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Why Didn’t I Buy Stock in Duracell?

December 30, 2006 By · No Comments

Man, we’ve never needed so many darn batteries until this year. I swear every toy the kids got had batteries not included in it. That should’ve been something that we’d notice before hand. We didn’t so we currently have a few toys that still can’t be played with. UGH.

Batteries needed for 6 Remote Control Cars:
The kids ended up with a total of 6 remote control cars, which means Santa had brought them each one and we bought daddy one. Of course, I couldn’t tell them that some of the relatives would buy daddy one because I’d have to explain one more child would get one.

Walking Barbie Pony and Ballerina Barbie Doll still need batteries. This is the Barbie that teaches kids to do Ballet as well. This also has the wrist bands that need it. I needed AAA instead of 9V and AA. UGH

Two Cameras, both needed batteries, CD player, alphabet Train Station and the Little People’s Preschool.

I could’ve become rich this year if I would’ve just bought stock in the darn battery companies. 🙂 How about you? Did you end up with lots of toys that needed batteries? Grandpa even brought over a pack of 36 AAs which are all gone and a pack of 8 9V.

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I’m so Accident Prone…

December 30, 2006 By · No Comments

I ran outside barefoot in order to grab something out of the truck. That’s when I did it…I stepped right on top of a sharp rock (pebble, something) and I felt it with my heel. It ended up being a piece of glass, however I wouldn’t know this until much later. Oh man does this ever hurt, I figured it hurt so bad because it was in the heel and I probably bruised it pretty bad. It wasn’t the first time I had done this, and probably wouldn’t be the last.

I never checked on my foot until about an hour later. I was cleaning the house and finally sat on the couch to take a break, it was about 5 or 6 a.m. I looked around the house to see what was left to clean and I spotted lots of red footprints. I wondered if I’d stepped on a ketchup somewhere and upon closer look I noticed it wasn’t ketchup. Quickly looking at my foot I discovered the blood. I’d been bleeding for that last hour and leaving tracks throughtout my house. I quickly called the hubby in case he arrived home from work in case he saw any that I missed and explained I was fine, had stepped on something and cut my heel open. Man talk about being a clutz right?

This was only one day before I’d hurt myself again, I swear I always hurt myself when I’m pregnant. It’s like I have this magnet that pulls me into accident zones. This time I was in Golden Corral (yes, we eat there a lot), my youngest is going through her potty training time and kept saying she had to pee. Immediately I’d grab her, run to the bathroom and leave without her going. I got tired, forgot to look around and this time when we were exiting the stall I got hooked. Yep, hooked. You know on the back of those doors are the clothes hooks to keep your jacket or purse on. It reached out and grabbed my arm, my arm was stuck and I didn’t think about it and jerked it free. This only made it worse. My VERY red mark turned purple within minutes. This was Christmas eve, today it is green, blue and purple. Same arm I got the shot so the pain is once again there. UGH

See how accident prone I am? Maybe later I’ll talk about crashing my bike three times last school year. Granted I wasn’t pregnant but still.

Are you a clutz?

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Free Stuff from Microsoft: What’s Your Take on It?

December 29, 2006 By · No Comments

I’m a homemom and love getting free stuff, I also have a site online where I review books I’ve read. In return most of the author’s send me their books as a thank you and hope for a good review. I must admit, not all the time are they happy with the reviews, but they never ask for the books back and it adds to my growing library.

You may and may not have heard, but Microsoft is doing something similar and there is a huge debate going on throughout the blogosphere on it. Microsoft is sending popular bloggers an email asking them to review their products and are willing to part with their Ferrari 1000s and 5000s. These are more their review laptops but still very nice to own. Not everyone agrees with this idea though, I’m not 100% why.

Some believe it is Microsoft’s way of bribing them, but if they aren’t telling you to write a positive review I can’t see that being the case. I am looking at it as their way of getting more products out there in the blogosphere for people to talk about and generate word-of-mouth. After all isn’t that what the world has come to? People learn about products on the television and blogs. Not to mention even if it was a bad review people would still want to find out for themselves and it could also drive traffic to their website. It’s a win-win situation for Microsoft and a win for bloggers that agree to have the laptops sent to them. See Vista is coming out in less than a month and of course Microsoft needs people to be able to review the product. If a person doesn’t have the computer that is compatable how can they say yeah or nah on it?

