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A Writer’s Dream

May 31, 2007 By · No Comments

A writer’s dream is to become published, whether it is a book, an article, a poem or whatever. We dream of the day that we can see our name out there. For me, I have a dream of getting a children’s book I wrote a few years back (too many to count) and gave up on it after 9-11. I think it is time to get back into that whole writing game, yes I do write every week, in fact I am a content writer at the moment.

BUT I want those books published. I have about 9 books on this computer, 3 are completed, 3 more are just about and the other three are half way there. So what’s taking so long? Fear, that’s right I’m a coward. Okay, I won’t go that far but as all writers know it becomes this stage that you must overcome in order to get there. This weekend I will be planning my schedule in order to get these done, I think it’s about time. Don’t you?

I dream of the day I have that children’s book in my hands and I’m reading it to a room full of kids. Yes, this is my joy, I would’ve probably been a great teacher in life but I’m not as centered as most. I have to have fun in my classes and do things not everyone agrees with. There’d be animals running around, plants growing in every corner, children doing various things…I know no kid likes to just sit in a desk. yes, I miss homeschooling and this summer I get it back, even if it is for a few short weeks.

Yesterday, during my speech I was asked if I had wrote a book. My response was yes but it wasn’t published. A little girl raised her hand and asked, “So why not?” I explained to this girl it had been rejected and after a few rejections I stopped sending it out.

Her response, “Why not try again?”

Wow what a response and something that has stirred some strong emotions in me as you may be able to tell. Somethings changing inside me as I type this, I’ve got goosebumps on my arms and it is actually hot outside. What is it? Is it the fact this little girl actually sparked my creative juices and has stirred what no one else could. This little girl whom I was trying to get inspired to write actually got me to want to do my dream again?! Wow, talk about a world turning upside down. I love it. Okay, sending this to my blog and off to look for my kid book.

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End of May Contests

May 31, 2007 By · No Comments

Ang is having a BIG Giveaway at her site. Prizes include the following:
Super Mom Saves the World by Melanie Lynne Hauser
Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson
If I Am Missing Or Dead: A Sister’s Story of Love, Murder, and Liberation by Janine Latus
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success DVD by Deepak Chopra

The Wonder Mom wants to give one of her lucky readers a copy of The Rest of Us.

Over at My Quotian Mysteries is giving away a copy of Praying for Purpose.

Camy’s Loft has two giveaways going on, one is for Pocketful of Pearls and the other Grounds to Believe

Stainless Steel Droppings is giving away a copy of Gardella Vampire Chronicles series, Rises The Night

Over at A Hamburger a Day they want to give you a book called, “Hamburgers & Fries”.

The Genius Types are giving away a copy of Thick and Grow Rich

An Ordinary Mom wants us to know all about this book, so she’s giving away a copy of The Queen of the Castle

The NetWorkWorld has 15 copies of TCP/IP to giveaway.

BeDazzled is giving away a copy of Jeff Buckley’s CD, “So Real”.

Over at LockerDome he wants to giveaway his Laptop, read the rules to find out how to enter.

Here For You

The Opinionated Parent is giving away Bonjour organic tee.

Over at Edgy Inspirational Author she’s giving away a copy of Divine by Karen Kingsbury

One last chance to sign up at ArsGeek to win a digital video camcorder, it’s just so cute.

Don’t forget about Bob’s Contest either, remember he’s giving away a Nintendo DS Lite for his birthday gift.

For JUNE 1st
There will be two contests going on, one at Simple Kind of Life and the other at Geeky Speaky. All I know is that the prizes are a secret but for something geeky it will be something “Geeky” my guess would be a laptop? lol. Hmm, a mouse or a real chocolate keyboard. I just saw one online the other day, real chocolate too. For Simple Kind of Life…maybe a poster, candles, decorations. Not really sure for that one.

Deena is going to give away one book every week for the summer. Check oot the giveaway

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Thusday Thirteen #4

May 31, 2007 By · No Comments

13 Things I need to Get for Summer

1 bathing suits
2 beach towels
3 sunscreen
4 little plastic water guns (ya know the type for $5 and ya get 20)
5 water balloons (because I’m fun like that)
6 small pool (base doesn’t allow anything above the waist.)
7 books to read this summer
8 books for the kids to read
9 sleeping bags (to go with that tent I just won)
10 a BBQ
11 Stock up on Marshmallows
12 lots of hot dogs and hamburgers (gotta have that bbq)
13 chairs for outside (I want to enjoy the summer)

I hope everyone else is gearing up for the summer. We’ve got two more weeks left before we officially have summer. 🙂 woo hoo! No more waking those kids up at 0600 and hearing them fight. Course now I must prepare my book list for them and an “I’m Bored List.”

