End of July Giveaways (Tuesdays)

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There are over 30 Giveaways listed below, from Amazon GC, books, movies, etc. I hope ya’ll win something, I know I’m going to submit entries this time around…in fact I’ve beeen.

If you have a giveaway drop me a line at homemom3@gmail.com and I’ll add it here. Don’t want to host it on your site but want to promote your item, drop me an email and I’ll host it for ya. Contact me for details.

Once more, if ya win something through one of these giveaways please let me know I’d love to link you and the blog you won from.


Here’s your chance to win money, Marketing Pilgrim wants to give you $300 but you must subscribe to their newsletter to win. That sure would be some nice school shopping money.

Celebrity-Babies has had several giveaways listed on their site, here are a few:

Clene Baby Carrier
3-packs of Adiri bottles including two bottles of each stage

Kailani over at Island Life is having a GREAT giveaway, the prize is a $50 gift certificate to Koo Koo Bear Kids. This would be great school clothes shopping.

Freaky Girl wanted to know your weirdest experience with food. The prize is Anthony Bourdain pintglass now head on over and tell her what yours was. Mine’s already up, it dealt with an actual cow’s tongue. YUM!

Camy’s Loft has two books up for grabs: Bittersweet and Split Ends.

Blog Ecorrouge is giving away an ipod catch is you must order something through the site.

XBl Radio is giving away a Final Fantasy Sword.

Design Mom has a lovely Sports Cars to giveaway. It’s worth $140, but worth more just for the look on your child’s face when it arrives.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess is giving away another cute Bug T-shirt from Cute as a Bug. My favorite is the Instructions.

The Man Room has many DVD giveaways going on from wii, to stargate season 10.

Super Cool Baby is giving away a copy of”>The World Around Us DVD

The Feathered Nest is celebrating their 100th post, with a giant giveaway. The prizes are really nice too.

Raising Joey is giving away their copy of Aunt Mommy book.

There’s a beautiful first time parent’s basket that Merchant Circle is giving away as well.

Serious Jumbo is having their first Blogiversary and to celebrate their are some really great gifts for the giveaway. Every friday there’ll be a giveaway too, oh and the music you’ll just LOVE.

Sheri Prescott has a great back to school Giveaway going on over at her place, but only those that are in jr. High or high school can join in on it.

Gay Walker is giving away a copy of Lottery. Read the instructions to sign up for that one.

The Mom Blogs is giving away one copy of Elmo Sesame Street Back to School dvd.

A Patch Work of Books is giving away one copy of The Red Tent.

Discussing Autism is giving away Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Cake Mix and Raisin Bread Mix. Gluten and Casein Free, head on over to read the rules.

Book Splurge is giving away their copy of The Elevator by Angela Hunt. You must leave them a comment to qualify for the book, it does look suspenseful. Not sure though as I can’t stand elevators. Yes, I know a fear of mine and it is silly.

Photo Induced is giving away a copy of Annie Leibowitz’s A Photographer’s Life.

The Opinionated Parents has two giveaways going on :
wildflower darling pinafore dress and nursing cover

Chelsea Morning is having a book giveaway, the book is Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

The Nerdy is doing a new launch and in honor of that they are giving away an USB cup warmer/cooler but you must tell them why you deserve to win.

Trashionista is giving away 2 copies of Be Mine by Laura Kasischke all ya got to do is drop her an email with the subject, “Laura” in it.

Fiction Scribe is having a contest, it’s a fun one too, the price is a $20 amazon gift certificate and all you need to do is write up your biggest Pet Peeve. Wow, that’s so easy, I have so many though. hehe.

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Looking For a Writer?

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I’ve seen many blog postings and message board postings of bloggers/agencies looking to hire bloggers/writers. Look no further, I’ve experience in blogging, content writing/seo/article, etc.

If ya need a writer drop me a line at homemom3@gmail.com

Past Assignments:
cactus, loans, mortgages, love, family, kitchen remodeling, teddy bears, credit, credit cards, activities for kids, holiday pieces, books, book reviews, product reviews, interviews, etc.

