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The heat is getting to us…

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Why are we trying to fry ourselves? It’s scorching hot outside, however we constantly go into a car that has had no windows rolled down for hours at a time. This only makes our skin burn as it touches the skin or the heat alone sucks up all our water that we’ve already consumed. Opening a car can be a dreading experience especially on a hot summer day and if you are on the east coast you know just what I mean.

There is a company I saw on a commericial last night that sells Auto Cool Solar Car Fan, which makes your car much cooler even when you aren’t in it. Simply place the little fan in the car where it’ll get solar heat and watch it kick on. This helps cool down your car and keep you just a tiny bit cooler than you would be. What are you waiting for? Get one today. Using solar power it’ll decrease the heat in the car 30%.

Okay back to the fan and Air conditioned room.

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Birthdays have come….

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Okay for a 2 year-old changing to three it can take forever for that birthday to come. I mean after all she saw her sister have a birthday just last month and she knew her birthday was next, but then her daddy had one and she thought she’d been forgotten. The poor dear right? Not to worry, she had her day yesterday.

This little Princess had pink everything, cake and frosting. See her Papa calls her “Pink Lace.” So now everything is pink with that little one. 🙂 What did she get?

Cabbage Patch Kid Puppy, he’s very fluffy and light brown in color. She named him/her Cinnamon from the sheet and boy is it cute listening to her say that name. “Sinnommen”

She got a little tea party set that is pink and white. She’s been playing with that ever since she opened it.

The last two gifts were a CareBear Cousin (Braveheart Lion)that came with a movie. No, she hasn’t watched it yet. Plus, a baby doll with her own little bag, bottle, bib, extra change of clothes and a pacifier. BabyGirl is very happy with this gift. She says, “My baby, your baby,” as she pats my tummy.

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