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Two Days Left…..

October 29, 2006 By · No Comments

Before Trick-or-Treaters are at your door. Are you prepared? That’s right, don’t forget to stock up on that Halloween candy. Right now would be the perfect time to go out and buy those candy bars, bubblegum, taffy and other fun treats. Everything is 40-50% off at your local stores such as Walmart and Kmart. This is the time, I always go, not only do I stock up but I get MORE for what I’d normally spend. Which of course means more for me….I mean the kids. hehe

Costumes have all been bought, had a few little things we needed to buy. More paint for the belly, hair color, sword for the Zorro costume and finally hubby broke down and bought himself a NEW costume. Ren. Knight, can’t beat that, I would’ve got the maiden outfit, but the belly wouldn’t have allowed me to wear it this year. Oh and I found a great deal on those glow sticks, we bought a party pack of 15 for $5, I figured just a regular one costs $2.50 I’d be saving a bit and the kids would have more to play with.

Kids are counting down and we will be making decorations tonight. Did I tell ya that Halloween is my FAVORITE Holiday? hehe.

Be safe!!

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What’s Your Favorite Weather?

October 27, 2006 By · No Comments

Have you ever noticed that the weather can change your mood? Yep, it can change your mood so much that you prolong things, like this blog entry today. Granted in the beginning it wouldn’t let me on this blasted thing and I waited forever. What’s normally my favorite weather has become torture for me today. Well, before I go much further this topic all stems from Momgadget, a forum where Professional Bloggers are sharing their secrets. This is one of the blog carnivals there. So join in, open up an umbrella or jump into some shorts.

What’s Your Favorite Weather? Season? Why?

My favorite weather would have to be the rain, that’s right I love the dark gray skies that cover over us and pour big water drops out of the sky. It is the one time I can really kick butt writing. However, currently…maybe because I’m pregnant the rain seems to be a downfall. The last time I was pregnant I got bronchitis twice and was admitted to the hospital. I never want to go through that again and try everything to stay away. However, the bad weather as most call it has caught me. Hopefully it’ll leave my system soon but ya never know with the way the rain comes and goes. What was once a beautiful thing has ended me in the bed.

My ultimate favorite season would have to be the Fall, included in that of course is Halloween. I love to watch nature change and read the stories of the Gods and Goddesses. The leaves that go from a rich green, orange and of course the browns as ya watch them fall to the ground. I remember as a child raking those beautiful leaves only to run through them or jump in them. Did you ever do that?

Well, now you know a bit about me, read about what my friends over at MomGadget think.

Read exactly why Gayla from MomGadget hates Winter. She doesn’t even like to get postcards with winter related pictures on them. I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I send out my postcards.

Find out what season is “Garage Sale Season” when you read Kristi’s Blog, the Sucessful eBay Momma. It wasn’t when I thought it would be.

Where is it Shelly at Soup and Nuts likes to walk during her favorite season?

Delphine reminds of us the joys of spring and the Easter Egg Hunts. I’ve always enjoyed watching those little ones search for eggs.

If you have a favorite season/weather let me know, post it on your blog and I’ll link ya. But don’t forget to tell us why.

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Halloween Costumes, activities and more…

October 20, 2006 By · No Comments

This topic is focused from yet another Carnival, “QOTW” from the Work at Home Mom Bloggers. The question was…How will you celebrate Halloween? How will you and your family celebrate Halloween? Will you go trick or treating? Will you attend a party? What will your children be?

As you already know, I do plan on celebrating Halloween. This year I doubt I’ll do the pinata like I have done in the past but we will have a small family party, we will dress up and go trick-or-treating. The kids never go out long, they actually enjoy passing out the candy, so we’ll probably go down two blocks and head home. This is what they’ve done ever year. I’ll have pumpkin pie waiting at home, yummy right? 🙂

My son is going as something that looks like a Zorro costume but it is made of shiny leather. He recently got a mohawk and we’ll be painting that blue as well so I’m sure half the time he’ll have the mask off showing off his hair.

BalletGirl (6) will be going as a Vampira and she’s already having fun with it and can’t wait for me to make blood drip down her face. Oh and like her brother her hair will be getting painted…RED well I think it will be pink and silver as that is all I can find.

BabyGirl is going as a little princess, the costume is all purple and has a really long hat. She will most likely have pink hair.