I’m more than willing to do the research. Have a GREAT day!

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Review Page

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I thought this would be the perfect place to find all my reviews online and on this site.

If you have a product that you’d like for Homemom3 to review: Here are the details about the Homemom3 Household: Do We Review Products?


A MomGadget Review – Fizzix: It’s a Fun Snack
Mother’s Intuition Set – A MomGadget Review
Little Capers
Innobaby Packin’ SMART®
Word World
Tip e Toes Baby Bottle Holder
Days Ago Digital Day Counter
The Fairy Chronicles

Reviewing Toys

Review: Pokemon Leaf Green Game
Review: My Little Pony So Soft Good Morning Sunshine
Review: Clutch & Crinkle Ball
Review: Infantino Hippo Gym


LaLa Natural’s Baby Rattles
Net Jet Rulz!
Noah’s Pals Batteries Not Included
Fun Crafts for Girls (Spotz) Spotz: Design ‘N Write Board, Spotz: Messenger bag and the Spotz: Spotz Maker.

Upcoming Reviews:

Potty Watch
Word World: Happy Birthday Dog
Kazoo Toys- Yo-yo pack
Magic Show 100 piece
Hooked on Phonics: Electronic Learning Musical Letter Twist
Hooked on Phonics: Phonics word Master
Hooked on Phonics: Electronic learning Smart Sticks Numbers (bilingual)
T-Rex Dinosaur Battle Board Game
Families with Purpose:
Dinner Games & activities
Beginner Dinner Games
Mom’s Family Calendar
Mom’s Family Desk Planner
Your Baby Can Read
Bob Books
Fortune Tootsies
Snoozer pillows -Upper, body, jr.
Jake Baby
Freeze It
The Touch Game by Anthony Innovations Inc

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Blog Carnival Announcement

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I am doing another Blog Carnival and would love it if ya’ll would come and participate. Drop me an email at homemom3@gmail.com

August 9 – I’d like to hear about going back to school. How ya’ll are preparing, maybe traditions, memories, etc (homemom blog)

August 10 – crafts related to going back to school (holiday blog)

I’ll would post these on the days listed above, so please get them in by noon that day.

Q- How do I do a carnival?
A- Ya write about the topic, for instance you have a child about to start school for the first time. You would write about it, anything from your fears, shopping, etc. Post it on your blog and send me the link. On the day mentioned above I would post an intro and have everyone’s link in it.

Previous Blog Carnivals:

Memorial Day Carnival
Mother’s Day Carnival
Earth Day Carnival
Christmas Traditions Carnival
Christmas Traditions Carnival 2

Dreaming of owning a home theater? It doesn’t have to be a dream anymore with HTMarket. They speacialize in all things home theater related, audio video products, movie posters and frames, lighting, snack machines. Picture having your own movie room, this would be perfect for a child’s room. The scones to light up their room as if they were in their own theater, two or three movie posters from their favorite show and top it all off with their very own popcorn machine. Get yourself a home theater today.

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The Aftermath of Blogathon 2007

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That’s right, I stuck through the 24 hours of blogging for my cause and once it was all done and over with I only slept for one hour. I had family come out and didn’t think it would be polite to not be awake, so I finally slept between 7:30-8 p.m. last night until this morning. That is a first for me as I NEVER sleep that long.


We ended up with 6 sponsors, myself included and I’d like to thank all of you… we reached $55.

Sally Andersen
Annonymous (can I share yet?)
(would you like to see your name added? SPONSOR ME)

I had many commenters throughout the event and I’d like to thank you all for that. Even during trying times with my computer and me, ya’ll stuck it out. Yes, computer would freeze, another point my cable company had a malfunction, but I still came back on once it did and wrote more posts. Next year, if I’m with internet connection I will do the blogathon but it’ll be more planned and with giveaways.

Hmm, now to actually blog stuff this week….I feel like I’ve blogged about everything under the moon. Oh and sorry to ya’ll that have me in your feeds, I have mine in a feed and I saw it really clogs it up. Had no clue, next year I”ll make a warning.

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