It’s a Peeps Holiday Weekend!

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Disclosure: We were sent the products mentioned in order to do a fair review. For anyone that has never had a Peeps I think they are great, definitely full of sugar but can go with just about everything and make for great additions for the Easter Baskets. 

It’s Easter weekend! WOo hoo! I love these little mini breaks I get with my kids and you all know it. So what better way to spend it then by making stuff. The kids and I got Peeps to review for this holiday weekend and when I say Peeps I am meaning every type that I can picture. I’ve included a list below. But here is something I had no clue they would come in so many different colors and now some are made with chocolate mousse. YUM! My favorite though is the big milk chocolate egg with a marshmallow yellow chick peep inside. Eeek!


Now of course I know many of you will be waking up Easter morning to discovering one, two or maybe a ton of Peeps in your children’s Easter Basket. Instead of just gobbling up I’m sure we can all come up with a few recipes to use those peeps in. My kids and I have been brainstorming and are going to do a few. I must be completely honest with you, I have always been a fan of the yellow chicks and I love opening up the package just a bit to dry them out. Yes, I’m that girl. I like my Peeps stale.  Do you have a favorite way of eating them? Okay, here is what we got.


PEEPS® Marshmallow Chicks (in colors: yellow, purple, pink, orange, green and blue)
· PEEPS® Marshmallow Bunnies (in colors yellow, purple, pink, orange, green and blue)
· PEEPS® Party Cake Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS® Chocolate Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies
· PEEPS® Large Marshmallow Bunnies
· PEEPS® Chick in a Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg
· PEEPS® Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks (Individual Size)
· PEEPS® Rainbow Pop
· PEEPS® Sugar-Free Marshmallow Chicks
· PEEPS® Peepsters® (bite sized chocolate candies filled with sweet marshmallow crème)

Talk about a dentists favorite holiday right? That’s okay with the proper dental hygiene this won’t be an issue. The kids and I are planning to make some Rice Krispy Treats and Peeps popcorn balls by melting a few peeps. I know the cruel, cruel world right? Another wanted to see if you can bake a marshmallow peep inside a biscuit. We will also try wrapping the Peeps dipped in milk chocolate into croissants and rolling them up to eat, we’ve done those before with marshmallows but not peeps so we’ll see how it goes. Can you think of some more ways we can use the Peeps? Do you remember fun times with Peeps? I’m sure some of you have memories from when you were younger. I mean I can remember how excited I’d get seeing those Peeps in my basket and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into them. Okay, well I liked them hard and not soft and loved the fact it was full of sugar.

BalletGirl (age 13) wants to try a Peep war in the microwave. Now I’ve only heard them talk about it so I will be looking it up but I know they are excited. I’m picturing a big mess but thankfully they will be on graham crackers during this war. Any ideas? I will post the recipes we used throughout the weekend and possibly during the next week. Before you go, if you plan on picking up some peeps there is a showcase section at the Peeps website to show off your Peepsonality, don’t forget to submit your masterpieces.

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Amazing Tips to Help Keep Your Child’s Room Organized!

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This is a sponsored post but I thought with so many of my readers having children some of us may be looking for quick tips. Now that Spring is here and we are closing out the school year in some area or at least close to it some may be thinking it is time to spring clean some bedrooms. Check out the tips below on how to get your children to clean their room and keep it organized. 

Something parents are often nagging their children to do is clean their room. Whether it’s before a birthday, a new school year, or at some point in the holidays, there can be many things that inspire you to encourage your child to keep their room clean and tidy. The following tips are all proven to work, and will help you to get your child’s room organised in a flash – they’ll enjoy keeping it that way much more too!

Image Credit: Flickr

Look at It From a Child’s Point of View

You need to get down to your child’s eye level if you want to help them get organised. Take a look at the space, storage, furniture, and items from your child’s point of view and see what you find. Adult furniture and the way adults organise things doesn’t translate well in a child’s head – they simply don’t get it! That’s why it’s important to look at it from your child’s point of view. To really organise your child’s room, the solutions you come up with must suit your child. You could consider removing their wardrobe doors completely, lower their clothing rods, and buy children’s clothing hangers. Floor level open containers should hold the toys, while open plastic baskets can hold their socks and underwear.

Once you’ve organised this properly, you can then put together a simple maintenance checklist that your child will be able to complete judging by their ability. However, if you need a big clean done in a flash, you might be better off hiring a company for their cleaning services.

Bring the Child Into It

Try to resist the urge to tackle the mess alone. Simply telling your child that they must keep the room clean after you’ve cleaned it does not teach them the valuable organisation skills and maintenance methods they need to know in order to keep it tidy. Look at this process as a lesson for your child, and put the focus on them so they learn what to do in order to keep everything in it’s right place. This way, you can help survey what’s working/what isn’t, what’s important to your child, what’s causing any issues, and why your child wants to get organised.