I’ve also read that Microsoft is allowing the blogger to keep the computer forever, or return it after the reviews. I’m not sure if they are letting them keep these computers for free of after the review they plan on charging them. Maybe Microsoft can answer that question. But to me, it sounds like a nice PR scheme and a great review gift to receive…I didn’t get the email though so I guess I’ll be reading what other reviewers think about the product.

How has your luck been with Microsoft? I, myself love the company at least Microsoft Word, that’s my favorite thing to use when writing. I know there are many other things out there but that’s the one I use the most. I’ve had bad luck with one company though…DELL and let’s just say I’ll save that for another post. But never tell me a computer can’t blow up, they can.

I say as long as it is free and they don’t REQUIRE a positive review it gets a thumbs up. Especially for those of us that probably would never discover the product or just don’t have that kind of money to spend on it.

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Twas the Night before the Chaos…

December 26, 2006 By · No Comments

had struck the house. The house itself was silent, nothing stirred. The children, believe it or not were all tucked in their beds. I couldn’t help but wonder, what mystery might occur. For this was not usual for my three munchkins.

I had one that would stay up way past her bedtime and sneak into my room every single night. Of course being three this can be ignored, but not on a night that Santa would occur. On this particular night, she went straight to her bed, told me she had to sleep in her own little bed or Santa would not come. I imagined at one point I’d see her sneaking to my room, but she stayed there all night, not a whimper was heard.

My second late-night munchkin, he never came in. Never once did he try sneaking into my room to turn on my t.v. or play the video games. Yes, he was known to do this, figuring momma would sleep through anything with that pregnant belly making her tired all the time. But once again, he stayed in bed, in fact was asleep by nine.

The third was easy for she normally goes straight there, however she had to get her ten minutes of talking back and forth with her brother. I could hear them in the hallways talking loud enough that the other could hear in the next room, asking what Santa would bring. But shortly there was silence and I sneaked into each room, all were asleep probably dreaming of the same thing.

A door was knocked and a phone began to ring. Santa had stopped early to bring by everything. I worried this would wake the oldest, ya know the one that sneaks in for video games, but not a chance. He slept right through the night and had to be woken by his little sister because she anxiously waited to head down the stairs.

I must admit, I worried all throughout the night that somehow the kids would wake as Santa was unloading. But it never did happen and I barely slept a wink. An hour after I slept I had two little girls sneaking in, about an hour later, they would wake their brother and we’d all run down the stairs to see what Santa had brought.

Santa left a mess, or I should say the kids did in their surprise. Boxes were ripped open and left laying on their sides, toys half out of boxes and paper everywhere. What was I do to, clean up was everywhere. Late last night, once I came home, I went straight to bed. So the mess still lays in the wake and I’ll hopefully get to it sometime this week.

Okay this was unusual way of writing but I wanted to show, Santa did come this year. He brought many presents, as well as family gifts from all over the US. Now I must figure out my new toy so I can upload the pics.

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Sandboxes I play in…

December 22, 2006 By · No Comments

I was asked which sandboxes I frequent, so I’ll list the top three and tell ya a little about each one. At least the little amount I know, as two of them I only frequent certain rooms.

Every morning once I check my email I head over to my favorite sandboxes to see who is playing and possibly which ones have any job leads or blogging leads. The first one I stop at is WAHM Forum, which I normally only frequent two categories and those are: Bloggers and WAHMs Who Writes, so if you ever see me in there drop me a message. I also love reading new blogs so feel free to let me know in the comments area here that you have one.

The second place I glance at is Mommy Jobs Forum and yes I said I glance in, there isn’t a whole lot of action in there lately so I just see if anyone is chatting. If they are I leave a message. WAHMs Who Like to Write will list any jobs they can find as well as questions.

Last, my frequent hide-out and this is the place I spend lots of time throughout the day is MomGadget. I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this place at least once a week as this is where I sign up for all those fun blog carnivals. But that’s not all it is, this is a message board that gives advice, shares secrets on how everyone is making money blogging, in fact Gayla actually a five figure blogger. That’s my goal. 🙂

What’s your favorite sandboxes to play in?

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