Parenting and Alcohol: Educating Our Children

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This is a sponsored post that I believe in and think all parents should educate their children on. 

If you drink around your children responsibly, that is great, but it is more about educating your children about the risks of alcohol than the physical act of drinking. After all, drinking is a big part of many peoples social lives, but it is ensuring that our children are aware of the dangers from a young age. Education is the key.

Photo taken from Roy Batty – thank you!


This article provides a quick run through of the risks of alcohol consumption in children:

The Risks

It is important to understand that alcohol affects children differently to adults, so it is essential that you realise that alcohol misuse is far more dangerous to young children and can ultimately affect both their behaviour and their health.

It affects young people differently as their bodies are still maturing and growing. The consumption of alcohol can interfere with this development, and potentially cause long term damage to their health.

Some of this damage is so suffer it could last a life time, and extremely affect their chances in later life. Alcohol consumption has the potential to cause:

Liver cirrhosis and heart disease

Cancer of the throat and mouth

Brain development

Sexual and mental health problems

These conditions are just the tip of the iceberg, potentially other conditions and diseases have yet to be identified.

Young people have an unhealthy attitude to drink, research and reports suggest that those people who are dying from liver diseases and complications in their early twenties actually drank quite heavily during their teenage years. So, it is important to start educating them at an early age.

Alcohol can also be a premise to risky behaviour, including experimenting with drugs and sexual encounters. Research also suggests that more girls are willing to have sex once they have consumed alcohol. It is their loss of inhibitions which makes the whole thing a lot more scary for both the young person as well as the parents.

Alcohol consumption in young people can also lead to anti-social behaviour. This happens as the alcohol interferes with how they think, as well as their judgement. This makes them act far more carelessly. Fighting is more common place to following alcohol consumption. You will find that young people become more aggressive when they have been drinking. Admissions to A&E have increased dramatically with the admission of young adults that have consumed alcohol and the accidents they have gotten themselves in to during having alcoholic drinks. In some extreme cases, this has even led to death.


The risks above outline some of the potential problems alcohol consumption in young people can cause. They are just the tip of the iceberg, with time spent with the police, and school attendance and attainment dropping being the other two significant issues that young people and parents face.

The next step is to educate. An alcohol free approach, for any childhood, is probably the best way to approach it. Alternatively you can always educate and introduce them to other beverages and non alcoholic drinks. Why not visit Jim’s Cellars from non alcoholic wine & beer ranges. This all starts at home, with the parents. If you have a healthy attitude towards alcohol, there is a good chance you can pass this on to your children too. It is more important than ever to be as open about alcohol and its affects with your children. Remember, it is not about scaremongering but about educating them early on in their lives.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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How To Keep The Exterior Of Your Home Looking Beautiful

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This is a sponsored post to help you keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful. With all the crazy weather some of you probably haven’t thought about the outside of your homes. Hope this helps. 


IMG: Flickr

Our homes play a big part in our live, and we are proud of them. Many people aspire to marriage, owning a property and raising children. The home plays a big part in this as it offers security and a sense of belonging to the whole family. Therefore, it is unsurprising that so much time and effort goes into maintaining it and keeping it looking at its best. There are also the neighbours to consider. We can’t let their house look better than ours can we?


Here are a few tips that will help you keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful.



If the guttering fails on your home, the rest of the property will suffer. Though it is only a small and relatively cheap feature of the building, it does a vital job. Were there no guttering, rainwater would flow off the roof of the building and run down the walls, causing untold damage. The inside of the house would begin suffering from damp, and the water would freeze in the winter causing ant that is trapped in brickwork to expand. This could easily blow the face off the brickwork itself. So keep the guttering in good order by clearing it out occasionally and addressing any leaky joints with an application of plumbers putty.m Fix and loose brackets and make sure the guttering looks straight and level from below. If the guttering is ‘wonky’ it spoils all of the lines of the house.



Paint or replace window frames as necessary. Replace the windows sympathetically to the style of the home or you will do more harm than good. Don’t assume it is better to replace sash windows with modern frames because of the insulation properties. Replacement sash windows, according to Sash Smart, are draught free and can compete with the best when it comes to preventing heat escape.


Front Door

The front door makes a statement to visitors. If the door is clean, well painted, and dressed with good quality furniture it will show that you pay attention to detail in your life. It is also far more welcoming than a cheap door with peeling paintwork.



If the house is timber clad, as the one in the image, keep the paint in good condition by removing any that is flaking and applying a fresh coat. This is a never ending task, but it is important to keep on top of it. The house in the image doesn’t look like that without a lot of hard work.


