco

Congratulations Lace, looks like you’ll no longer need to set your child up on a pile of stuff. You have until Monday night to contact me.

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