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School Shopping

July 30, 2006 By · No Comments

It’s that time again, time to empty out your wallets or fill up your layaway as you pile up the clothes for the new school year. You’ll want to head to the stores early as you know those last few weeks will only pose lines, lots and lots of lines for you to wait in and maybe even a few fights over school items.

So, why go to the store when you can shop online. If you are looking for something for a preschooler or a elementary student shot at Tuttibella and get a few of their Back to School clothing. They’ve got adorable outfits that you’ll love and your children will enjoy. If you want your child to look stylish this is the place to shop, and there won’t be any lines, just click and wait for it to arrive at your door.

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The baby is 9 weeks

July 30, 2006 By · No Comments

The baby is 9 weeks old inside me and it just about looks like a mini baby. We have all been following along, the kids are so excited and ask every day to look at the webpage here to see what he/she/they (their joke) looks like.

Yesterday was dad’s bday so they made him a cake and a few gifts. Very quiet time at home. In just a few more days it’ll be the youngest’s birthday and trust me she’s already asking when is her 3 year old birthday. 😉 She knows she has presents but cant’ open them before that.

Found a lot of medical history so hope that’ll please the doctor as I can’t get two sides of the family.

Besides that the weather has been hot, humid actually to the point you can walk the beach and have the water go over your feet and the dirt doesn’t feel wet. I saw crabs late one night on the beach, very interesting, next time I wear real shoes though lol.

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First Doctor Appointment and Magazines

July 27, 2006 By · No Comments

Yesterday was my first appointment with the doctor. Basically all that was done is we talked about my plans and if I was sticking in the area to give birth. In the military though nothing is for certain. After the meeting I was given a prescription and sent on my way to get my blood drawn. Ickkkk! The nurse was nice though, she didn’t poke me and my arm today isn’t bruised. I want her from now on. 🙂

Next appointment is in August and they’ll do a small ultrasound to tell how old the baby is and the new expected due date. No kids allowed though so hubby won’t be able to come in since it is summer time. 🙁

Have you ever noticed the collection of different magazines in a hospital room? I love the ones that have new magazines but the ones from a year or two ago? I’m guessing those are just donations. Speaking of which I found a new site, it gives you a list of magazines and great prices. MagazinePriceSearch.com will help you narrow down your search. Stop paying the outrageous prices when you can get the same magazine for half the price. I could pay $4 for a one year subscription to the Pregnancy Magazine. I know normally it costs that much just to buy it in the stores. If you don’t believe it check it out, they will list all types of companies and their deals so you get to compare.

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Guest Post: Baby Name & Meanings

July 23, 2006 By · No Comments

I wanted to state that no I did not write this article I did come across it while searching for baby names. A neat thing I discovered, my girls’ first names both end in the same letter and all my children have names from Shakespeare plays, so I think it is only fair to name this one after someone from one. I didn’t realize that until two weeks ago.

Baby Name Meanings
Michael Barrows

Speaking as a Michael (a Hebrew name, meaning “Who is like God”), I’m really proud of my name. And I think that I – mostly – live up to the title! Of course, my mother would probably disagree; I think the phrase “little devil” would probably pass her lips if she was describing me during many stages of my childhood.

But then, my mother has her own issues; apparently her name (Kathleen) is a Celtic name meaning “Little Darling”. Hmmm, that isn’t the way I used to think about her during those regular occasions when she was punishing me for my “not like God” behaviour…!

And that’s the fun of baby name meanings – parents make naming decisions based on many, many different reasons, including family traditions, religion, culture, uniqueness and “it just sounds really nice.” But – in the Western world – we rarely do any real research into the history or real meaning of baby names. So when the poor/lucky child finally finds out the meaning of his/her “really nice sounding” name, the results can be interesting, ironic, unfortunate or just sometimes hilarious.

You can have a lot of fun thinking up family/friends names, finding out the meanings and trying to make a connection between the two. For example, my eldest brother Clive is apparently “a cliff dweller”, which is coincidental, since he lives at the top of a very long steep hill! Or why not play the game with celebrities – consider the following:

Badu (as in r n’b singer Erykah Badu): African name meaning “Tenth born child”

Winona (as in actress Winona Ryder): Sioux name meaning “Firstborn daughter”

Aaliyah (the late r n’b singer): Arabic name meaning “High, exalted”

Hilary (as in actresses Duff/Swank): Latin name meaning “Cheerful”

Some cultures have very interesting traditions when it comes to baby name meanings. For example, Hindu names usually have connections with very positive things such as truth, beauty, happiness, blessings, etc, or one of the Hindu gods. In the Sikh culture, girls traditionally have the middle or surname “Kaur”, meaning “Princess”, whilst the boys have the middle or surname “Singh”, meaning “Lion”.

An African friend of mine once mentioned that many Africans are given a second name corresponding to the day of the week on which they were born. I think is a really nice tradition, but in my case, my middle name would be “Sondo” (born on Sunday)!! Hmmmm…

Whatever type of name you have chosen, or are thinking about for your “bundle of joy”, its worth doing a little research into the meaning. And it’s never been easier, with the wealth of Internet resources and books available, including my own site at www.all-about-baby-names.com, which is jam-packed with resources, tips and information on baby names, baby name meanings and baby products.

Your search may yield some surprises; for example, the lovely-sounding name “Malory” is French and means “Bad luck”. You could get round this by spelling it “Mallory”, but this means “Without good fortune” in Old German!

Alternatively, you may end up a little confused by different meanings of the same name; for example “Leah” is a beautiful girl’s name, but what does it mean? Well…

” In Hebrew it means “Cow” or “Weary one” – uugghhh!
” In Greek it means “Glad tidings”
” In Assyrian, it means “Mistress, ruler”

And a final warning: if you are planning to go for a funky, unusual-sounding name, be sure to avoid “Bacia,” – its Ugandan meaning is “Family deaths ruined the home!”

Michael Barrows’ website has great advice for choosing baby names and lots of great baby resources.

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Earning money as I wait for baby!

July 19, 2006 By · No Comments

okay ya’ll are probably thinking how is she going to do it? She already has three kids and now must trade in her truck for a van. Eek right? Well not if I plan and write a lot. As many of you already know I’m a writer so I do as much writing as I possibly can to earn money, and recently found a site that pays you to write ads on your blog. That’s right http://www.payperpost.com will pay you anywhere from $2-20.00 per ad. I love it. You must keep the blog on your site for at least 30 days and at the 30th day you’ll get paid! Sounds easy right? Well it is. So get to it, make some money…ya know Christmas is just around the corner.

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