The Garden

Even if your home is in perfect condition, the garden can spoil the look of it. Gardens need weekly maintenance throughout the growing season so don’t leave it until the garden looks untidy. By doing that you are creating more work for yourself, as it is much harder to mow a lawn that has grown too long. Prune roses at the appropriate time and trim shrubs to keep them neat and tidy. Keep the driveway clear of weeds and clean it occasionally with a jet washer if it is made from a suitable material.


Most of the jobs involved in keeping our homes looking beautiful are attended to as the need arises. They are also good fun and satisfying to complete to a high standard. Take care of your home, and it will undoubtedly take care of you.

 Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

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I’ll Always Do My Best!

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Isn’t it amazing all the things we do for our families but many times we sit there and doubt whether we are doing things right or not or thinking about how we could do better. Truth is though, at least for many of us that worry about that our families do not. While we are sitting their criticizing ourselves our families haven’t even thought about all the things we wish we were better at. Those things we worry about our children/husband/wives thought it was just awesome that we tried to do it. I think that is what really makes it mean the most and at least for me I have to realize this. I always dreamed of being that mom that could cook, clean, have dinner on the table when her husband got home and be all pretty and made up the entire day. Well, that’s not me. haha. Maybe it is you, but I just can’t seem to pull it off and trust me I tried. I even asked my husband and kids at one point if they wished I was this person or that person. I mean I would love to be the “Leave it to Beaver” mom that had everything perfect. Course, looking back her life probably was all that. Right? But don’t think I haven’t tried.


  The above example is a perfect example. My oldest, who I call SoccerBoy on the blog asked me last year if I could make him a Perry The Platypus cake for his 17th birthday and he also wanted “childhood gifts” for all his presents and of course I obliged as much as I could. I’m not an artist, but I will do my best to make his wish come true. His birthday was at the end of March. Perry gave me a few issues, his tummy ended up too big so right there was my first one, second we had a mini earthquake during the party and his back split. haha. I couldn’t find blue icing so I attempted to make it. I also used Graham crackers for his beak and tail (warning this does not work with staying up, not even with icing. By no means is this the cake I pictured in my head, nor was it one I had seen on pinterest. perry-platypus-cake-recipe-photo-420x420-clittlefield-C IMG: But that is okay, while my cake didn’t come out looking extravagant or anything like the above it came out with laughs and fun memories. I think he will forever remember his momma making him that special cake and it was just because he asked. He was so proud of it that he even posted it his Facebook page. No I may not be that perfect mom that can make wonderful crafts, picture-perfect cakes/desserts but I am and will always be that mom that tries her best, even when it looks silly. As for my girls, I’ve already asked them if they wish I was the mom that could put their hair up in pony tails, braid it, do the whole french braids, fish tails, etc…not to mention make up. But both have told me it is okay, instead we will all learn by watching youtube videos. I never cared for all that stuff as a young girl due to some other circumstances and honestly I like the beauty of a real face over make up. But I do find it fun doing spa days and letting the girls practice on me and then themselves. They love the time together and see I am open to them wearing it as long as they try it at home first.


When it comes to cooking…well I’m no longer doing strictly pasta (because it is quick and easy), nor am I doing straight box meals (mac n cheese) instead I am learning to cook from scratch and make new meals. Not everything turns out perfectly, I’ve even encountered a burned pot because the beans kept soaking up the water too fast. Other times we’ve discovered we like more seasonings then I originally put in. But above all things I do it for my family, trying to make things healthier and memories that will last. BalletGirl will always tell you her favorite meal is making french coast casserole and BabyGirl will tell you she loves making the peanut butter pie.


For whatever it is worth, I will always do my best with making my kids and husband happy and making memories that will last. I love you guys!

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It’s a Peeps Holiday Weekend!

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Disclosure: We were sent the products mentioned in order to do a fair review. For anyone that has never had a Peeps I think they are great, definitely full of sugar but can go with just about everything and make for great additions for the Easter Baskets. 

It’s Easter weekend! WOo hoo! I love these little mini breaks I get with my kids and you all know it. So what better way to spend it then by making stuff. The kids and I got Peeps to review for this holiday weekend and when I say Peeps I am meaning every type that I can picture. I’ve included a list below. But here is something I had no clue they would come in so many different colors and now some are made with chocolate mousse. YUM! My favorite though is the big milk chocolate egg with a marshmallow yellow chick peep inside. Eeek!


Now of course I know many of you will be waking up Easter morning to discovering one, two or maybe a ton of Peeps in your children’s Easter Basket. Instead of just gobbling up I’m sure we can all come up with a few recipes to use those peeps in. My kids and I have been brainstorming and are going to do a few. I must be completely honest with you, I have always been a fan of the yellow chicks and I love opening up the package just a bit to dry them out. Yes, I’m that girl. I like my Peeps stale.  Do you have a favorite way of eating them? Okay, here is what we got.