My husband will go as something scary, probably the grim reaper as we have that from years past. Myself? Oh, not me, but we are dressing up the tummy. I’ll be wearing all black and have the tummy showing and he’ll be painting it to look like a giant eyeball. Freaky? Well, it is different.

So that’s what we are doing. What about you?

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In my previous life I must’ve been….

October 20, 2006 By · No Comments

The forum I mentioned in my last post…Gadget Mom forum has asked the question on what animal you think you might’ve been for the First MomGadget Blog Carnival. What animal are you? Drop by and let her know?

I would love to say a monkey because they are my favorite animals, however this can’t be because I’m horribly afraid of heights and I can’t see myself swinging through the air from one branch to another in hopes that I grab it. I’d be the monkey that never leaves the ground. So, even though they are cute and I’d love to have one…I wasn’t a monkey.

My kids say that I must’ve been a lion. When I asked them why they responded, “Mom, if anyone messes with us you become a lion, no one knows what hit them.” Oh, I did like that comment, but I’m hoping any mother would protect her young.

However, unless you really upset me that’s just not who or what I am. I’m quiet for the most part unless I get to know you, I keep to myself, look I’m an at home mom that never leaves her house. I tried the whole getting with the pack and becoming a PTA mom and it didn’t work out. I’m best if left alone, on my own thing and hanging with my family.

So for me I think I’d be a big bear, these creatures tend to live by themselves watching after their young until they are old enough to care for themselves. They don’t go out of their way to harm others, however you mess with them, corner them or threaten the young and your toast. That’s me in a nutshell.

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The Holiday are Coming… Oh My!

October 17, 2006 By · No Comments

First- I gave the site a new makeover. What do ya think? See, I found this wonderful forum that helped me in making my site look better. I love it there, there’s a link on the side of my blog.

Do you ever remember the cereal commercial, “Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh My”? Well, this song has been in my head now for a little over a month. Except my version goes …”The Holidays are coming… Oh My!” Isn’t it weird how it just suddenly creeps up on ya after school begins. I mean you just get down paying for all those school clothes, or ya just get done paying the payments on all those layaways for school clothes. Am I right? Suddenly instead of school buses on the aisles of your favorite store you start to see Monsters, Turkeys and Santa. I swear the marketers forget that these are not all one Holiday but three seperate holidays.

So, have you got your holiday shopping done? I haven’t even begun to think of Christmas. I know, I know…bad mommy here. But right now I finally finished shopping for Halloween outfits, normally I make them but I didn’t feel like it this year. I’ve decided to dress up myself, okay not myself…my belly. My husband is going to paint the belly into a GIANT eyeball! I’ll be wearing all black.

No, we haven’t bought candy and all that junk yet, probably won’t until a few days before Halloween. I’d eat it all! Hey, at least I’m not lieing.

For Thanksgiving this year I thought I’d make some small whole chickens, so I tried making one the other day. Guess what? It didn’t cook all the way through so the outside was beautiful and great, but once you cut into it…well, lets just say it wasn’t pretty. See, we can’t do turkey because my son is actually allergic to it.

Christmas is a scary thought right now, well kind of. Normally I’d fear it because of money but this year I’ve slowly been earning some on my own. I’ll buy online through paypal and have it all delivered while the kids are in school. haha. 🙂 This way they never know. However, I do have to be a bit sneaky, this year I want to send them a Santa letter, so I’m going to try one of those Santa Letter programs, I do have a link on the side if you want to do it too.

Cha Cha…someone said they’d like to know more about this. Okay from Oct 7-14 I had made $100. Basically you sign up. You must be invited, so if you want I still have invites I can send ya. Just email me at elizajane202[at]yahoo[dot]com or leave a comment with your email and I’ll make sure ya get one. Anyways, click on the link I send ya and download the application guide. This IS the program and it is FREE. You will learn how to do it, basically all you are doing is looking up websites for people. I have a keyword for military wives so someone may want to know a few links to message boards for military wives. I show them the links, they rate me and I get paid. Get it? Fun, fun, fun and I’m making money. This is stuff I do anyways, just now I get money for it.

On the baby note…well went shopping for clothes again. I’m currently in an xtra large maternity wear, and I’m going to have to buy some more shirts already. AHHH!!! Well, the end of the month I see the doctor. I wish it were today, that way I’d know if the baby is really as big as I think or if it something else. dum de dum dum dum.

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