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Archives for August 2007

My Movie Grabs this Week

August 31, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay, ya’ll know how I rent movies every weekend. Here are the few the hubby grabbed for me today while he was on his way home:

BalletGirl got: Hannah Montana: Livin’ The Rock Star Life!

BabyGirl got: Dreamer (she LOVES horses)

Myself: The Ex, Primeval and Ugly Betty Season 1 (I figure everyone loved this series I should know a bit about it)

What did you watch? Are you waiting to see a movie? Lets talk about it here.

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Thursday Thirteen #17- End of August Giveaways

August 30, 2007 By · No Comments

1 Win a Tiny Tillia Gift Basket lots of bath time goodies in this one.

2 Win one of two different books (Forbidden Magic and Wicked Magic and the movie, Practical Magic in honor of magic.

3 Win one of Diane Carver’s books from her booklist.

4 Win Dead Whisper from Camy’s Loft.

5 Win Warcraft.

6 Win Season 3: The Office from Give Me My Remote.

7 Win a Baby Briefcase to store all those memories in.

8 Win Signing time giveaway.

9 Win a doll sling so your little girl can be sporting the same sling as you.

10 Win a $30 GC to SuperMomz.

11 Win a Tamotastic toy from espvisuals.

12 Win Vtech Whiz Kid for your kid. It’s like having their very own laptop!

13 Win an Older Girly Girl basket. Lots oif Victoria Secret stuff in it too.

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Wordless Wednesday #17

August 29, 2007 By · No Comments

That’s right, we are closed. It seems BalletGirl got sick at school and passed it off to me and then it rained so I’ve got something on top of it. This will probably be the only post today. Have a nice day, I’m going back to the covers.

Want to play?

For more Wordless Wednesday participants please visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

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August Giveaways – Week #5 (Tuesdays)

August 28, 2007 By · No Comments

Howdy ya’ll, well I’m bringing you your weekly dish of giveaways. I hope these leave a sweet taste in your mouth. Okay, once again if you have giveaways, drop me a line and if you want to have a giveaway but not on your site let me know.


Jo over at Life With Heathens wrote me earlier in the month to tell me she had one
from Camy’s Loft.

So remember, if you win something from one of the giveaways that I list, please let me know so I can spotlight you. Plus, I like to know that this helps someone out. I’m not winning anymore, I better see someone. 🙂


Fantasy Book Critic has finished their move and has a LOT of book giveaways ending today, tomorrow, etc. Hurry over!

2 winners will get one copy of Coral Moon and The Void (Truth Chasers series book 3).

This one is for your teen, over at By Other Means they are giving away one set of self esteem cards.

Breastfeeding Blog is giving away a copy of Sleeping with Your Baby.

A Patch Work of Books is giving away Let Them Eat Cake.

5 minutes for Mom is giving away one HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer. I so want this one. I can definitely use it for the 100s of photos on my computer.

Kailani is having another fabulous giveaway, I remember this company in high school. Hurry and enter to win TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. Don’t forget to stop by Texas Instruments.

I hope ya haven’t forgotten about the Boston Mamas and their birthday giveaway all month long. Stop on in and enter their giveaways, there’s one every day. Today (ends tonight) Little Capers will be giving away one of their, precious capes. If you’d like to know more about this one click on my review of it.

Win an Autographed Copy Of Dream Door’s New CD!

This is a small list yet again, as I normally try not to repeat what is on other sites. However, I think from here on I’m just going to list whatever I can find. I hope that is okay with you and my other fellow blog giveaway listers. 🙂

Crunchy Domestic Goddess wants your little girl to be just like momma, so she’s giving away one Doll pouch/sling giveaway.

Other blog giveaway listers are:
Islandlife Reviews
Bloggy Contests
Laura William’s Musings
Bloggy Giveaways
From Dates to Diapers
A Bookworm’s Diary

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BabyGirl Meets Her Teacher

August 28, 2007 By · No Comments

Well I needed to drop off the sign up forms so that’s what we did today. You would not believe how hard it is without the internet. I’m going batty! But I did get a few things done and I’ll probably have a sparkling house by the time it comes back on. Even as I type this I keep looking down at the tiny computers at the bottom of my screen to see if they turn green, I know they won’t, company told us they wouldn’t but still hope.

Anyways, today we dropped off the forms and while we were in the office it sounded like she wouldn’t be able to do school after all. I was really hoping they’d say they could find a spot. “Ma’am we don’t have any openings for afternoons.” My heart plummeted, I knew they had nothing for mornings last week and the only thing left was afternoons.

“Oh, okay,” I looked sadly at BabyGirl who happened to be playing with a marble toy singing, “I’m Going to School, I’m a big girl now,” over and over.

That’s when another lady spoke up, “Why not put her in my class?” My ears perked up at first, was this a joke or was I really hearing this. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

“Are you sure,” replied the lady that had just told me they were booked, “you already have 14 in your class.”

She eagerly shook her head and smiled at BabyGirl, “Oh I’m sure.” BabyGirl, which had no clue she was being discussed about at all was still singing and swinging her half-ponytail in the air. “How about that? Do you want to be in my class?” Asked the sweet teacher that had just made both of our days without even knowing it.

“BabyGirl, this is going to be your teacher.” BabyGirl stopped singing, looked up, smiled and ran to hug her new found friend. Oh success, and now all I need to do is prepare myself to let her go.

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