PEEPS® Marshmallow Chicks (in colors: yellow, purple, pink, orange, green and blue)
· PEEPS® Marshmallow Bunnies (in colors yellow, purple, pink, orange, green and blue)
· PEEPS® Party Cake Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS® Chocolate Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies
· PEEPS® Large Marshmallow Bunnies
· PEEPS® Chick in a Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg
· PEEPS® Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks (Individual Size)
· PEEPS® Rainbow Pop
· PEEPS® Sugar-Free Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS® Peepsters® (bite sized chocolate candies filled with sweet marshmallow crème)

Talk about a dentists favorite holiday right? That’s okay with the proper dental hygiene this won’t be an issue. The kids and I are planning to make some Rice Krispy Treats and Peeps popcorn balls by melting a few peeps. I know the cruel, cruel world right? Another wanted to see if you can bake a marshmallow peep inside a biscuit. We will also try wrapping the Peeps dipped in milk chocolate into croissants and rolling them up to eat, we’ve done those before with marshmallows but not peeps so we’ll see how it goes. Can you think of some more ways we can use the Peeps? Do you remember fun times with Peeps? I’m sure some of you have memories from when you were younger. I mean I can remember how excited I’d get seeing those Peeps in my basket and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into them. Okay, well I liked them hard and not soft and loved the fact it was full of sugar.

BalletGirl (age 13) wants to try a Peep war in the microwave. Now I’ve only heard them talk about it so I will be looking it up but I know they are excited. I’m picturing a big mess but thankfully they will be on graham crackers during this war. Any ideas? I will post the recipes we used throughout the weekend and possibly during the next week. Before you go, if you plan on picking up some peeps there is a showcase section at the Peeps website to show off your Peepsonality, don’t forget to submit your masterpieces.

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Amazing Tips to Help Keep Your Child’s Room Organized!

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This is a sponsored post but I thought with so many of my readers having children some of us may be looking for quick tips. Now that Spring is here and we are closing out the school year in some area or at least close to it some may be thinking it is time to spring clean some bedrooms. Check out the tips below on how to get your children to clean their room and keep it organized. 

Something parents are often nagging their children to do is clean their room. Whether it’s before a birthday, a new school year, or at some point in the holidays, there can be many things that inspire you to encourage your child to keep their room clean and tidy. The following tips are all proven to work, and will help you to get your child’s room organised in a flash – they’ll enjoy keeping it that way much more too!

Image Credit: Flickr

Look at It From a Child’s Point of View

You need to get down to your child’s eye level if you want to help them get organised. Take a look at the space, storage, furniture, and items from your child’s point of view and see what you find. Adult furniture and the way adults organise things doesn’t translate well in a child’s head – they simply don’t get it! That’s why it’s important to look at it from your child’s point of view. To really organise your child’s room, the solutions you come up with must suit your child. You could consider removing their wardrobe doors completely, lower their clothing rods, and buy children’s clothing hangers. Floor level open containers should hold the toys, while open plastic baskets can hold their socks and underwear.

Once you’ve organised this properly, you can then put together a simple maintenance checklist that your child will be able to complete judging by their ability. However, if you need a big clean done in a flash, you might be better off hiring a company for their cleaning services.

Bring the Child Into It

Try to resist the urge to tackle the mess alone. Simply telling your child that they must keep the room clean after you’ve cleaned it does not teach them the valuable organisation skills and maintenance methods they need to know in order to keep it tidy. Look at this process as a lesson for your child, and put the focus on them so they learn what to do in order to keep everything in it’s right place. This way, you can help survey what’s working/what isn’t, what’s important to your child, what’s causing any issues, and why your child wants to get organised.

You stand a much better chance of your child keeping to their maintenance routine if you get them involved in the first place.

Sort it Out, Store it, and Make it Simple

Children’s rooms are usually tiny, with little storage and in some cases they must share them with a sibling. Even so, you often find that these rooms store clothing they’ve outgrown, toys they don’t play with, and even things that belong in other rooms. You can hardly expect your kids to stay organised when their wardrobe is crammed full, the drawers are stuffed, and their toys cover every inch of their floor. Sort out their clothing by either getting rid or storing it, and do the same with their toys. A technique you can use to keep them interested in their toys is to only keep half of them in their room at one time for a month or two, and then swap them to the other half when those toys have gotten boring. Continue to do this until they grow out of them!

By involving your child in this frustrating process, you’re far more likely to have an organised room 24/7.

This is a sponsored post.

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