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First Ever Out of Town Field Trip

May 25, 2006 By · No Comments

How do you moms do it? Today, my little girl will be going on her first field trip! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself today. Probably worry myself sick until my baby is home. Is this common? She’s only 5 years old and will be going 1 1/2 hours away. There were only allowed two parents from her class to go since they are going to a farm, which means I wasn’t one of them.

I guess I’ll sit here imagining her milking a cow or feeding a goat. Do they allow kids to do this at farms these days? I remember when I was younger you’d hear about it. I’ve never been to a farm myself, so the only knowledge I have is from some movie or tv show I’ve watched.

She’s pretty excited as you can imagine. Her class made shirts yesterday with a frog print on them. Currently we are waiting for her shorts to finish drying so she can hop in them and head off to school. She decided at the last minute not to wear pants. UGH. lol. But it’s probably better that way as it’ll probably get hot, now hoping it doesn’t rain. lol.

This past week at school we were sent notices that “Whooping Cough” was going around. Anyone have that? How catchy is it? So far a couple of kids in her school are being isolated for 5 days. I was even surprised they were still going on the field trip, but now they get an extra day off. It was stated that they thought they’d be nice and let everyone spend more time with their families for the holiday, yeah, I don’t think so. I think they were making sure this crud didn’t spread further.

Well gotta get those shorts.

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