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Baby News…Not what ya think and more…

February 28, 2007 By · No Comments

First I wanted to address Supermom (getting out of debt). I don’t know your email address, that’s why I haven’t sent my address. If you could please drop me an email, you can find it on this blog. Ya’ll should read how she is getting out of debt.

Baby News…. Boy, I wish there was some. More progress but baby has decided he will live in me forever. lol. I’m sure ya’ll remember that feeling, I’m not really upset he’s still in me but it would make the healing process that much easier. Last night he stretched out so much I thought he was trying to stand. You should’ve seen my tummy all stretched out. Ikkk. I’ve noticed many of my fellow pregnancy buddies that were also due in March are popping now. Wonder how many will go on the Full moon. Once again, Little A isn’t due until March 9th.

What were 5 things you think made having a newborn in the house easier? I loved the bouncer, fisher-price dome tent, swing, baby backpack thing and of course the blanket puppets (sorry can’t recall the name).

On the celebrity stuff: I feel so bad for Anna Nicole and her little baby. Man, her body still hasn’t been buried. I sure hope someone makes them place her by her son and quick. Imagine when her little girl grows up and hears how long it took everyone to bury her mom. Not to mention now we are dealing with who is daddy. Will we ever know? Honestly I think it is Larry but time will tell right?

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Killing a Weekend

February 25, 2007 By · No Comments

Well you didn’t expect me to actually do a bunch of stuff right before delivering this baby did ya? Okay well I did go to the movies, hubby and I took the kids to see that museum movie. Great, now I can’t think of the name…one moment while I go look it up, I know it has Robin Williams in it though. Hang on….

The Night at the Museum, that’s the name of it. Okay I’ll blame that on the whole pregnancy brain thing you hear everyone talk about. It was a free viewing on the base and ya can’t pass that up, expecially a good movie like that. I won’t give much away but I will say it taught a bit of history throughout it and it was funny. Of course everyone that sat near me was afraid, especially when the kids would whisper, “Mom, ya in labor yet?” Talk about nerving up those around ya. Hubby of course got us drinks and LOTS of popcorn, this popcorn had LOTS of melted butter. The other theater normally doesn’t do that, they give you the fake stuff to sprinkle on the top. So yummy.

Other than that, we went home and off to the bed I went. Ooops but lets not forget hubby took me to the book store to grab two more books. “Cyber Cinderella” is the one I’m reading now, couldn’t wait to get home to start on it. 😉

Today, well it is really windy outside and I’m still sick so I won’t attempt an escape. Hubby is working but has his phone by his hip just in case I call. Ribs hurt like crazy and don’t seem to be getting better but at least don’t seem to be getting worse. I have used a heating pad (on low) on occassion which tends to make it feel better as long as I don’t get up after it.

So, no baby and nope not better but hoping both will come very soon. Doc did say baby is head down and ready whenever. I’m just waiting on the whenever, nope it isn’t passed the due date but I’ll go with ANY DAY now. 😉

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Nope, no Baby here yet….

February 17, 2007 By · No Comments

But as you may recall I’ve been sick since the beginning of January with that bronchitis crud and it still isn’t gone. It has went through the house as well and just when I thought I’d get better I caught it a second time. Doctors say they can no longer give me anything for it, not unless I catch pneumonia and then they’ll have to give me something.

It sucks I won’t lie to you. Half the time I’m upstairs laying on the bed or the futon just hoping to catch sleep. At first it was easy to sleep with the medicine they gave me but now it isn’t. Plus all this coughing has seemed to hurt my rib on my right side and slowly it seems to be doing it to the opposite side. Let’s hope this little boy decides to show up a bit early for mommy. That way I can actually push him out.

As for progress, I can now see that he has moved down…at least the bump has and now I can eat more if I ever felt like it. Which I love! hehe. 🙂

Hope you are all doing well and out of all those storms. So much for what the Groundhog said right?

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Groundhog’s Day: Spring Will come Early

February 2, 2007 By · No Comments

For those that don’t know “Punxsutawney Phil” is a famous groundhog that predicts the future. Okay, well he predicts whether or not we will have an early spring or more winter. Many of us are hoping for warmth, especially those states that have been plowed over with snow and others that are drowning in water.

The theory goes if Phil doesn’t see his shadow we will get an early spring. Woo hoo! Now if he does see it we will continue to have more winter. Brrrrr!

I watched anxiously as I flipped from one news channel to the other. Hey I’m sick and know warm weather will mean my house gets over being sick all the time. Finally Phil was pushed out of his little hole (a tree stump) and NO he didn’t see his shadow.

There you have it….Spring will come early this year.

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That Darn Test and Other Yuckies!

February 2, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay for those that have eagerly waiting to hear I did pass, but boy did I feel sick to my stomach for a couple of days after this. My doc had someone call to tell me I passed.

Well, I may have passed that but after eating breakfast this past Saturday we drove over to Kmart to get a few baby items. We were there maybe 10-15 minutes and just got in line to check out. I suddenly got really sick, felt faint like, really hot and sweaty. Grabbed myself a water and opened it. Hubby instructed me to go sit down, apparently I had turned a really white shade and next thing I know is he is handing me my water. I guess I almost fell asleep at that little table as he had to slightly push me to get my attention. We’ve dealt with this before and normally a soda or some chocolate does the trick but this time it took much longer for me to get over the feeling and feel right. I went home and went to bed for the rest of the day. 🙁

I went to the doctor this past week for my routine check up, I have a new doc btw (mine gave birth), which means telling them all my symptoms and previous birth experiences. I asked to check the baby for weight as back in november the ultrasound lady told me he was below weight and would need to be checked to make sure he was growing properly. Well, new doc doesn’t believe in those ultrasounds giving accurate readings so it won’t be happening. 🙁 errrr. But he did feel my tummy and told me he was BIG.

There is a reason I’ve been absent from this blog for so long…I came down with a terrible case of bronchitis. When I finally went in (I thought it was a common cold brought home by the kids because of school) I was close to developing pneumonia. So, I’m still getting over that and now the rest of the house has it. I’m hoping not to get this a second time around. Ewwww.

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