You stand a much better chance of your child keeping to their maintenance routine if you get them involved in the first place.

Sort it Out, Store it, and Make it Simple

Children’s rooms are usually tiny, with little storage and in some cases they must share them with a sibling. Even so, you often find that these rooms store clothing they’ve outgrown, toys they don’t play with, and even things that belong in other rooms. You can hardly expect your kids to stay organised when their wardrobe is crammed full, the drawers are stuffed, and their toys cover every inch of their floor. Sort out their clothing by either getting rid or storing it, and do the same with their toys. A technique you can use to keep them interested in their toys is to only keep half of them in their room at one time for a month or two, and then swap them to the other half when those toys have gotten boring. Continue to do this until they grow out of them!

By involving your child in this frustrating process, you’re far more likely to have an organised room 24/7.

This is a sponsored post.

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Walking with Dinosaurs The Movie

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Disclosure:  We were sent a copy of this movie to review. 


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and BBC Earth Films have come together to create “Walking with Dinosaurs The Movie,” a cute family movie just in time for those Easter Baskets.  I imagine this would be a great movie to appear in an Easter Basket full of toy dinosaurs, chocolate covered eggs, etc. Take a step back in time with these friendly, and sometimes scary creatures as they deal with enemy herds and deal with coming into adulthood, to saving the herd from frozen over lakes that crack.

Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie, releasing on Blu-ray™ and DVD have been available since March 25.  Directed by Barry Cook (Mulan, Arthur Christmas) and Neil Nightingale (Meerkats: The Movie) and the writer behind the hit film Happy Feet, Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie features heart-warming performances from an incredible ensemble of Hollywood’s biggest stars including: John Leguizamo (Ice Age, Rio 2), Justin Long (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Dodgeball) and Karl Urban (Star Trek).

From Little A: Patchi spots a girl and likes her a lot and tries to follow her everywhere she goes. Patchi and his brother were very close but then when his brother takes the herd he becomes mean to Patchi and doesn’t want to be his brother anymore, he even takes his girlfriend. They got into a fight. Patchi saves the herd though when the ice broke. I liked when Patchi got pooped on during another fight,but I did not like when his brother said he wasn’t his family no more. That was sad.

Lesson for this movie: This is one of those movies that teach you that even the “runt” of the liter can become something magnificent as long as they believe in themselves.  This little dinosaur must push past being the tiny little guy and learn that even those guys can be bigger than the biggest of the herd, it just takes a little time, patience and thinking outside the box.

I think the whole family would love this movie, I know we did.


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9 Awesome Cruise Tips for Your Family

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This is a sponsored post but with Spring finally here I thought some of you would like to use these tips when booking your next trip. I like to save money when it comes time for those family vacations. I don’t know about you but I do like to save my money and with a big family I am always looking for deals.  Below is a list of great tips for your next cruise. Any of you going anywhere for Spring Break or Summer Vacation? 

Crusing was once thought of as something only ‘older’ people do, but in the last few years family cruises have become a very popular choice of holiday. Many cruises lines are often competing to offer families the best deals – some even offer kids travel for free! Your meals and entertainment are often included in the price too, saving you money over the course of your trip. If you’ve never been on a family cruise but it’s something you’re interested in, here are 9 awesome cruise tips:


1.Look for Deals


By signing up to websites like Travel Zoo, you can get the latest cruise deals. These deals are often picked by a worldwide team of travel deal experts! You can also take a look at sites like Cruise1st who offer some great deals for families, find out more here.


2. Check Requirements


There will be some requirements expected of your family when you board the ship, so make sure you check these. Many ships will give children plenty of activities to occupy themselves with. However, all ships request that children over 3 are toilet trained to go to the kids clubs.

3. Check the Facilities

If you’ll want to enjoy some quality time as adults, make sure you check the facilities to see what’s available. Some ships offer babysitting, but they may only look after children of a certain age until a certain time.

4. Check the Medical Services

Make sure you know what medical services are available on board. If your child has a specific medical need, make sure that it can be tended to in an emergency. Bear in mind that some ships won’t let heavily pregnant women travel.

5. Consider Cabins

Are the cabins suitable for families? You might only have a small cabin just big enough to fit your partner and child, or you may need a suit/double cabin.

6. Book Early

If you’re sure you’ll need a certain type of accommodation, you’re more likely to get a better value family cabin while the demand isn’t so high.

7. Read Reviews

Make sure you read reviews online to get the point of view of families who have actually travelled with that cruise line.

