CoSchedule Ramped Up My Interaction

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Disclosure:  This post does have affiliate links in it, however I love the program and thought you might like it too.


In the last few months I would log in here and check out my dashboard only to scowl. Why could I no longer write? How could I let my blog go from what was once a PR6 to nothing. I loved blogging, I loved telling my readers about myself, the kids and all our experiences. What had changed? Scrolling for comments in the spam section of wordpress in hopes that there was one or two that slid through into spam because it would mean at least one person was reading.  Basically I was ready to give up. I saw in the MomDot forums that everyone was using a new program so I decided to give blogging one last chance. For the past few weeks I have been using CoSchedule to share my links with my social media sites. I intended only for it to be used for social media sharing but the funny thing is it also got me to blog more. I believe (almost) every single day of October I actually put up a blog post.


The beauty is you get to use the program for two weeks to really test it out. Make sure to fully test all the features while you can to see how much use you can get out of it. You are able to hook up just about every social media function you are in to it so it will automatically send them out for you even if you aren’t home, once you have programmed it. The first day I sat down and decided to check out the schedule just to see what it was. The editorial calendar was great, in fact I planned out every day and saved them all in draft mode. When I logged into wordpress later I would discuss everything I had done on the application (Coschedule) was now there, all I had to do was go in and write everything up and save. When I logged back into the application I was now able to pick a time I wanted them all to publish. Each day that I had something scheduled I posted most for 7 am, I did try a few 5 am ones too.

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25 Random Facts about Me

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This one is going to be hard because I think I’ve kind of revealed myself more lately than I ever have, either way below is going to be 25 random facts about me. I’d love to hear some facts about you.


1. I’m the mother to 5.
2. Sagittarius
3. I was born in Ohio, raised in California.
4. I got married two days after I graduated high school.

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Wordless Wednesday: My Homecoming Kids

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It’s Wordless Wednesday but this will have a bit of text. Last week was a super fun week, the older kids had spirit week which meant every day they were dressing up in some way. This was an exciting week but somewhat sad too, for me it meant getting my oldest daughter ready for Homecoming. This was so much fun, we did makeup, hair, finding her stuff for her dress. Believe it or not she had a collection of jewelry to pick from but she picked my birthday gift to her, a simple (mini) Origami Owl locket. I think it was actually perfect. Fotor01029113637

Here they are, before you ask, my son ALWAYS wears a beanie on his head. So to make him take it off would mean to be fake. I love real photos of family so this is perfect. I love that the two of them can play like this. They had the most amazing time and I was so happy to see them come back to the car once it was done with smiles plastered to their faces. As for my oldest, this was his last Homecoming but sounds like he enjoyed it. As for BalletGirl, she has at least 3 more to go to and many other dances. She came back with an Eiffel Tower Statue that she took from one of the tables, something her momma would’ve done. haha. Post your link below:

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Most Embarrassing Moment as a Mom

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As a mom to five I’m sure there were tons of times when I had an embarrassing mom moment. I mean how many moms out there have had their child do one thing or another to embarrass them? Now I could lie to you all and say I’ve had this perfect life and never had a moment like this but we all know the truth. I’m the mom that just can’t seem to think of a ton at the moment so I’ll go over a brief few, I’m sure I’ve mentioned them here or on Facebook (The Life of a Home Mom) from one time or another. I do want to say sometimes embarrassing moments can be the silly ones and I hope my kids always find the silly in those situations.


Back in 2002 I would have more embarrassing mom moments, or somewhere around there my oldest was attending preschool and his teacher had recently told the students if they ever got into trouble to call 9-1-1. She apparently didn’t explain she meant trouble like a house fire, or a burglar because later that week I grounded him to his room for something…probably throwing a fit or a toy. I went outside to check the mail, this is like 15 steps walking, when I came in I told him to come down. He loved on me, told me sorry and all that so we went out back to play in the water. It was a hot year so we already had the sprinklers out, we’d been outside for about 30-45 minutes when I declared it was time to go back inside, cool down and get some water. Just as we were heading in the fire/police department swarmed around the back freaking me out. They explained someone had just called 9-1-1 from inside. After they did a complete search and finally left he came clean and told me he did it. He didn’t let on the entire time. So may not be too embarrassing but it is when you are in bathing suits and have law enforcement at your home.

