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Archives for September 2006

Baby Update…

September 29, 2006 By · No Comments

Well two weeks have past since my last update. This week I had to take the YUCKY orange drink test. It made me sick the entire day. I won’t find out the baby’s sex until the first week in November so I’m getting more excited as time passes. I’m feeling the baby more now. Still trying to agree on names, which is seeming more important.

Some food for thought.

Cravings I’m havings, if you call them cravings.
Mashed potatoes with french fries and country gravy.
hot rolls with honey butter
chili cheese fries
and of course hot salsa

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I’m back from a long vacation….

September 16, 2006 By · No Comments

Okay, not completely true, I had no internet for a while. But I sure was enjoying myself while I wasn’t hooked up to the net. Most of my days were spent reading books or watching cartoon movies with the youngest as the other two are currently in school. Oh, and BOTH love school this year. woo hoo!!!! Not sure what the baby is yet, I’m guessing we’ll be finding out right before Halloween sometime. 🙂

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