8. Shore Excursions

Shore excursions can be booked after you’ve booked your cruise, and some of these are specifically suited to children. If you want to do your own excursions and leave your children on board, check to see if this is possible. Sometimes a fee is charged, or the ship states that at least one parent should stay with them.

9. Travel Insurance

You’ll want comprehensive travel insurance that covers the whole family in the event of an emergency. Babies and young kids are so vulnerable to illness, so travel insurance will protect them pre cruise and during the cruise.

These cruise tips will make sure that the whole family have an amazing time aboard the cruise ship. Now you can go ahead and have a wonderful, stress free holiday!

Image Source: Flickr

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.


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Change of Seasons, Change of Path

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Many of you have heard the expression a change of seasons, with four seasons a year we always get to start anew. But what about our own lives? In a way as we travel through each and every day of our lives we too have a change of season. You go from being born, growing to adulthood and then there is a new season with each new event that happens in your life (marriage, baby, a job, a move, etc).nicoli 019

Sure some of us wish we could have a cheat sheet to see how we are suppose to travel this path called life, figure out our destiny and our reason for living, others would never dare use one because only their way is the right way. Last year my path changed, I did something totally unpredictable….I moved my kids and I to California from Indiana. Not many would do this, especially when you are leaving your husband in another state and have no clue how long it will be. But knowing it could take months, to a year or two before we would be back together as a family. Instead in the mean time we would have to accept the fact that we’d only be able to all be together during holiday breaks and the summer. But at the time it was for the best interest for the children, the job wasn’t a for sure thing and neither was where we were living. I knew we could make it, but it would take guts to get there. This would not be something I’d ever done and the last time I tried anything on my own I got stalked. This time though, I’d grown. People say that as you have a child a lion is formed within the momma, well I had just had my 5th child and I knew I had to do this.

I would stay with two families (my parents and his sister) before finding my own place, but when we did we knew everything would be okay. There was something about where I was brought to though. See many years ago, as a child something horrible happened to me in California and I never thought I’d ever live in the desert again once I moved away. In fact when I would visit my skin would crawl as we’d drive by certain areas or I’d get flashbacks. I worried that that would happen again and this time it would just be me with the kids, no support. But that didn’t happen and the place I am at makes me feel at peace. Many things have been going on behind the scenes since we’ve moved, a lot has changed. The kids of course are changing every day, especially Nicoli but so are we as parents….as adults, individuals.

I’ve grown more than any other time in my life. I’ve discovered a love for cooking that I’ve never had and by that I don’t just mean going to the store and buying hamburger helper. Instead I have become great friends with Pinterest and Facebook for all the recipes that go across my screen. I’m learning to make my own biscuits instead of buying Pillsbury and I like it better. I’ve learned to make peanut butter pie, green bean casserole, french toast casserole and many, many crockpot meals. I love my crock pot! I trust myself cooking, I know you can’t totally mess something up. So see, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Oh and if my husband or any of my kids are reading this, no this post does not give you the thumbs up on calling me old, only I can do that.

august2I drive more, this is not something I was really willing to do before. I didn’t drive until I was 26 years old, didn’t want to do so, period. Long story short, my husband liked driving so I let him do it. Why fight when you don’t really like to deal with traffic or crazy people on the road. No, I’m not meaning me, actually I’m pretty safe, in fact I’d probably irritate most because I do go the speed limit, but with 5 kids in the car I’d be stupid not to follow the rules of the road. I’m learning to fix my car too and watch for signs of when to take it in.

I’ve also developed some great friendships here, this is not something I would say lightly. Friendships like I have developed I’ve only had a few other times. We go to church now too, I hadn’t been to a church in years and now I go twice a week and my oldest daughter also goes twice a week. I’m figuring out where I fit in with life but while I have been here and getting to know God again (yes, again, as a teen I went almost every day of the week. I quit when a pastor’s wife told me I didn’t belong at the age of 21 and hadn’t been back until now) this isn’t the easiest of things. How do I explain things to my children when I didn’t always teach them? Have you been down this road? I have one that is very reluctant while the rest are eager to learn more. I can’t say I blame him since I didn’t always teach about him. Honestly, while this has been a sad move, it has definitely help me grow and I can feel this new season has already begun for my family and myself. I can see that it will be different from any season we have ever weathered but I can feel it is about to become a great one. One that feels you up with so much warmth that you just want to share it with everyone. So my dear readers, my friends, I hope you don’t mind that from time to time we will talk about our journey with the church, God, Forgiveness of those who have wronged me in my past and for the journey forward, where ever that might lead.

(Pics were just old but wanted to share)

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