Don’t forget to enter the contests here, after all ya might win a few books for the summer.

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Wordless Wednesday #4 – No Longer

May 30, 2007 By · No Comments

Oh I must admit…I’m so happy I’m no longer Pregnant. 🙂 I say as I look down at the little boy smiling up at me.

Want to play?

For more Wordless Wednesday participants please visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

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I’m about to Pee My Pants…

May 30, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay, not really but I got your attention right? Hmm, maybe this can work after all. Remember a week or two ago when I said SoccerBoy wanted to stay home for Career Day with me. Well the end result (after calling the school) was he could, but they’d also like me to speak at the school for the Career Day as well. Hmmm, this could be interesting as I’ve never explained to 6000 students on being a freelance writer. I don’t even know if I can entertain them, let alone get them interested in writing.

I mean how do you get them to want to read and write? I can’t even get my own kids to want to do that! lol. Hmmm, I could explain what it is to be a book reviewer. Talk about how I get free books in the mail all the time in exchange for me to read them and write my own opinions on them. Nawwww, kids hate free stuff…especially in the mail. hehe

I could tell them about the goods and bads (not all will understand pros and cons) of my job. Ya know stuff like deadlines, eeeekkk, I know they can relate as many wait until the last night to do their own book reports or essays. I know this because SoccerBoy is one of them. Can’t fault him though he has my genes, I did my best work late in the game. If I wasn’t under stress I couldn’t get it right. Anyone else like that? I could explain that they may get topics aka assignments that they may not like. I recently got to write all about credit, ugh I hate credit but I sure do know a lot about it now….I refuse to go get a loan now that I know so much. We can just suck it up. But about a month ago I wrote about Teddy Bears, that was a fun topic and I’m sure kids would think it were easy…that is unless they were told to write 500 words on it right then. Hmmmm, possible idea here.

Yes, I’m using ya’ll as my brainstorming board. I’m a nervous wreck and it’s not like I can do the phrase, “Picture them in only their underwear” there is no way in heck I’m doing that. That’s gross! Hmm, but I can picture the whole classroom of kids changing back into baby form, wearing diapers and large heads. hehe, I’m sure I’ll crack up in front of them now. Can ya picture it? Kind of like a cartoon.

So, what does a freelance writer do? Simple, he/she freelances. Writes whatever, whenever, where ever, which is the beauty of being a freelancer…sometimes. Sometimes though it isn’t easy finding a job, the jobs you think are legit end up falling through the cracks and the ones you dream of taking you don’t have the guts to put yourself out there. Sound familiar? Tell me I’m not the only one.

I plan on talking to them about money as well, we all know the only way to get a child’s attention is to throw a couple of dollar amounts in front of them. Currently I’m the last job any of them want. Can’t say that I blame them, the phrase “Freelance Writer” just doesn’t sound as fun as:
Fire Fighter (ya save lives)
Marine that deals with Money (disburser)
Marine Judge (come on ya decide people’s fate)
Animal Control (What? Before me!) hehe
There were a few others but ya see what I’m competing with. lol. Can ya blame them? I can’t bring a fire truck in, money from different countries, my Judge Robe or a bunch of cages in.

What are a freelance writers tools?
pens, pencils, paper, crayons when needed to write on napkins, or maybe lipstick for that last one. I use my computer, but instead I’ll bring in the laptop as it is so much easier to carry then this big thing is. I’ll bring in my cell phone because without it I can’t get some assignments, books that I get to review. Notebooks to write down my ideas. CDs to save all my work on because when ya don’t you are SCREWED. Yes, I’ve lost all work before. What are your freelance tools?

I plan on talking about blogs and what they are. I know most of them know because it’s what the 21st century now and kids know more than most of us adults when it comes to technology. yes, they do, I just learned what the heck an iPod was last month. I’m OLD!

Okay back to writing my speech, YES it is last minute.

P.S. Contests will be up shortly.

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