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Baby Carriers

January 17, 2007 By · No Comments

I was wondering about your opinion on baby carriers. These days I’ve noticed there are so many different styles and types. What did you use? With my last three babies we only used the front carriers, also known as the backpacks. However, I hurt a nerve in my back after giving birth to child number 2 so these backpacks are not a good thing.

Of course as the years pass I must admit that the carriers have gotten better with each child. My only question is which one do I get. I’ve heard so much about these new types called, “Slings” but I’m not 100% on them. I did a bit of baby shopping this weekend, however there wasn’t a single sling at the store. I’ll try again in a few weeks but will probably hit stores like Target, Kmart and Walmart.

What’s your opinion on the two different types? Which types have worked for you?

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Failed my test. :(

January 10, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay, as you know from my appointment update I took that blood sugar drink tets (glucose tolerante whatever it is called)on monday. Imagine my surprise when my doc calls me first thing Tuesday morning.

I failed the test. I scored 175 and they say it shouldn’t be that high, so now I have to take that yucky drink again but it isn’t a one hour test but a 3 hour test. So we’ll see how it goes. Plus I get to tour the hospital about an hour after the tests are done.

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Baby Appointment…

January 8, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay, as you know by last week’s post, I was having a bad week and irritated that I was going to have to miss two months with my baby doctor. I got to come in first thing this morning.

8 a.m. was the appointment. I won’t say my weight gain but from the last time I was there to this time I didn’t gain much at all and that’s been two months. Doctor didn’t say anything though, which I figured I’d get in trouble for. Blood pressure was taken at it was 102/78, not really sure if that is high, low or normal but at the time I was feeling very YUCKY.

Doctor comes in listens to baby and says sounds healthy. I asked if we would be doing one more ultrasound, just to make sure of how much she thought the baby might weigh, so I’d knwo if I needed an ultrasound or not. NOPE! The little guy is measuring bigger than I am though, so I could possibly deliver next month instead of March, which has been what I keep thinking too.

We discussed my sudden feeling of getting stripped, can only guess he just hit a nerve or something and as for me getting sick every day for one week. Just morning sickness again. UGH. I had barely any in the beginning of this one, thought I could skip right through. UGH Not a chance.

As for the way I look, neighbors all think my belly has shrunk or dropped. I can’t say I recall feeling it but it has been 3 years since my last pregnancy.

At the end of the appointment she (doctor) decided I did need that yucky test once again and sent me straight over there. I asked what about me feeling sick, she said best time maybe we can figure out if it is something serious. Well I couldn’t go pee, but guess what I could do. lol. I got sick, lots, before I even took the test. They didn’t want to give me the drink but I told them it was what doc wanted, but they insisted if I took it they were calling her immediatly if I started getting sick.

I fell asleep in a chair in the back that they prepared for me since I was already getting sick before the test. It was quiet, cool and cozy. I didn’t get sick the whole time, now I’m home and feeling like it’ll be any minute. But at least I passed the test right?

Okay more later, gotta go lay down.

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A bit of Link Love for the Weekend

January 5, 2007 By · No Comments

Char from Casual Keystrokes added me to a little list of great blogs and I feel honored.

This is another one of those Meme’s going around the blogosphere and reminds me a lot of Blogtipping. So, here’s a list of blogs…the last five are the ones I’ve added. If you don’t have anything to do this weekend or find an extra minute or two you should catch up on some reading. You never know, you may find a few you like. Leave a few comments on a couple, you may even get a few comments in return. 🙂

Have a great weekend! I’m going to relax with BabyGirl!

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Here is my additional five:
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If you are one of the above, don’t forget to play along and let me know. 🙂

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Baby Talk

January 5, 2007 By · 1 Comment

I’ve done a no-no in the baby cooking land, I skipped last month’s sugar drink test. I’m sure if you’ve ever been pregnant you know the drink, it’s orange and tastes horrible. I did take this drinks a few weeks back but the doc said it was too early and I would need a new one. I wanted to take it in November when I had time but nope I had to wait. So guess when I was scheduled to take that blasted drink and have the vampires suck out my blood an hour later? You guessed yet?

During winter break for the kids! Yeah, can you picture taking in three kids 9, 6 and 3 to the lab area, making them sit through you drinking the horrible drink and then waiting around an hour and hoping when it was finally time for the vampires to take me back into their dungeon that my kids would sit perfectly still. Yeah, I couldn’t picture that either. Actually I could and even though my kids are pretty well-behaved I’m not taking chances as a needle is poked into my arm, I can only picture BalletGirl (6 year old) as she screams about seeing blood being taken from my veins. Of course, you may recall the last time I did this BabyGirl was with and had me cracking up laughing, “Shhhh, mommy be quiet.” She’d say that as she’d quietly cover her eyes and peek through the fingers.

I could also picture my nine year old son cheering me on as I try guzzling down the orange drink and comments on all the faces I make. So, I didn’t take the drink, because I had no time. Hubby works two jobs and really needs to be at work, I don’t know any neighbors enough to have my kids stay with them, not to mention I live in an area where everyone has 3 children or more. Yeah, let me go ask someone if they’ll watch 3 more. NOT! I tried going yesterday, “Ma’am these expired last month. You can’t take the test now. UGH.”

On top of that I’ve been having some weird feelings, on Saturday (this past one) I was driving around town meeting up with hubby and kids when the little man inside tummy (need to think of a nickname, can ya help me out) decided to put his foot or hands or something in an area that shouldn’t be messed with. It felt as if my membranes had been stripped. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had it done, if not you are lucky. After that I began having LOTS of braxton Hicks.

I did lay down as adviced by anything you read online, and they slowed down but I still get them. But my pregnancy has decided to go backwards, at least for me. Where I was getting larger by the week I’m staying the same if not shrinking and I’m not meaning my height. But I’m extremely tired, exhausted like…I sleep from 6p.m.-6 a.m. and go back to bed most mornings within a few hours, normally two but sometimes 10 a.m. until noon. Not to worry I’ve a pretty good girl who entertains herself with cartoons, movies, books and her crayons as she sits by me the entire time. So, I guess I’m not totally sleeping but I am at the same time. Once kids get home I take a quick snooze too. It’s ridiculous, but to top that off I’ve got what I can only guess is morning sickness in the last stages of pregnancy. I’ve always had, except this pregnancy morning sickness the entire time. But never just at the end. Four days straight now I’ve gotten sick and went back to bed.

Before you ask I go to doc on Monday, yes I mentioned all of this but will remind her. See, I didn’t get to see her last month because she was all booked up, this month I wasn’t suppose to see her for the same reason. I left a message and now I’m seeing her monday, she gives birth in feb. I give birth in march, I doubt very seriously she’ll be the one to deliver my baby.

Any birth stories or symptoms you wanna share?

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