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BabyGirl’s No Pooping Funny

April 30, 2007 By · No Comments

BabyGirl has heard the issue on Little A and no poop and has come up with her own solution, but first I’ll describe the scene. We’ve suddenly got an angry baby in our house and he is normally very calm and quiet, but he seems to cry when I’m guessing he’s about to go or when it hurts. He doesn’t actually go so I’m guessing he’s trying.

Anyways, he’s yelling at me because of it and she comes in, “What’s wrong Little A?” Little A does not stop, instead he looks at her with the watery eyes and yells at her.

“Mom, I know what to do.” I smile and look at her, “You take him to the bathroom and sit him on the potty.” I explain he doesn’t know how to go, “It’s otay momma I’ll learn him.”

Yep, just thought ya’ll would like something to smile about. Back to leg pumps now.

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5 Cheap Things that’ll Entertain Your Child

April 30, 2007 By · No Comments

Many parents go out of there way to buy the most expensive toys for their children in the hopes of keeping them entertained. But in reality it is the cheap toys or cheap items that entertain your child. Today alone I used all five of these things, now many parents will not allow their children to use all items in one day but for me I just tune out the noise. Yes, some parents can do that.

#1 Bubbles and I’m not meaning the type you blow, however that would work just as well. But I’m talking about the type you get in a package. My sister recently sent my son a bday gift and it had five sheets of bubble wrap in it. I think she did this on purpose as she really thinks it would upset me but instead I love it. I tossed out the bubbles today for BabyGirl and taught her how to make tunes.

When I say I taught her how it does mean that I actually did it. You kidding, I’m a big kid myself. We hoped back and forth across those, we popped them with our fingers and then we ran across them some more. She’s currently sitting on them now, reading a “100 EZ lessons to Teach Your Child to Read.” Yes, she really is trying to learn.

#2 Dirt. While this may be every parents worst enemy, it seems to be a child’s best friend. Up until this year I’ve hated the dirty, I have no clue if I did as a child or not but as a parent I can’t stand my children to get dirty. My husband has always told me to lighten up and I guess after a 4th child you have to as early today I sent my child out back to dig me up another garden so I can plant seeds. She has fun digging and pretending and I can plant seeds and grow more life, just this time not through my body.

#3 Box. We’ve all learned this one, at least if you’ve celebrated your child’s first birthday. Children love the boxes, they won’t care if there is anything in them because they only want the box. Grab a box and toss it in the living room and see how fast it becomes a house, space shuttle, spy ship, etc. For even more excitement let them color it with markers, crayons or colored pencils. Children will stay in this all night if you allow it.

#4 Pots N Pans. Take some old pots you’ve got stored under your kitchen counter, rinse them out and hand them to your child. You may want to give them a wooden spoon as well, no they won’t be making you lunch but they will be making something creative out of it. Within an hour your child may have conducted an orchestra, or just a rock and roll band, walked around the house pretending to be in the marching band or maybe made you the best cuisine you’ve ever pretended to have.

#5 Bath. My children love the bathtub, whether they are in it just for fun or to actually take a bath and get clean. Throw in some bubbles or make some using their shampoo and fill it up. They’ll make themselves into an old man with a long beard, a mohawk. Add a few plastic toys (not stuffed animals) into the tub and they’ll have a village, hiding spots with bubbles, a fort, etc.

See it doesn’t take much to entertain a child, all it takes is a little thought. The next time your child tells you they are bored, try one of the above ideas. Or you could simply go to the store and buy that $100 doll that poops because it would be soooo neat to watch. Gross I know, but my daughter still wants one and she has a baby brother.

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New Hours

April 30, 2007 By · No Comments

The hubby has began working odd hours in the hpoes to spend more time with the kids as well as continue to make more money. I just hate life sometimes, okay, not life but money issues. Don’t you?

Anyone ever work two jobs? That’s currently what he is doing, which means he can get very tired. Or it means when he comes home from the second job he is so awake that he can’t go to sleep like a normal human being. UGH. Granted I can’t sleep either way so I get to keep him company and we have some time to talk without the children listening in. We’ve got to start doing this since I’ve no clue whether or not we are really getting out.

He just left for work and I’m about to start my day in the writing world…or is that blogging world. Both pay me so that’s where I’m headed off to work. Yes, even I get to contribute to making some money, hopefully it’ll get us out of the debt we are in.

With CheckAdvantage you no longer have to write out all those payments manually. That’s right, they’ve created a accounts receivable conversion program that’ll do it automatically. When you are in a business everything is about how quickly it can be done, suffiently. For the faster you get things done the more you can accomplish. If you are slaving at a desk for hours on end writing payments in a book, you are waisting valuable time that you could be doing somewhere else. Say for instance planning your next advertising campaign or a store window. Get all your files sorted out in a matter of minutes, not something you have to sift through for hours at a time. They even have a color coded function, which is perfect for seperating different items, making it easier on everyone. Get yourself the program today.

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Get these Books Outta Here

April 30, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay, I’ve been thinking about this and have decided I need to get rid of some REALLY OLD books. I’m the type that just can’t part with my books but I’ve learned that in order for me to get some new ones I need to get rid of the old. ::sniff:: sniff::

Do ya’ll have LOTS and LOTS of books? Maybe some of us could do a trade. Let me know if anyone is interested. I have a few books here I’m going to list to see if ya want them. First, I got most of the ones I’m going to list off eBay about two years ago, so it only feels right to send them back out into the world. Oh and these books are also listed on paperbackbookclub online. I’m elizajane202 on there as well.

Silhoutte Romance Help Wanted: Daddy
Silhoutte Romance Mysteries of the Heart
Silhoutte Romance The Double Heart Ranch
Silhoutte Intimate Romance Borrowed Love

Harlequin Intrigue Ghostwriter
Harlequin Welcome to Tyler (Whirlwind)
Harlequin Presents The Silken Bond
Harlequin Presents A Daughter for Christmas
Harlequin Presents Twist of Fate
Harlequin Presents Call Back, Yesterday

Heart Quest Lone Star

If you’d like one of these books, leave me a message. If you’d like to do a trade feel free to list a few books on your blog and leave me a message. Once again these are old books but for the most part great condition. I can only read a book once, don’t ask me why I’d keep them then…my hubby is still trying to figure out why.

Looks for a bookshelf? Studio RTA Furniture already has ready to assemble furniture just for you. They’ve got things like desks, book shelves, dressers and more. If it is a household item, they’ve most likely got it ready for you to put together inside your home. Stop having all those books pile on the floor and get yourself a real bookshelf. I, myself love the Geneva Bookcase, however my son would want the Lime Green 3-tier bookcase. Course I do fear the girls would not like that color, but there is also a purple one. Or I could just decorate the baby’s room with a changing table, dreser and crib. If you need furniture, take a look at Homeandliving.com.

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Help: Baby Doesn’t poop

April 29, 2007 By · No Comments

I need some help if anyone has experienced this. Okay, for three days Little A (one month old) hadn’t went poop and finally last night he did. Only the once, he’s been irritable ever since and it seems he must go again but can’t.

Anyone know how to help my little guy? I’ve tried tummy rubbing and doing the bike thing with his legs but he still isn’t going. Any suggestions?

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