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My Movie Grabs this Week

August 31, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay, ya’ll know how I rent movies every weekend. Here are the few the hubby grabbed for me today while he was on his way home:

BalletGirl got: Hannah Montana: Livin’ The Rock Star Life!

BabyGirl got: Dreamer (she LOVES horses)

Myself: The Ex, Primeval and Ugly Betty Season 1 (I figure everyone loved this series I should know a bit about it)

What did you watch? Are you waiting to see a movie? Lets talk about it here.

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Wordless Wednesday #17

August 29, 2007 By · No Comments

That’s right, we are closed. It seems BalletGirl got sick at school and passed it off to me and then it rained so I’ve got something on top of it. This will probably be the only post today. Have a nice day, I’m going back to the covers.

Want to play?

For more Wordless Wednesday participants please visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

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BabyGirl Meets Her Teacher

August 28, 2007 By · No Comments

Well I needed to drop off the sign up forms so that’s what we did today. You would not believe how hard it is without the internet. I’m going batty! But I did get a few things done and I’ll probably have a sparkling house by the time it comes back on. Even as I type this I keep looking down at the tiny computers at the bottom of my screen to see if they turn green, I know they won’t, company told us they wouldn’t but still hope.

Anyways, today we dropped off the forms and while we were in the office it sounded like she wouldn’t be able to do school after all. I was really hoping they’d say they could find a spot. “Ma’am we don’t have any openings for afternoons.” My heart plummeted, I knew they had nothing for mornings last week and the only thing left was afternoons.

“Oh, okay,” I looked sadly at BabyGirl who happened to be playing with a marble toy singing, “I’m Going to School, I’m a big girl now,” over and over.

That’s when another lady spoke up, “Why not put her in my class?” My ears perked up at first, was this a joke or was I really hearing this. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

“Are you sure,” replied the lady that had just told me they were booked, “you already have 14 in your class.”

She eagerly shook her head and smiled at BabyGirl, “Oh I’m sure.” BabyGirl, which had no clue she was being discussed about at all was still singing and swinging her half-ponytail in the air. “How about that? Do you want to be in my class?” Asked the sweet teacher that had just made both of our days without even knowing it.

“BabyGirl, this is going to be your teacher.” BabyGirl stopped singing, looked up, smiled and ran to hug her new found friend. Oh success, and now all I need to do is prepare myself to let her go.

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A Weekend Birthday Party

August 28, 2007 By · No Comments

Over the weekend we were invited to a party (birthday party) and they had rented one of those giant jumpers that you see these days. Now my number one thought would always be who is going to pop it. Right? First of all it was so hot the kids opted to stay indoors to watch Spongebob, Drake & Josh, etc. They’d take spurts where they’d go out front and brave the heat by jumping on it, but not much. Thankfully they rented it for the whole weekend so they ended up getting a lot of use out of it yesterday.

But there was a bigger issue. All those other kids on the block that weren’t invited tried inviting themselves, or those that were invited didn’t want to come to the party itself but wanted their turn in the bouncer. When I say kids I’m talking 10-12 unaccompanied children. None of them showed up with their parents. I always make that a statement on invites, PARENTS must attend with children. Apparently one parent told her child to see if he could come over to the party to have cake, ice cream and jump in the bouncer. I couldn’t believe it.

It was fun for the kids though, mine enjoyed staying indoors and soaking up the t.v., granted they could’ve done it at home but they said they LOVED their couch. It was a very soft, leather couch. I explained I won’t be buying a NICE one until they get a bit older and stop spilling stuff on the two we have. Hehe.

My daughter has to have a nebulizer just about every winter season, that is since we moved out to the Carolinas. It could just be the air out here, which I hope, or something else. Now they have a portable nebulizer, so you don’t always have to use it at home and find a plug in. This is great news for those that like to travel during the holidays, all it takes is batteries and your child will start feeling better in no time. Did you know you can even purchase a pulse oximeter these days? I had no clue, I thought these were only used in the hospitals. It’s those little devices that ya put on your finger to measure your pulse.

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KidNation: What’s your Opinion?

August 26, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay with me writing for TVBender I’ve been reading a lot on this new show (well not new since it is the second one) that comes out this fall.


The basic idea is: 40 kids, 40 days, 1 town and no adults. It’s a twist from Survivor but with kids instead of adults. Teams competing, kids doing all the work to survive. That type of thing. They’ve been under a lot of heat lately due to some kids accidentally drinking some bleach mixed in soda. Not really sure what happened there, something about kids mixing them to see what would happen. lAnother was a girl getting splattered with grease while cooking.

Now it seems that New Mexico is investigating because of the child labor laws. I don’t know how I feel yet, but I don’t like watching all those YouTube vidoes on it. I think I’ll be watching the first KidNation but I’ll determine from there. If ya got an opinion on this please voice it here.

Have ya ever stayed at Mendocino lodging? I’ve never had a chance, but I have stayed in an Inn and they are beautiful. I love the fact that they seem more personable. Every bedroom is a different style at Mendocino they’ve got the Whale watch room, Van Dame Room and even a Tansy. The Tansy room looks as if it stepped off a prairie or something. If these don’t suit your taste, not to worry they’ve got many more styles to choose from. Ya never know ya might even have to try out a few different rooms.

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