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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio Review & Giveaway

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. I received products to review, and will receive a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own.

I was recently asked if I’d like to review The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio Machine with a few cups to use with it. Now I won’t lie I had seen a machine similar to this which I had wanted to review for a while, I may not be a heavy coffee drinker, but I love a cup of coffee at least once a day and I love other hot drinks. So, as you can see, I said yes. I mean this is the perfect little machine for those that don’t plan on making an entire pot. I hate wasting money and dumping coffee down the drain because I made too much. Are you kidding me I have two daughters that would’ve been very upset if I had said no. I want to add that I am prone to loving all things cute, which includes the movie Wall-E which for some reason this tiny little machine reminds me a lot of.


For the review, I want to state that at first I had a little trouble with it. Sometimes there are twerks that need fixed and some reason I had a bubble in my line so it wouldn’t pump out the water at first. I’m guessing it was from when you put the water cartridge back on the machine, if you don’t see bubbles come up you need to redo it until you do. Once I got that part figured out (by the way make sure ALL the tape is off, they make sure that baby is in the box securely so nothing gets broken) everything else is a piece of cake. I love their customer service.

Pick out the capsule (cups) you want to drink, read how it is suppose to be prepared. If you want to make something like hot cocoa you will need to use 2 different capsules…they explain everything which makes it easy. You’ll feel like there is never a need to go to a coffee shop again because hey, you can do it all right at home now. Place the capsule in it’s little home and slide it shut. Pull the silver level back down until it clicks into place (you’ll know the sound as it punctures the capsule). Pick your hot or cold and wait for it to pour. It really is that simple.10419401_10152467155398404_3015922777195658695_n

Some fun things I liked about this: You can set the little stand for a small cup, medium or large. You are able to desire how much you want in your cup with the little knob up above the machine. It heats up milk capsules too, which is great if you like hot cocoa (I have 4 kids that love it). There are 15 different coffeehouse flavors to choose from, which includes things like iced tea, cappuccino, hot cocoa, coffee. It is really quick. My daughters make this every morning and love that it is faster than the coffee pot I did have.

The sleek and stylish NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine brings the “coffee house” into your own home by delivering up to 15 bars of professional pressure to make the perfect cup of coffee and frothy milk every time. With the compact, no-mess capsules, you just pop them into the machine, and with the press of a button, out comes a great cup of specialty (or coffee house quality) coffee in under a minute! What is great about theDolce Gusto is that it can also brew a variety of specialty coffee beverages including creamy layered lattes, sweet caramel macchiatos, bold espressos, even a frosty iced cappuccino. For the non-coffee drinkers in your house Dolce Gusto also brews a deliciously indulgent Chococino.

I will be adding a video here later today to show you just how easy it is. But in the meantime I wanted to get my giveaway kicked off. Comment below for a chance to win one of your own. The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine would make a great Christmas item. Oh and if you forget to shut it off as you were running out the door, don’t worry it shuts itself off after 5 minutes.

How do I take my coffee? I love to use my own recipe (thanks to pinterest) I take a Mason jar, fill it up with 3/4 sweetened condensed milk, pour in same amount of milk (I use the can to measure), a few tablespoons of vanilla and put the lid back on and shake it well. This lasts me one week. I tend to use this creamer whenever I have my morning coffee, which is the morning blend. Now the kids like to use the Chococino and add their own milk. They said otherwise to them it isn’t sweet enough.

To learn more about this great machine or stay up-to-date with all their stuff follow them at Facebook, Twitter or visit their site. If you want to watch some videos by them they are also on Youtube. Psst, there’s even a cookie recipe there.  Want one of your own but don’t want to purchase it? That’s okay enter my giveaway. You have until Friday, October 30 at 11:59pm. I’ll draw the winner that morning.

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