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Got the Coritzone shot…OUCH!

June 25, 2006 By · No Comments

Well it’s been almost a week since I last posted. Lots have happened in that small amount of time. As you know, Friday the 15th I got a shot of cortizone for my knee pain. However, I don’t think it helped much, it did for like a day but the pain is back. But the clicking isn’t as much. I’ll wait a little while longer.

However, I’ve been pretty quessy lately. Actually since the 19th, every day I’ve had this quessy tummy feeling. A few times I had that yucky stuff that comes up in your mouth episodes. ikkkk. I’m not eating anything different so do think I know what is causing it. Plus, small cramps. It is that time of the month, however it wasn’t last week. Needless to say I’ve bought a few tests online and should be here any day. I’ll let ya’ll know then.

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2 Fun, summer Kids games

June 20, 2006 By · No Comments

During the school year my son had lots of trouble in english. By this I mean reading, writing, etc. You get the drift. He had a very hard time, even harder for me I think since I love to write.

However, I am determined to get him up to where he should be and I have found two fun games that he LOVES and I thought your kids might too.

The Dot Game: This game many of you probably know. You make rows of dots (even amount) horizontally across the page. Then you connect the dots with a line. You get a turn, he gets a turn. Whoever can make a box gets to put their initial in it. Try to see who gets the most initials. We have played this every day so far since he’s been out. Today, he’s beating me by A LOT.

5 letter Alphabet game: This one, think of a 5 letter word. Let’s say it was CHILD.

Write that word on a piece of paper. Now take that word and on another piece of paper put it in alphabetical order.

CDHIL Now have your child figure it out. They will have a blast with this and will want to see if you can figure their word out too.

Have fun this summer. More ideas to come.

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School’s Out….and other mommy dribble

June 18, 2006 By · No Comments

That’s right the last week of school was a blast for both children. Yes, even my SoccerBoy was excited. Heck, he got to have an ice cream party in class, other days play outside, and even more when they sat around watching movies all day. Hmmm, what’s not to love about a class like that?

There was a point that I did feel like meeting with the teacher, but it didn’t regard my son so I kept my distance. She had basically left a little girl out during the ice cream party because the girl didn’t score and ACE on the multiplication test. Instead of ice cream she sat at a table all by herself in the class. So unfair!!

Off that subject as it really puts a fire up my butt. My knee has been hurting for some time. Fell on it twice during two freak bike accidents. I mean bike as the type you pedal too. ikk. One time the bike flipped upside down, don’t ask me how, I’ll just blame it on the blonde roots. Second time I had that wagon like thing you attach to it to drag your kids around in. Well the peg came out and slammed back into the tire, causing it to come to an abrupt stop. OUCH! I went over the handle bars. I did have one nasty bruise and two days later collapsed in front of my daughter’s school.

I did go to the hospital for it, called for an appointment. Doctor ruled it out as weight or some type of pain syndrome. Gave me two months of P.T. which P.T. lady made me do 2 months but refused anymore as it only seemed to get worse and since doctor never gave an xray she didn’t feel comfortable with any more days. I went to a special doctor this past week, almost three months with this freakin pain. He gave me a shot of cortizone in my knee. EEEEkkkkkk. I soooo don’t like needles now.

Other than that, life is grand. How’s yours? What are your summer plans?

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Okay, now that I’ve got everyone’s attention. Sorry. I just had to scream.

You know at the beginning of the school year how you are suppose to turn everything in before your kid can go? Well, at least us homeschoolers to public school do. Not sure about everyone else. Guessing they do though but that’s not the case anyways.

Last month I got a call, school needed shot records. I figured they’d misplaced it and would call back once they found it. I found mine, just didn’t remember about it.

Today I got a phone call, it was from the school. Honestly, I thought it was about SoccerBoy, remember principal was talking to the teacher. Nope, school nurse. Calling to say they did have it, however it is only transcribed. In other words no dates on it. See I had a piece of shot record paper before moving to the last state and they (shot doctors) decided that they wanted to give me their type. Which is a folder like one, that fits in your wallet. They transcribed and stamped it all, however never put the dates. This didn’t even occur to me.

Beginning of the school year you may remember me always being at the school turning something new in they discovered I needed. But they photocopied the records and never said anything. Now, with only two weeks left I find out if he doesn’t get it he’ll be expelled. This is reallly wrong. Well going to doctor for my knee today, I’ll check in shot records area and see if they MIGHT have a copy. Wish me luck. I’ll update later on the situation.

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School, movie rentals, writing and kids….

June 4, 2006 By · No Comments

School: From Homeschool to Public School

Okay, a bit on my life. My children joined the public school system this year, I’ve homeschooled every year before now. I’ll admit it’s been a difficult time, but I’m adjusting. My 5 year old, (kindergarten) absolutely loves going to school and adores her teacher and assistant teacher. My 9 year old (3rd grade) hates school and I believe the teacher hates him. At least if you go by what she told me she thought of everyone that homeschooled. That and how she’s treated him ever since. ikk. Not very good. One thing after another, but the good thing is we only have two weeks left of school before summer break. Woo hoo!!!

I know most parents dread this part, akkk, oh no, now what will I do with my alone time. How will it be having kids in my house. I’m actually excited though, I can’t wait to have all of my kids in the house all day. I know I get this on the weekend, but it’s different. Sure, they’ll want to play with their friends and all but we can play a few games before they run out and enjoy the sun. 🙂


Movie Rentals

This weekend we did try to hit up the movie theaters but with everything brand new coming out and suppose to be so good it was too crowded. Everything was sold out. We decided to rent a few movies instead.
Cheaper by The Dozen 2
When a Stranger Calls
New World
<--That one was just too slow for me, trust me I tried to keep up but switched it off before it ended.

Yes, I do write with the kids home. However, most of the time they are watching their ultimate favorite show, Jake and Josh, or outside in the backyard playing with friends. Otherwise I’ve learned that waiting until they go to bed is the best time.

Well until next time…..

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