Headed out to watch Transformers

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The base is doing a FREE sneek preview of the movie tonight so I’ve decided to take the kids. I watched it from time to time growing up, I’ll admit I really hated cartoons but I did watch this one, Heath Cliff and a few others.

Will let ya know what I thought of it once we get back, in the meantime here is a clip I pulled up of it.

Do you remember this cartoon? What were your favorite episodes? Can’t remember the episodes, that’s fine any memories of watching it with dad or anyone?

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How much do you like Coffee?

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Char over at Casual Keystrokes posted this fun quiz on her site and this was my result. What is yours?

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I only drink those little Fraps that come in a bottle from Starbucks that you can buy at the store. My favorite is the caramel or vanilla, if they don’t have them I won’t drink any. I also like the frozen types, ya know with the cool whip on top. :) Yummy. My favorite comes from a little business out here called, “Beans” but Beans is no longer here because Starbucks moved in directly across the street. :( Very sad weekend for me to discover it.

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How To Add the Review Me Guy

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Okay so shoot me, I couldn’t think of anything to write yet and decided to reply to those comments of mine.

Laura asked- How do I add the little guy?

Laura- I’m so glad ya asked that (it gives me something to write about)

Step 1: Log in to your ReviewME

Step 2: It’ll bring ya to your account page, click on the affiliat tab.

Step 3: Choose Affiliates and a small area should pop up saying, “Get ReviewMe Buttons.” Follow their instructions and get your little man. For those that apply for him you can get $25 every time someone purchases a review from them. So, this doesn’t mean those that want to review, but those that want reviews done for them.

Hope this helps.

Get Reviewed At ReviewMe!

But to get that little man you need

Okay now to take my little guy apart.

First step is to get the page for your profile on there. That’s the first part of the HTML below.

< a href="http://www.reviewme.com/Blogs-C235/Im-Not-Just-a-MomIm-a-Home-mom-824.html?ref=673">

Then right beside the (>) add this < img src="http://www.reviewme.com/images/ads/affiliate_a_40_160x150.png" border="0" />

I currently have a space between the < on both first parts, so you can view this. (Man I hope I've made sense, but this is how I learn.)

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1st Tooth

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Here’s a pic of that first tooth, oh and don’t be fooled he’s got a second one coming in. I took this just this week and of course it had to be a shot like this since he always sticks his tongue out when I try to take a pic of it.

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Who Said Ya Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

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That’s right, I’ve learned a few things here and there around the web. Today I learned how to add my pic to the sidebar & profile page. Course without the blogger help I never would’ve figured it out.

Notice further down the right side I have taken off this little guy. He never generated me any money so I figured why waste the space I can fill it with something else later on.

Did anyone else have any luck with him?

On the top I’m sure many of you may have noticed I had a error on the top of the banner for the longest time. It had that yellow frog up there, well he’s gone now too. So, I’m learning, now I just have to figure out how to make it pretty instead of this simple look. Any suggestions?

Speaking of dogs, have you fed your dog today? Just like people, dogs too, have tastebuds and no they don’t always like to eat the slop ya throw in front of them. Why not get them something they’ll enjoy, like Premium dog food? At K9Cuisine they are giving you free shipping on any orders over $50. Get Spike a bag of his very own Jerky Naturals. Who knows, maybe Benji would like a bag of Barking at the moon. Whatever your choice there are plenty of different varieties for your dog to choose from. Pick him up something different today, he’ll love ya for it.

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