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Showing Some Love & a Contest…

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Over at 5 Minutes for Mom they are giving away a FREE Dyson Slim Vacuum. You know the vacuum that doesn’t include those pesky little bags. Geez, I hate finding just the right size bag for my vacuum every time it runs out, in fact I have already replaced my vacuum twice because they’ve done away with the darn bags and now this one is broke. Hmmm, it would be so nice to win this Dyson Slim Vacuum. You know every Mom reading this is thinking the same thing. Imagine getting that email that says you won and then when that brown van pulls up to your door. I can picture the hubby’s face as I run out to hug and kiss this man vacuum. Head over to the site for your chance to win, you don’t even have to have a blog to enter. 😉


I’d like to take this time to thank everyone that posted comments this past week, boy was it a whirlwind. From school bullies, birthdays to pacifiers, ya’ll have been there to show support and lend a voice when I needed someone other than my own.

Melany from SuperMom
Angela from Oh Baby Baby
Esperance from My Many Thoughts
Jen from Problem Girl
Ladybug Crossing
Oh, The Joys
SuperMominNY from Getting Out of Debt
Holly from Holly’s Corner
Colleen from A Madison Mom
Kendra from Gaga For Lulu
Jo from Life With Heathens

Oh, I’m not through linking yet, I thought it would be nice to post about some blogs that I have to read first thing in the morning. Kind of like having your morning coffee. Of course, all the ones I have listed on the side, but since I don’t update every week here is a few others:

Oh, The Joys This week she wrote about painting her son’s toes and Aunt Flo. How can you not read something that we can all relate too? Okay, so I can’t relate to painting my son’s toes with nail polish, my husband would disown me. 🙂

-Plain Jane Mom- First I want to give a giant shout out about this blogger, every day she posts at least 5 OTHER sites for her readers to visit. So, I decided to take a hint from her and do it myself. She’s a mom like the rest of us that is going through the potty training stage…ack, we all know how that goes. Why don’t ya’ll help her out? Here is her question: Stop giving my kids water at 3 p.m.? Or maybe ya’ll remember that first time your child got a hold of that black sharpie. How did you get it out?

Suburban Turmoil– She’ll even eat eggplant parmesian to go into labor or even tell the truth about breastfeeding.

-Play Library- I check out this blog about two or three times a day just to see if she has another toy review. Not to worry though, she doesn’t only write about toys, she always talks about her son’s first milestones: first bike or shopping with the kids.

-Super Nanny Rules- This site is all about SuperNanny, but also all about parenthood, from breastfeeding in public, Ritalin, punishing to even smoking there is nothing this site won’t cover. If the “Nanny” deals with it you can be sure it’ll be open for discussion.

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It Sucks!

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Actually it really does, last night I had to have the hubby drive out and find a pacifier. This was one thing I had avoided with the three others. Okay, not completely but for the most part. See when BalletGirl was about 4-5 months I went from AZ to Ohio by plane. Which meant ear popping and I’d read somewhere that breastfeeding and pacifiers helped little babies adjust so she was put on one. The pacifier only lasted the length of the trip (about a month) and then once we were home it was tossed.

SoccerBoy never even got near one and BabyGirl expressed no interest either. Imagine my surprise in the hospital with Little A when he was constantly wanting to eat. When I say constant I mean every hour, which I knew he wasn’t really hungry. I figured he just wanted to suck but I had hoped that is was a temporary thing.

Guess what? It wasn’t, he’s 2 weeks old and still does it. Once hubby arrived home with the gem I quickly prepared it for him and tried it out. No, I didn’t try it out! I wondered if he’d even know how to keep it in his mouth, he did and went right on sucking for a good hour.

Woo hoo!! Success! Now, I don’t have him latched on every hour, instead every two just like it should be.

My next question….to those of you that do use the pacifier what made you decide to go that route? Those that have and have children older…how did you get them off the pacifier?

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Something fun!

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I pulled this off of Cotton-Pickin’ Days

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™
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Happy 10th Birthday!

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Happy Birthday SoccerBoy, it seems that only yesterday that you were born. Yes, I know you couldn’t wait for this age…the age in which you get your own ID card. 🙂 Hope it all goes well today.

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UPDATE: Mean Girls and Newborn Hearing

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Mean Girls- Who likes them? Apparently not any parent, which yes I knew that but still. Posting our experiences always seems to help a mommy figure out exactly what to do before she goes postal on someone hurting one of her cubs. I got a lot of response between my two blogs and I wanted to say thank you to everyone that responded.

Tuesday morning I posted an email to BalletGirl’s teacher (1st grade) and asked her to do me a favor and let me know if the MEAN GIRL’s (yes, I did call them that) messed with BalletGirl. She immediately wrote back telling me she’d ask her and asked if something was STILL going on. STILL? As far as I knew it had only happened Monday, now I knew they’d been making fun of her but had no knowledge of anything else. I emailed back explaining in more detail about what happened and how it was two 4th graders and a 6th grader. She forwarded the email to the principal and vice right away.

In the meantime I waited for some type of response and couldn’t help but wonder about this other incident that may or may not have happened. I knew at that point that I should ask but she’s a teacher and needs to be sitting with the kids not at her computer. I got a phone call about 30 minutes later, apparently (I’d went upstairs for a while) she’d emailed 3 times and got no response from me so she called.

The principal fwd the email to the other school that had the girls and my son. See Balletgirl didn’t know them or where their classes were but they had hoped my son would. She was just giving me a warning on what was going on. She told me that if it were her she’d go to the police with the matter because no one should be doing this to younger kids.

Within 10 more minutes the principal called and explained that she’d been concerned since it was a 6th grader and two 4ths, however that wasn’t the case. Instead it was a 3rd, 4th and 5th grader and the 5th grader was the one that hit her. (so now they weren’t AS CONCERNED?) My reply…and as nicely as I could muster up…..”They are still older than her and in a higher grade….they shouldn’t be hitting anyone, let alone someone in 1st grade. Bascially I got the whole we’ll try to talk with them, but it happened off campus and we don’t do anything with that. Oh but we should warn you on something else….if it doesn’t stop you may want to call PMO (police) but before you do.. your son was part of it.

Yep, my son was part of it, but not like you are thinking. Now we’ve always raised him and told him, “NEVER EVER hit a girl, but ALWAYS protect your sister.” During the conversation between the three girls, principal and himself he told them that right after he saw the 5th grader hit his sister in the back of the head he swatted the girl in the back of her head.

So, basically the principal told me if I wanted to call PMO on the three girls my son would be getting in trouble too, even though, as she put it, “He was only protecting his little sister.”

As for the update: The girls got talked too and my daughter hasn’t walked home by herself.

Newborn Hearing- He passed!! Okay now you are wondering what is up. I’ll make it short in this post, he’s two weeks old today and doesn’t respond to any noise..loud or soft. He also doesn’t cry, not even after gagging/choking. So we were concerned that maybe he had hearing loss. The docs did say to keep an eye and if he still isn’t by the time he turns 1 month go back for another test.

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